Perave System


1- Olim

Grid Coordinates


Rotation Period

18 Standard Hours

Orbital Period

277 Local Days









Primary Terrain
  • Canyons
  • Icy Mountains and Cliffs
  • Tundra
Native Species
  • Arkanian Dragon
  • Arkanian Jellyfish
Immigrated Species
  • Arkanians
  • Yaka
  • [historical] Sith
Primary Language(s)
  • Arkanian
  • Galactic Basic
  • Arkanian Dominion

10-100 billion

Major Cities
  • Adascopolis (Capital)
  • Novania
  • Trade City
  • Kanti
Major Imports
  • Luxury Items
Major Exports
  • Diamonds
  • Raw Material
  • Medical Supplies
  • High Technology
  • Old Sith Empire
  • Galactic Republic
  • Galactic Empire
  • Yuuzan Vong
  • Darth Krayt's Empire
  • Independent System

Arkania is an independent system in the Colonies region of the galaxy.

Note: Arkania is an established canonical planet in Star Wars lore. Pre-Legacy Era information can be found on Wookieepedia


After the fall of Darth Krayt's Empire to the Dominion, Arkania has been an independent self-governing system. It is neutral to all other factions and planets.

Post-Canon TimelineEdit

135 ABY, The planet goes through a time of prosperous wealth under the rule of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. The Dominion has once more strived for higher scientific research, delving into their past experiments of cloning; seeking to refine old failings and improving where applicable. Their hopes of one day being an independent people is ever weighing on their hearts, and their minds. With a massive growth rate within their regular populace; the Dominion strives for expansion onto neighboring worlds, though their current occupation under Krayt's Empire proves that desire to be-futile. As a result of their pressing situation, the House of Adasca and their governing leaders of Adasca BioMechanical Corporation, begin to meet in secret and away from preying ears of those loyal to the Empire.

136-140 ABY, Having conspired for the better part of a year, the Dominion begins to mobilize their acquired resources. The Adasco BioMechanical Corporation, having enhanced their use of cybernetics, has amassed a sizable force of cybernetically enhanced warriors to make up the bulk of their resistance. Though still in the beginnings of their mobilization; the Dominion does not yet pull the plug on their governing rulers under the Empire, but merely postpone till further preparations are made. In the meantime, the House of Adasca speaks with Sith Lord, Orte, in the hopes of keeping the Empire appeased by those few experiments they had been making on their behalf. Yet, the whole ideal was to keep them blind to the truth, a truth that the Empire would discover all too late.

141-143 ABY, With nearly six years worth of gathering and amassing resources for their inevitable resistance, the Dominion and House of Adasca, at last launch strategic attacks against their occupiers. Caught mildly by surprise, Orte orders the lock down of every major city. No one is allowed to get in, or out during the entire development. His thoughts are that the resistance would not last more then a few days, but gathering intel would show that the Dominion had been a very busy bee. With a sizable army and militia that could match the Imperial forces, Orte is forced to summon the bulk of his forces to the capital. There he would have the city cut-off completely from the outside (a mistake that he would later come to regret). With the capital under constant attacks by an almost endless wave of cybernetically anhanced warriors, the Sith Lord is even further forced to call for reinforcements. However, due to his complete failing, those reinforcements would never be able to reach the city. Unable to reach the capital,Grand Moff-Abazal, takes post with his forces on the outskirts of the forest regions. His higher mentally already making him aware that the Imperial forces in Adascacopolis, are soon to fall. Their only hopes of retaking the capital, or the planet for that matter are to amass the bulk of their forces to the outskirts. This thinking would prove fuitful as their first retake of the cityNovania, proving to be a major win for the Empire as it was the major spaceport of the planet.

144-148 ABY, For a period of four years the planet would be witnessed to brutal and relentless fighting across its major cities. Whole populations are either forced to flee the planet, or find shelter from the constant battles that wage on their very door steps. With the capital once more under the Dominions control and Sith Lord, Orte having been executed with those few Imperial forces who had remained loyal to the Empire, the Dominion is content that their efforts of reclamation will continue to flow in their favor. Using the resources left behind by the Empire, the resistance further experiments with deadly intent with help from its greatest scientific minds. The result would be mass cloning of their cybernetic armies and in the span of two years alone they would release the first fruits of their labor upon, Trade City. Admiral Verra, the governing leadership of the city and its forces, is awakened late one night by startling noises. He would soon be drawn into a massive ransaking of the cityscape by strange cyborgs, nearly three meters in height tearing his men to pieces. With mass confusion and chaos raining through the metropolis, the admiral orders what forces he can to fall back to the eastern sector of the city to hold off the horde. His efforts prove nearly useless as the western sector falls and soon too does the eastern become witness to an attack from two fronts. In the span of only a few hours, the Imperial forces are forced to surrender to the resistance and yet again a major city is freed from the clutches of Krayt's Empire. In another year and a half, and the entire planet would be reclaimed by its adoptive inhabitants with the complete surrender of the Imperial forces at, Novania. Grand Moff-Abazal being the one to sign the treaty relinquishing their claim to Arkania and her colonies (those having been acquired by the Empire, but released to Arkania through the treaty. Giving the Dominion claim over five worlds to call their own, as well as the resources they provided)

149-160 ABY, After having gained their full independency and a vast sum of resources at their disposal, the Dominion under Prime Minister, Wrathzul, (only 32 at the time) goes through a period of regrowth and prosperity as it had never witnessed under the ruling of the Krayt Empire. High General, Gerrit, begins to push for further experiments as had been witnessed during their war with the Empire. His belief in a strong defense was centralized around that which they already possessed; their scientific pro-ess. Grand Chairmen,Duerin, spear heads the generals request and puts forth the necessary resources and funding to gain the vision they so strive to achieve. Such passions would eventually find them experimenting with nano-tech, and with its discovery would come even further break-throughs never before imagined.

