Aszliyn Rhaenar-Kraigor
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

Kelona 25, 3,659 BBY

Physical Description





1.72 m

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


True Empire


Sith Neophyte

Known Masters

Siobhan Karnok

Family Information





Darth Kraigor (deceased)


Daemon (unborn)

Relationship Information


Romantic Interests

Killian Harleiy (fiance, deceased)



Skills and Abilities
  • Galatic Basic
  • Mando'a
  • Huttese
Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber, Shotosaber


Early DaysEdit

Aszliyn Rhaenar was born on Coruscant's underlevels 22 years ago. While in labor her mother died, leaving Aszliyn to be raised by a drunken father. Shortly after Aszliyn turned four, he drank himself to death, leaving Aszliyn on the street. Aszliyn soon developed a keen survival instinct, stealing and lying to get what she needed to survive down below the city-planets glistening skyscrapers. She found herself alone in life, never making many friends and keeping a low profile.

She soon discovered that she was able to vagugely sense feelings in others around her, and could move tiny objects with her mind. An old woman that sometimes looked after her, told her that ability was called "The Force" and thus began Aszliyn's destiny. When she was nine years old, she was caught stealing from a smuggler who recognized her talent for "acquiring" things and took her under his wing. They traveled the galaxy together and Aszliyn soon came to think of him as another father figure. He would tell her stories of the Sith and the Jedi, and teach her how to smuggle goods and pilot his ship the Stealth Revenge.

One day after her eleventh birthday he set her the task of stealing two lightsabers from a Jedi, in order to sell their focusing crystals and make a small fortune. He knew Aszliyn would either succeed or die trying. Aszliyn succeeded, killing her first Jedi, and obtaining two lightsabers. Her mentor was so surprised at her success he decided to let her keep the lightsabers. It was then that Aszliyn self-taught the basic form of Shii-cho.

After her fourteenth birthday, Aszliyn's mentor was killed in a bar fight during a return trip to Coruscant over an ill-wagered gambling bet. Aszliyn was so enraged that she murdered the Mandalorian thug and fellow smuggler who had done it, brutally slicing off his head and stabbing him through the stomach simlutaneously. She soon fled Coruscant on the Stealth Revenge and continued stealing and smuggling throughout her teens, also taking mercenary payments on murder for hire.

She acquired many skills and a small fortune, never wasting it on frivolous things, and instead stockpiling it in various accounts on different planets. When she was seventeen she fell in love for the first time. A human male from Corellia named Killian, and a fellow mercenary, she soon became betrothed to. When she was eighteen he left for an assignment on Falleen and never returned. She discovered that he had been murdered and dedicated over a year into tracking down his killer and murdering him in the name of vengeance. When her life began unravelling around her, she decided to set course for Nogatan, in hopes of becoming a Sith...

Academy LifeEdit

Since her arrival to Nogatan, she entered the Imperial Academy and began her trials. The first assignment she had was the Trial of Skill under Disciple Norvak. After successfully completing her task there, she was summoned to see the Kaar of Discipline, Darth Kraigor. Darth Kraigor summoned her to his office and proposed to her. Aszliyn was both shocked and wary. The two had never met and marriage to a low level initiate seemed ridiculous. Kraigor explained that though she was incredibly beautiful, that the marriage was simply one for political motivations. She was simply to stand by his side and the nuptials to distract and confuse his enemies. Without much reluctance, Aszliyn agreed. Love was a commodity she no longer needed, nor wanted. A political marriage seemed like a good deal. During their first meeting, Kraigor poisoned the wine glass Aszliyn had been drinking out of, and told her that she would become fully paralyzed in three minutes, should she not make it to the MedLab to get the antidote. Aszliyn took off through the halls of the Tribulation, barely making it to the MedLab in time.

For her final test, Aszliyn and another recruit were sent into a vast maze in the Academy, a maze that tested various skills and weaknesses and demanded a blood sacrifice. When all was said and done, she emerged victorious, with a broken ankle, and a scarred wrist, as a Sith Neophyte.

Current Life (3,636 BBY)Edit

After her graduation from the Academy, Aszliyn set out to marry Darth Kraigor. She was dressed in a scandalously tight black dress with a long slit up the side and plunging V-neckline and completely open back. The nuptials were a beautiful, yet loveless affair, and even were interrupted by the Emperor Cideon himself. Kraigor had been right, the wedding was enough to draw his apparent enemies into attack and the reception ended in chaos. Aszliyn was only lightly injured with a gash on her arm. After a chaotic escape Aszliyn, now Lady Kraigor, and her new husband made it back to his apartment in the Imperial Palace. Kraigor and Aszliyn bickered enough to where an irritated Aszliyn finally summoned the use of pyrokinesis.

Thinking that the battle was over, the newly wedded couple were ambushed in the apartment by Wraythos Vi'garion, Kraigor's nemesis. Vi'garion slammed Asz face first into a doorway with a wild Force-push and split open her head, she watched as Kraigor battled Vi'garion, only to be defeated as Vi'garion's sniper shot him, critically injuring him, while Vi'garion finished him off at the orders of Darth Valerian. Aszliyn had tried in vain to help Kraigor, but her head injury proved too incapacitating.

