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Aahri Crane
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Space Station

Place of Birth

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth

3,660 BBY

Physical Description







117 lbs__N

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic Timeline







Consisting of age 0 - 12. Nar Shaddaa
Aahri child
, New Vertica hospital, was the birth of silver haired Kuati. Home to drug launerers, hutt cartel's, and slavers, Aahri's life surprisingly grew up as a normal daughter of two loving parents. Both medical professionals the two practically gave birth to the silver haired daughter. The father, Ravan Crane, was a brilliant surgeon practiced in numerous surgical operations, specialty being births. Her mother, Nami Crane-Rann, specialized in cybernetic implants, high risk transplants, and optical surgery.

Given the name Aahri, the new silver haired maiden was welcomed to the world. The Cartel planet, was great for business even for such highly respected surgeons such as her parents, while mostly protected and loved by their employees; the crane family had their fair share of hardships. Aahri, was drilled into an early age to accept the life of healing people. Both Nami and Ravan, drilling in important aspects of their field. How many doses of painkiller for each respective body type, weight type, and possible allergic reactions. From there on she was taught the bodily functions of numerous alien types. Each organ and body giving each species an extremely unique quality, mentally, and physically.

This treatment of her parents, constructing  a walking encyclopedia while miserable for fitting in to the other students made her quite the bookworm. Reading fiction, nonfiction, textbooks, all of these novels and facts highly influenced her morality and regard to the world's numerous wonders. She studied and worked through her way up through the education brackets of the city. She skipped four years of education from the drilling and reading she had done. Little did she know that this was not a normal manner for a child to act. All of the students in the academy teased and called her names. It wasn't particularly painful till the bullying became physical. Two particular girls picked fights with her whenever possible. By the age of nine she already was in a teenager's level class thinking about college level course content. It fascinated her, but all girls have that period of life were something changes. Becoming a young adult was the 'emo' phase as people seemed to call it. She died her hair black, from being teased by the name Silverlocks, and grandma.


Aahri Teenager

Consiting of the ages, 12 - 17. Aahri's life took a turn for the worse after entering the first year of medical institute. Since she had progressed through life so quickly it had been difficult for her to fit into the crowds of students espcially when she wasn't nearing te age of adulthood, and here she was taking classes that most grownups couldn't dream of do to her status with her family. Realizing the tradgedy in growing up to quick, Aahri's life began a downward spiral into a life drugs and depression. On several occasions she though of completely disregarding her parents authority and making a break from Nar Shaddaa to another planet. She made it to the spaceport in hopes of leaving her sad and dreary life when she met a homeless man sleeping upon on of the outside benches. As she watched the old man sleeping she managed to find the time to contemplate her own life. Loving parents, who would have given her anything she wanted, warm house with no worries of being kicked out of bed. What was wrong with her life, nothing. Nothing in regards to this hermit, who literally had nothing to keep living for. Yet he remains here contetent sleeping out in the public where at a moments notice he could be kicked out.

The next few days following her little excersion to the space port were the lowest point of her life. She began injecting herself with any and all types of drugs she could wrap her fingers around in attempts to commit suicide. She couldn't bare the thought that she could feel so miserable whlie others were still barely making it by. Five injections later and a day passed in an unconscious state her body convulsing and trying to fight off the various toxins she had ingested when a gloomy dim haze enveloped her. On the verge of a two voids, one dark, one light Aahri floated in the middle. Both sides to it were inviting, the darkness was a second home to her, even the reason why she died her hair black as appose to ginger or blonde. Reaching out into the hazey void she felt her life jerked back violently to wake up in a hospital bed. IV's sticking out of her arm and a Doctor who was neither her father nor mother frowning down at her. He told her that he hadn't old Ravan or Nami why she was in but they were going to find out one way or the other.

Grounded for the next two years Aahri once again found herself studying and being lectured upon what was wrong and right in life. Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, murder. All of them were obvious but her parents found it reasonable after her stunt. Till one day she began to twirl her fingers around and around upon her bed. Her father walked in as she didn't notice she had been lifting up her bed with the force. Overjoyed that she could now perform a new service that he and his wife couldn't do he rushed her over to Vornu's Acadamy for jedi's. Here she had some of the most peaceful moments of her life.

Young AdultEdit

Swanea by StandAlone Complex
Aahri's life in the Acadmy unraveled as many, who were seeking the enlightenment and assistance in the force. Working both as a doctor in the emergency care of Vornu's hospital. Aahri's education, on medicine recieved as muc dedication as her training in the force took up.  It was no surprise to either her master, Val Katash, or her parents when she took up the journey to becoming the acadamies greatest medic in all of the
republic. From there she was rewarded the oppurtunity to command a small specialized squadron of misfits, who had been busheled into a rather pathetic team. Slowly Aahri grew on all of them as they upon all of her, But the anger of being controled and forced from location to location showed in her rising temper.
Aahri' Blade

Physical Description:Edit

Aahri, is a young woman, who had recently had flawless pale skin. Until recent events which now the scarring of Mandolorian writing carved into her back, reads "DI'KUT'LA JETII". Her eyes are like amber, glistening ever so slightly when her eyes are not squinted. Reasonably small, she verges on the of midget. Slender and sleek figure many find her quite attractive when they realize that she is actually quite young.



Ravan Crane:

Ravan Crane

Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa



Nami Crane-Rann:

Nami Crane


Age: 57



Lord Eratos: Mistress and Master.


Aszilyn Rhaena-Kraigor:

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