161-171 ABY, The Dominion having acquired a reach far beyond expectations now confronts a new threat to their growing power. This threat would come in the form of the House of Adasca and its current holder, Vandier Adasca. Having witnessed the failings of the Dominion first hand in his youth and the war against the Empire, Vandier desires to push Arkania toward something far more prosperous and away from the old ideals of the Dominion. His desire causes instability between those who are loyal to the Dominion and those loyal to the House. Yet, despite the growing tension. The two sides manage to build a consensus on the future plans for Arkania are to be. Efforts are also put into amassing a sizable fleet that would both be used for their protection and that for aggressive negotiations (where necessary). (Fleet construction would take the span of twelve years to amass a sizable fleet capable of war and defense, using shipyards across their territories would also prove a great asset. Construction on vessels similar to Krayt's Imperial designs are used from stollen intel and schematics to build something far more suitable to the Arkanian's liking. The ships are therin dubbed the Praxis)

172-180 ABY, With an army of cyborgs and a sizable fleet capable of countering threats against their interests, both the Dominion and House of Adasca begin to formalize plans for expansion into neighboring systems. Having no formal treaty with the rest of the Galactic Trium, Arkania is a ticking time bomb before they too seek to spread their reach. Only seeking to quench their thirst for further scientific discovery on any poor souls who fall to their tides of advancement. Any who seek to stand in their way are cautioned to keep their distance, and keep an open eye.

Government & Leadership


Starships & Fighters:Edit


Praxis-Star Destroyer

Name: Praxis-Star Destroyer

Role: Battlecruiser

Manufacturer: Arkania Command & Ascada Corp.

Size: 2300 meters


-50 bridge personnel

-5200 personnel

-10,000 troops


-Consumables; 8 months

-50, Trevan shuttles

-30, Krentarr bombers

-100, Hasaki starfighters

-60, Jerico walkers

-180, Maveric walkers


-50, Heavy Quad-Laser Cannons

-80, Medium Dual-Laser Cannons

-30, Dual-Ion Cannons

-Multiple Laser batteries & Point-Defense turrets (100+)

-10, Proton Torpedo bays (80 ea.)

-25, Concussion missile bays (150 ea. nano-tech enhanced, capable of consuming metallic material upon impact)

Engines: Quad, 4.5

Hyperdrive capability: Yes

Shields: 8.9, Heavy

Navigation: Navicomputer & Holographic galactic projection table


-Advanced AI

-Nano-tech (Self-repairing ship)

-Atmospheric flight capable


Hasaki-Star Fighter

Name: Hasaki-Starfighter

Role: Light-craft/Anti-fighter based

Manufacturer: Ascada Corp.

Size: 15-20 meters

Crew: 1-pilot


-Consumables; 2 months

- PPR-23: Battle Rifle

- Medi-kit

- Nanite self-injector


-2, light-laser cannons

-1, Concussion missile bay (4-nano enhanced warheads)

Engines: 7.4

Shields: 6.3, medium

Hyperdrive: Yes


-Nanite self-repair

-Havor capability



Krentarr-Heavy Bomber

Name: Krentarr-Strike Bomber

Role: Bomber/Anti-fighter and starship based

Manufacturer: Ascada Corp. & Ascada BioMechanical Research Station

Size: 40 meter wing span, 23 meters long

Crew: 2 pilots, 4 gunners


-Consumbles; 4 months

-6 bunks


-Holo-projector table

-Can carry a squad of troops


-4, Medium Laser Cannons

-1, Ion Cannon

-2 Proton Torpedo bays (6 ea.)

-4 Concussion Missile launchers (Located upon wings, 6 ea.-nano enhanced warheads)

Engines: Dual, 6.7

Hyperdrive: Yes

Shields: 4.5, Heavy


-Nanite enhanced computer mainframe (similar to AI, but uses nano-tech)

-Stealth Matrix (used on spec-ops and sometimes during space combat)

-Nanite self-repair

-Anti-Detection network

-Hover capability




UT-MD, Jerico

Name: UT-MD, Jerico

Role: Walker

Manufacturer: Arkania Command

Size: 24 meters high, 32 meters long and 28 meters wide

Crew: 1 pilot, 6 gunners


-Consumables; 4 months

-Briefing room

-Holo-Projection table


-3, MWU-Maveric walkers


-Ultra-Drive Cannon (capable of rotating 360 degrees (horizontal), 160 degrees (vertical); used for numerous purposes from city emplacement to anti-starship)

-4, laser cannons (capable of 180 degrees)

-2, Point-Defense turrets (capable of 240 degress)

-2, Concussion missile launchers (10 ea.)


-Recon Drone (Equipped with: laser cannon, cloaking device, 4 nano-enhanced warheads, hover capability, and advanced sweeping software)

-VI intelligence unit

-Thermal imaging (employed for space or night time)

-Magnetized & anti-gravity footing

-Thrusters located beneath each leg (can be used for flight capability in short distances)


MWU, Maveric

Name: MWU-Maveric

Role: Walker

Manufacturer: Ascada Corp.

Crew: 1 pilot


-1, Chain-Repeater Cannon

-2, Nanite-Mass Cannons (uses nano-tech to unleash potent beams of laser fire, can penetrate through most metals; including beskar)



-All terrain transport

-Magnetized & Anti-gravity footing

-Thermal imaging (used for night or in space)



PPR-Battle rifle


APPR- Sniper Rifle


M-32, Rev