Not much is known about the family tree of the Algethii family except that it started with the namesake of the planet called Algethiius in the First Great Schism and would continue on until Julius Crassus Algethii III brought the dynasty to end whilst searching for his illegitimate grandson. It is also known that Crassus would be the grandfather of both Hyperion, and his younger brother Dantius in years prior to Christopher's birth. There is not enough information to be compiled into an official family tree at this time.


Julius Crassus Algethii III was the man who would eventually bring down the visions and dreams of his ancestors to their knees first by raising it to Imperial standard then tearing it down at Chris' birth.


Though later becoming a warrior of the Sith, Christopher Algethii was born a son of Algethiius

Axiom Photo 1

Younger than his brother Hyperion Algethii by only three years, Dantius Algethii (better known as Dantius Octavian) would be born approximately five years before Chris was.

Axiom Photo 2

Hyperion Algethii was the eldest brother of Dantius and the oldest of Crassus' grandsons. He and Dantius were both legitimate sons of their father unlike their cousin who would later kill Crassus when he grew to manhood.

Family Photo 1

Typically, shortly after the birth of a royal, the baby and their parents would pose for a portrait. This portrait is of the parents of Hyperion and Dantius when they held the latter after his birth.

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