Arica Lorachev2
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Helona 25th 3663 BBY

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Lower right leg, Right foot

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Old Republic


True Empire

Arica was born into a traditional Mandalorian family, but at a young age began to show unusual intelligence, especially in regards to mechanics and logistics. She was always fairly quiet and reserved, choosing to focus her energy into learning as much as she could. She was always reading or tinkering with something as a child. She was an expert marksman and skilled with a knife. She completed the Verd'goten under the instruction of her father, at the age of thirteen. They were celebrating at a local bar when Arica was offered an opportunity to work as a mechanic for a local ship repair dock. During her late teens she had a hatch close on her right leg below the knee, requiring her to replace the limb with a cybernetic alternative. 

She began helping her aging parents earn a living from the time she was a young teen until her mid-twenties. Her parents were killed in a malfunctioning speeder accident when Arica was eighteen and Arica was left alone. She had always refused offers of marriage, preferring to stay on her own. She had always been indepedent and headstrong, afraid she would scare off her prospective husbands. However, she was not content to sit on Mandalore any longer. She had skills and was determined to use them.

Deciding she would start over in a new place, Arica left Mandalore for a chance to work for the Empire, hoping that there her skills would be put to good use, and that she would find a new family there. 

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