Arya visz by mandogirl22-d6ku5of

Arya Visz

Arya Visz is a childhood friend of Katra Vernius and Xiamara Verd

Appearance Edit

She is an attractive young woman with a slender yet toned build. She has black tattoos on her face, which is typical for her race though she has blue skin which is due to a mutation.

Biography Edit

Arya Visz is a Mirialan bounty hunter; she is a close friend of Katra Vernius and Xiamara Verd and is one of the few outsiders who she trusts with her life. It is later revealed that she is a Mirialan/Faberian hybrid which explains her blue skin since she is the first hybrid that mixes Mirialan and Faberian blood. 

Arya joined the Second Faberian Civil War to help her friends.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Arya Visz wears an orange colored tank top under a brown sleeveless vest and grey pants, she wears a bandanna that is the same color as her tank top on top of her head with goggles over it. She carries two blasters holstered on her belt. Arya carries an electronic lock breaker.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She was regarded as a joker, despite being a lethal opponent, being particularly accurate with blaster pistols and starfighter-grade weaponry. According to Katra, Arya was only truly happy when she was manning the guns of her starship or an airspeeder. She was known for having a short temper, often having to be pulled out of cantina fights. Arya was described as observant, using what she noticed as fodder for her witty remarks, sly comments, or jokes. She was generally cheerful and light-hearted, even in the face of opposition or boredom. She also has a fiery, short temper.

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