Additional Axiom picture
Ashlynn Hope Thorin
Axiom Information

Jedi Padawan

Biographical information
Current Residence





3,659 BBY

Physical description

Lorrrdian Human





Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Green-Blue with a yellow-brown ring around the pupil

Skin color

Light Tan

Chronological and political information

Old Republic


Jedi Order

Known masters

Lorn Kenau,Nikoli Bearn, Dantius Octavian (Informal Teras Kasi training)

[In Progress]Edit


Ashlynn Hope Thorin was taken from her home on the Planet Lorrd in the Kanz Sector when she was only four years old by a Jedi Knight by the name of Nikoli Bearn. Being Lorrdian, she had already developed a keen eye for body language and non-verbal communication. She remembers nothing of her childhood home or her parents, but still bears a pin that her mother had given her before she left with the Jedi. 

While in training, Ashlynn's judgement of body language aided her in combat and led her to find a love for hand-to-hand combat. She constantly strives for perfection in herself, pushing herself to break through her limits and overcome any adversity set in her path. Although Ashlynn excelled in her studies and and techniques in combat, she was badgered by her Masters for her hot headed manner and her inability to rid herself of any mental criticism. These faults halted her training and she quickly became bored. 

In her teenage years, Ashlynn became curious of the universe and her own purpose in life. When she turned twenty, she departed the Academy planet and headed out into the depths of the dark sky in search of something to give her life meaning besides her own personal vendettas. Eventually she ended up on Puris Axiom, where her true journey would begin. 

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