This article is considered general policy for Axiom Roleplay Wiki. Please adhere to this policy wherever possible.

The Axiom Roleplay Wiki tries to keep all formatting uniform for the best aesthetic appeal and ease-of-access for all users. Below are some general conventions to adhere to if you want your page to look its best.

Article Style

It is important to write in the correct style that is so characteristic of a Wiki. The few items below will help you maintain this style.


Most pages in the Axiom Roleplay Wiki should be In-universe; that is, it is written from an IC perspective.


The old Axiom timeline worked with the "BBD-ABD" system. The new system revolves around the Star Wars fan timeline, "ABY-BBY".

Refer to the Timeline for more details.


All articles must be written in past tense. The articles on this Wiki are presented as historical archives for current and future users to read. Information is never pre-empted and put on a Wiki page before it happens - as it is with RPs, you never know what's going to happen next. The Wiki is a companion for the forums, not a controlling factor.

Also, most writers on the Axiom write in past tense. It would be easy to get tripped up by tense changes by switching to the Wiki.

Point of View

There are two points of view that could be used for a Wiki page; third person limited, or third person omniscient. Third person refers to every character as "he", "she", "they" or "it".

Third person limited assumes only the information about a single character: their feelings and thoughts. Third person omniscient tells the reader about all characters throughout the article.

The advantage of third person omniscient in a Wiki sense would be so the reader gets a better, more rounded view of the character. Just like with an RP thread, you can't get an idea of a character just by reading that character's half of the posts.


When writing an article, information at the beginning can and probably should make reference to information at the end. Omnipresence is the act of being everywhere at once; and your article should be the same. This isn't a novel or a thread - no need for spoilers. Assume your reader isn't afraid of getting all the information at once.


The Wiki is a place for facts. Flowery descriptors should be kept to a minimum. Bias should be virtually non-existent. Articles should not become narratives. Avoid painting certain characters as "villains" or "heroes" even if they are in your own or your character's eyes. Present only the hard facts in a neutral point of view.


To keep a unified and aesthetically pleasing Wiki, layout is important. A number of these conventions have become prevalent across all Wikis.

General Layout

All character pages should include the following at least:

1. Infobox.
2. Personality.
3. Biography.

It is recommended that they also include the following:

1. Appearance.
2. Timeline.

A number of other sections could be included, such as Trivia, Relationships, and Behind the Scenes information. So alltogether, a complete page could look something like:

1. Infobox.
2. Appearance.
3. Personality.
4. Biography.
5. Relationships.
7. Timeline.
8. Trivia
9. Behind the Scenes.

Naming Articles

When creating a new article, name the page after the character you are writing it about. Avoid using nicknames in the title; stick to their full name (without middle name/s). This will make it easier when others are trying to link to your page.

The name of the article should be bolded when it is first mentioned in the introduction. This is where you can mention their nickname, and this should be in bold also.


An infobox is used so that vital statistics can be seen at a glance by readers. All known information should be filled out on an infobox. If you don't know what to put, simply leave it blank.

Sith and Jedi infoboxes (red and green respectively) are now obsolete. There is now a singular infobox for every type of character, and can be coloured according to their affilitation using themes .


Use headings for each new section you create. Headings work at different levels, and cascade after each other. Use a "=" to indicate your heading.

==Heading 2==
===Heading 3===
====Heading 4====
=====Heading 5=====

(Please note that the title of the page is considered "Heading 1".) Headings will automatically create a table of contents, which will appear just before the start of your first heading. It is recommended you put the infobox template before the first heading, so it will appear, correctly, at the top-right of your article.


To make a quote, use the quote template provided. This helps with correct formatting and linking quotes to their sources.

{{Quote|The quote you want here (no need to use quotation marks)|The person who said the quote|A link to the post where the quote was said}}

Will create:

"The quote you want here (no need to use quotation marks)"
―The person who said the quote[[src]]


The first time a character is mentioned in an article, their full name should be used, and it should be linked to the page that is relevant to the character. Make sure (in a new tab) that firstly, the page you are trying to link to exists and secondly, you put in the right page name. Some page names include nicknames and middle names, or use a name from their past, so be careful.

To link to a page, use double square brackets "[[]]" around the title.

[[Felony Serano]]

Will create:

Felony Serano

If you want to link to a page, but don't want the name of the page to appear as your text, use a vertical bar "|" in between the page name and your desired text.

[[Felony Serano| Felony]]

Will create:


Make sure you put a space in between the vertical bar and your desired text. The first word of your text will be lost if you don't.

If you want to link to an external address (not on this Wiki), use the address in place of the page title, and only use one square bracket on either side.

[| Corellia]

Will create:



You don't need to reference any information you give in an article. It's always good to link to threads and to Wookiepedia, but a bibliography is not necessary. Similarly, don't worry about MLA citations.

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