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Ashan was born in the year 3,664 BBY on the planet of Alderaan. He is a human, 6ft 4 in 

Axiom Information
Biographical information



3,664 BBY

Physical description





6ft 4

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Dark green

Chronological and political information

Old Republic

height, has a relatively fair skin tone, and dark hair. Currently 28 years of age he is the only son to his mother and father, both of whom work in the service of an Alderaan noble. As such Ashan never had the choice to pursue anything of an academic nature beyond his early education. He grew to be what most would class as a roughian in Alderaan society; he brawled, fought, and trained with weaponry. In his early twenties he gained employment as a bodyguard, ultimately becoming involved in Alderaan politics when the noble houses split their allegiance between the sith and the republic. His role then became more dynamic, incorporating acts of intelligence gathering and manipulating security systems. Field operations gave him the chances he needed to improve his skills in first aid, become familiar with stim application, and improve his piloting abilities. When Alderaan began to become a stalemate ashan made his way to the planet Nogatan, arriving seeking employment In 3,636 BY. 


To be continued... 

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