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Andruil Salisar
Axiom Information
Biographical information
Current Residence

Novus Vires




3,664 BBY

Physical description






Hair color

Brown-Red highlights

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Old Republic

  • Infinite Empire
  • True Empire (current)
Known masters

Armand Akieyor

Known apprentices

Bay Tanis


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Andruil was born in the year 3664 BBY, to a migrant family upon a freighter ship bound for the known territory of The Empire. Here is where Andruil's family became indentured servants to prestiges nobles and even a few Sith Lords under the Dark Council. There time on Dromund Kaas was spent entirely in servitude as they saught only to make ends meet. The family would remain this was for nearly a decade, until Andruil became of age to begin working as well. However, his life would forever change when the Overseer of the Academy on Korriban, would find interest in the young Vahlian, finding that the youth had much potential in use of the Force. As a result, Andruil was spared his parents fate of servitude and was instead taken in by the Darth.

His mentorship with the Overseer would eventually make him a reknowned individual as he worked his way up the ranks of the Sith Academy. His instructors spoke highly of him and held him in high regard, especially his skills within the Dark Arts of sorcery. Another decade would pass until Andruil would catch the attention of the Dark Council, who would extend an offer he would be foolish to refuse. They would allow the young Vahlian to join their rank should he succeed in doing but one simple task...kill his mentor. Andruil was torn between the two allegiances, but in the end he knew that weakness was not rewarded within the Empire. Upon the next day he would invite his mentor and trusted friend for a dinner to his apartment, it would be there that the young Sith would poisen the Oveseer and upon complishen would become the new Overseer of the Sith Academy. 

His few years of service would find him many enemies, all vying and desiring to hold his position and even to prove themselves to the Dark Council. Through his years of service of Overseer, he learned to become witty and cunning where necessary, finding that a blade was not always necessary to achieve victory over ones enemies. On top of that, his skills in the Dark Arts were unmatched by any within the Empire. This power, however, as much of an asset it proved to be, also proved to be a curse. One day, while mentoring new students to serve as Guardsmen for the Emperor himself, he was interrupted by said guards as they bursted through the doors. The Overseer had been charged with treason and conspiring to assassinate the Emperor. 

Later on after killing the guards and fleeing the Academy, he would come to learn the horrible truth. A dear friend of his, a beautiful young Echani woman by the name Bay Tanis, had betrayed him. She had formulated a false story to be rid of him and take his mantal. What made this all the more worse was that this woman was not just his friend, but his secret lover. His most trusted and gifted student had stabbed him in the back, and had caused him but with no other choice but to flee the Empire. Torn from within, he fled across the galaxy, but would come across another Empire. Here he would find another place he could call home, a place where he could once more forge for himself a name and perhaps, with time, be able to return to the Empire he once served. Though, the manner in which he would return would be left to interpretation.

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