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Helium Prime


120 BBY

Physical description






Hair color

Black tendrils

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Legacy Era



  • Prime Ascendancy
Known masters

Arbiter Ithor

Known apprentices

Consular Urthal

Biography of AscendancyEdit

Born in the year 120 BBY, the grand and long standing Arbiter of the Reclaimers watches all as the grand architect of galactic conquest. Forged in the flames of terrany and passion for dominance over all life in the known galaxy, Geronos is an individual to not be toyed with. His fellow comrades within the Prime Ascendancy show him much due respect for his continual success at usurping an array of races and placing them within their own fold as slaves, or warriors for the continued legacy of the Reclaimer race. His personality is one with which demonstrates his strong conviction toward the beliefs of his people and very seldom does he even let down his guard-if at all.

Geronos has served as the Arbiter for the better part of nearly 260 years and despite his age, he just so happens to be the second oldest within the Prime Ascendancy-a small council of individuals whose reputation and might that equal, if not far surpasses that of the Arbiter.

In his younger years, Geronos was just as choky and just as driven to become successful within the eyes of his forefathers. Having been born into a family who's history and legacy dated back to the beginnings of their homeworld, his path would not be an easy one and it would come with many a sacrifice and much pain. When he was but the age of 15 standard years, he would be thrown into the ranks of the Reclaimers sword arm. Right smack into the fold of some of the greatest warriors that ever existed. Yet, the stories of these men would hardly ever be told to the larger society. They were insignificant for all their exploits and for all their worth the Prime Ascendancy saw them as disposable. Each soldier was merely a tool to achieve their higher purpose and their strive to attain the mantle as the supreme rulers of the galaxy. Geronos learned all this within the military but even though he discovered the truth, he still vowed to become the embodiment of a true warrior, of a legend.

The years would pass and with it many a trial both physically and mentally. It would not be another twelve years of hardship and brutality within the armies ranks that he would achieve the mantle of Consular-the highest rank that could be bestowed upon the standard ranks of the military. He would be the one of thousands who gained such a rank, practically insignificant had it not been for his exploits upon the primal world of Hathgar. Here was where there would be much blood shed against an alien race whose reason for even being noticed was merely to fuel the Reclaimer's war-machine. With a war that would last for the better part of over three years-one of the longer wars that would have been waged on a planet at the time, Geronos faced down the endless horde of wretches as they sought to feast upon his fallen brethren. Yet, being the only one left of his battalions who had fought on in wait for the reinforcements to come, he would remain victorious. Clinging onto the edge of life, nearly scraping the edge of the netherworld, the Consular would be commemorated and honored for his bravery, along with his unflenching loyalty.

On his return to his homeworld of Helium Prime , he would be bestowed but two options; to serve as the Arbiter of their military sword and shield, be forced to join his brethren as he should have. Not feeling like his path was yet complete, and knowing the full truth of warrior's way, he challenged the serving Arbiter and mentor to the death. Through the grand arena within the palace of the Orai, they fought for their lives to see whom would remain and who would fall. At the end of it all it would be Geronos who would be blessed with the upper hand and in turn, the honor to end his mentor's life. After that day, he would come to serve as Arbiter and unleash the might of their forces upon those least expecting. His thoughts fueled by his years of service and that of others as he sought to honor their deaths, feeling full well that the only way for their stories to be sung was through the waging of war. Each victory would be commemorated to the fallen and for each death there would have to be a victory, and so..the legend of the Arbiter's ruthless-iron fist would sound through the galaxy. Echoeing with the voices of all those who had perished through the years and even those soon to come.

He is known as the herald of war, the bringer of death, and the enforcer of obedience. Through him; none may pass, save with his blessing and before him; all shall kneel or feel his wrath. Geronos nobly serves the divine Orai and her second, the great Surai. Both of whom hold stories of their own and their path to power.

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