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Aryn Taerich was an Imperial scientist and noblewoman from Lavisar during the time of the Old Republic. The youngest child of a prominent Imperial ambassador, she excelled in science and diplomatic manipulation.


Aryn and her twin brother Sorand were born approximately a year and a half before the Sacking of Coruscant that presumably claimed their older sister Xaja. The only one of her parents' four children to be Force-blind, Aryn was exempt from the Sith training that her older brother Korin and Sorand endured, and instead was permitted to focus her interests on academics and science. Her father, presumably in an effort to try and make up for Aryn's "disability" within her family of Force-users, doted on his youngest daughter, although nothing could ever quite alleviate the jealousy Aryn harboured that she, the most worthy of the Sith title of her siblings, was robbed of that chance by biology.

When Aryn and Sorand were about twelve years old, their older brother Korin finally fled Sith-training on Lavisar, with suspected help from their mother. The twins were told that their brother was a traitor to the Empire they'd grown up in and deserved death if he was caught- while Sorand never quite believed this, as he and Korin had been nearly inseperable during childhood, Aryn took it to heart.

When the twins were sixteen years old, Sorand was sent off to Nogatan for further training in the ways of the Sith. Aryn stayed behind on Lavisar (at her father and uncle's behest) to study. Through Sorand, she eventually learned of their estranged eldest sister's survival during the Sacking, and got her father to place a bounty on Xaja's head for her live return to Lavisar, but never found out that Korin had contacted Sorand during his time away from his home planet.


Word eventually came to the Taerichs on Lavisar that Sorand had been murdered, and a Jedi was at suspect. Further investigation brought to light that the Jedi in question was none other than Sorand's elder sister Xaja. Ambassador Taerich increased the bounty on his missing daughter's head for her live return to Lavisar, and contracted out a well-known bounty hunter known as Kryssa. However, the contract went to the wrong address, and Wraythos Vi'garion, one of Sorand's friends, went Jedi-hunting. When Ambassador Taerich heard that the Jedi had been brought to Nogatan, he sent Aryn out to pay the bounty hunter and return the wayward Jedi to Lavisar.

However, by the time Aryn arrived on Nogatan, Xaja had been moved to the Citadel, and later escaped. Furious over the escaped Jedi prisoner, Aryn left Nogatan, but not before getting a sample of her older sister's DNA from the Citadel scientists. Taking a detour to Kamino, Aryn contracted the services of the Kamonians to create a clone from the blood sample she'd collected. Soon, the cloning process was complete, and there was a new, powerful Force-sensitive replica of Xaja Taerich. Aryn called the clone Xalia.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Aryn was never intended to be a playable character, only an NPC. That changed shortly before the cloning of Xalia. She's always been intended to be a spoiled brat and a conniving evil genius.

Aryn is the only one of the Taerich clan of roleplay characters to not be represented in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The closest that any of the characters in Celebril's Legacy come are the Cathar Operative Ra'leh.

Sorand was originally intended to be a proper Sith, all in the name of corruption and deception. He eventually ended up turning into a gentle-mannered near-Jedi and fleeing to the Republic. Aryn is more of a Sith than her Force-blind twin, with all of the cold cruelty and deception and quests for revenge that Sorand never had.

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