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Name: Audas

Age: 20

weight: 140 lb.

Audas was born on the Dxun moon overlooking Onderon, the long time standing planet renowned for its past military and involvement during the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars. Here, the new recruit made his home along with other Mandalorians loyal to the ways and teachings of Clan Ordo. Audas was raised in the customs and arts of battle that comprised his people's beliefs and culture. In his youth his father Drulek, taught him the maintenance and construction of armor and arms tech. His father was well known for the beskar armor he made. On secret occasions Audas father would even make rare curtosis armor for the leaderships and veterans of the camp they lived in.

Once Audas had reached the age of 12, a respected veteran by the name, Azure requested that young Audas be apprenticed to him. Audas father did not wish his son to leave for battle...but he knew the laws and rules that governed their peopl. Feeling no better man could raise his son, Drulek gave his son his blessings and bid him farewell. Before his leaving, Audas was given his own set of beskar armor handmade by his father himself, engraved with the family crest. The young Mandalorian would leave for his apprenticeship and return to the camp at 17. Upon his return, not bit a few months later, a dark and mysterious being attacked the camp. Everyone was wiped out, save for Audas...who would remain to serve the dark assailant.

However, his obedience would not be long lived as an opportunity would arise that would allow him to escape the planet and the clutches of his so called, 'master.' During an attack on the capital by smugglers, criminals and rogue Mandalorian warriors, young Audas was given a chance of freedom. A freedom which would not have been possible were it not to an acquaintance he had made earlier before the assualt. A bounty hunter by the name, Kebal. 

Shortly after his escape from Onderon, Audas then proceeds for the only place to come to his mind-a place he had only dreamt of seeing one day...Mandalore. There he would remain for a few months and making acquaintances with a Mando girl named, 

(wip-more coming soon)


-Beskar, Mandalorian armor (engrained with family crest on left side of breast plate)

-Twin blaster pistols

-Curtosis vibroblade (hand crafted)

-family pendant (holds photo within, worn around his neck)

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