She openly defied Darth Valerian, and thus encountering her first experience with Deadly Sight, which the true Kaar performed on her. Outnumbered and outmatched in terms of power she surrendered, allowing herself to be taken back to the Institute by Commander Skye. After being taken to the Institute, Aszliyn fled Nogatan. Sith or not, being branded Kraigor's wife was not exactly safe, as his body was being burned for the public view and anyone who spoke his name dying, so she ran back home to Coruscant.

While in a Coruscant bar she got severely intoxicated and abducted from a back alley by slavers. Aszliyn was taken prisoner with a Jedi named Aahri Crane and sold into sex slavery, eventually landing into the hands of Silas, a Mandalorian Imperial Guard. He imprisoned, raped and tortured Aszliyn and Aahri, impregnating Aszliyn. Eventually Aszliyn and the Jedi were rescued by the Executor of the Imperial Armada, Lord Eratos. Aszliyn was then to be apprenticed to Siobahn Karnok, to further her Sith training.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Aszliyn has little empathy, and will murder in cold blood if needed. She is brutally honest to the point where it can get her into trouble. Aszliyn is a functioning alcoholic, with a high tolerance for pain. She is incredibly short tempered and violent: DO NOT AGGRAVATE. She is a Force user, with skills in Force Lightning, Pyrokinesis, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Force Rage; also proficient in lightsaber forms I and V. Her non-Force skills include Stava martial arts expert. Her traits include being beautiful, resolute, and ambidextrous; while her edges include being unstable, reckless, and thinking of life with a glass ceiling.


"You have no idea what I'm capable of..."

"I hope this is incredibly funny to you, Darling."

"I guess I should thank you. You officially piss the hell out of me."

"Without strength there is no way I will defeat my enemies... And I have a long list of those."

"I will have power. I will have my vengeance. I will find a way to have everything..."

"The only reason you need this, is because you're more scared of me than I am of you."


Prepare To Be A-Maze-D

Aszliyn and another recruit are sent into a maze by Darth Kraigor for their final trial. Aszliyn is confronted with a number of rooms that test her skill, her fears, and her tenacity. She pledges herself to the Sith and True Empire and is eventually rewarded as she makes her way through the end of the maze, where she is met by Kraigor and is ready to be married the next day. Her graduation was completed and her life as a Sith began.

It's a Nice Day... For a Sith Wedding

Her big day having finally arrived, Aszliyn is to be married to Darth Kraigor and the wedding is anything but ordinary.

It's a Nice Day... To Start Again

After her wedding to Darth Kraigor, Aszliyn and her new husband arrive back at their apartment in the Imperial Palace. Bickering and fighting already, Asz becomes irritated enough to stimulate her pyrokinesis for the first time ever. They are soon ambushed in the apartment by Wraythos Vi'garion. Chaos insues, leaving Asz on the run and in trouble.

The Homecoming

After her abduction by Silas, and being rescued b Executor Eratos and Lady Samhain she is brought back to the Institute. She is where is then offered to become Chen's apprentice. She readily accepts and begins her new life as a Sith Apprentice and a future mother, as she has discovered she's pregnant.

Doing Your Homework

After her rescue and subsequent apprenticeship to Chen Karnok, Aszliyn is given the task of studying at the Institute to learn about the history of the Sith. When she has completed her task she meets up with her new master and Lord Verrin, where she is told to present her findings. She retells the lessons she learned and then is given the opportunity to duel with an Acolyte to the death. She is triumphant and slays the man, where her master and Lord Verrin notice for the first time, her complete lack of empathy and remorse over the life she took. This leads Asz to a period of deep self-reflection. 


Aszliyn confronts her personal demons one night, and during a fit of intense self-loathing, destroyed her apartment with her bare hands. The next morning she had an unexpected few visitors, Lord Verrin and a pursuing battle droid. Aszliyn helped the poisoned Sith Lord defeat the battle droid and had a heart to heart talk with the Zabrak about personal issues. 

A Meeting of Souls

Aszliyn prepares to meet with another Sith, who wishes to learn the power of pyrokinesis. She and her master meet with the man, though his ideals are not exactly what was in the realm of possibility.

Drowning in Tears and Booze

Aszliyn goes meet one of her smuggling contacts, regarding an incoming shipment. While she's waiting in the bar, she makes a new friend who is mourning a loss.

Funeral for a Friend

During the struggle against Darth Parasis, Lord Verrin loses a loyal and trusted friend. Asz, despite being emotionally vacant and un-empathetic, goes to the funeral in hopes of "being there" for Verrin.

A Dangerous Ally

When Aszliyn is confronted with the realization that herself and her son will be in almost constant danger, and her pregnancy leaving her unable to defend them, she goes out to find a bodyguard. Who she finds however is a much more loyal and devoted and most especially, a dangerous ally...

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