Azrael Than
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3657 BBY

Physical Description







140 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic


Republic of Free People


Jedi Padawan

Known Masters

Xaja Taerich

Family Information

Lord Ryazor Agni


Lady Xyex Than-Agni

Twin Siblings

Xeros Agni

Relationship Information

Spike Chinzano


Xeros Agni

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles
  • Form I:Shii-Cho
  • From VII:Juyo
  • Teräs Käsi
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Crucitorn

Galactic Basic

Other Skills
  • Two Handed Proficiency
  • Lightsaber Proficiency
Miscellaneous Information

Twin White Lightsabers that attach

Theme Song

Human Legacy-Ivan Torrent


Azrael normally wears standard black Jedi clothes: A black tunic, black pants, and a black cloak. Az prefers a cloak over the Jedi robe that others often have. On occasion Az has been known to wear a mask that conceals the lower half of his face, making it appear skeletal. His long black hair is often pulled back into a ponytail with the exception of his padawan braid that falls in front of his face on the right side. He has steely grey eyes that tend to appear slightly scary if someone does not know him, especially if he is wearing his mask.

Az will sometimes also wear a black combat suit, that he eventually ends up wearing more regularly. He wears his black cloak, gloves and boots with said suit.


Azrael was normally self-reliant except when faced with the reality of needing assistance from others. Also very stubborn and set on doing things a certain way, Azrael would not be stopped by anyone who would see to stopping him from an objective. Very compassionate towards the weak, and in an unrelenting pursuit of destroying the Sith; Az would appear an extremist, yet still able to find a balance in the middle with assistance from friends or masters.

Most who would meet Az would say that he was friendly and humble, but what would go on beneath the surface would not necessarily be the case. Often frustrated with beings who thought of themselves as superior or lofty, Az would be friendly enough outwardly, but struggling with the inner turmoil to put them in their place.

Often in control, Az seemed level headed, with the exception of Sith entering the equation. Sith were a point of instability for Azrael based on his background being raised on a Sith planet and on the receiving end of their scorn. Never hiding his hatred for Sith, Az would jump on any opportunity to share disdain for the evil known as Sith.

Extremely loyal to those who were close to them, Az would lay down his life for a friend or someone weaker than their opponent. Based primarily out of his upbringing, Az's protective instincts spilled over on the weak, the oppressed, and those closest to them. One case being on the meeting of Xaja Taerich's children, Az was quick to swear protection of both them and their mother. 


In the Shadow of Scornful SithEdit

Azrael was born on the planet of Nogatan under Sith Lord Ryazor Agni and Lady Xyex Than-Agni, a few minutes after his Twin Xeros Agni in the year 3657 BBY. When Az had shown no signs of Force-sensitivty in the first two years of his life, Lord Ryazor took the life of Lady Xyex for having dishonoured him with a Force-blind child. Having grown up never knowing his mother, and despising his father, Az was extremely solitary also taking his mother's maiden name, Than. His "lone-wolf" mentality was not helped by the fact that he was not Force-sensitive and still forced to spend time with the Sith children around him. Picked on and often in fights, Az learnt from a young age to survive in the hostile environment and crushing unacceptance from his Father and peers.

Where normally a twin would bear a healthy rivalry that would encourage growth, Xeros and Az were often at each others throats. Regardless of being Force-blind Azrael learnt to overcome, and quite often defeated Xeros. Able to hold his own, even against his peers with Force powers; Az was still picked on, but less frequently coaxed into fighting. Being bullied lead to his hatred for all Sith, later lead to hunting them down with extreme prejudice, and no mercy.

The Turn of the TideEdit

Shortly after Az turned nine, Lord Ryazor sent him along on a Sith ship The Eternal Blade, as a cabin boy. The mission of The Eternal Blade's crew was to attack a Jedi stronghold. En route to their target, The Eternal Blade was attacked and boarded by a Jedi Knight and his Padawan. Everyone was killed on the ship except for Azrael who was dressed in servant clothes and mistaken for a slave. Adapting to the circumstance, Az went along with what the Jedi assumed.

Az having no where to go in the republic was placed in the library of the Tempe on Tython. Growing in his knowledge of the Galaxy and of the Jedi way, Az continued to be intrigued by the Jedi way of life. Befriending a young girl who was the same age named Rhotta Tecla, Az learnt from her some of the practical applications to the knowledge he had from the archives. Shortly after becoming friends, pet names were shared between the two: Roh and Azy. His friendship with Roh caused Az to slowly develop latent Force-sensitivity around the time that he was elven.

Taking his knowledge from his time in the archives and applying it to training, Az was able to catch up for his lost years without the Force. Learning Shii-Cho quickly, Az picked up a second saber and learnt how to dual wield sabers almost from the beginning. He also knew how to maintain sabers with little to no training, having studied in the archives various texts on the subject.

Being from a Sith background caused many Masters to overlook or not want to take on Az, thinking of him as too dangerous or unstable. Being stuck in a sort of limbo due to this fact, Az learnt what he could and tried to grow in his knowledge of the Force, but being unable to use it for anything other than meditation without the guidance he required.

Around the time that Az and Roh were sixteen, Roh was sent on a mission that was extremely classified and extremely suspicious. Before leaving on her mission, Roh had given Az twin white bladed lightsabers that were able to attach at the pommels and form a saber staff. That was the last time Az saw Roh for over four years.

Learning the Hard WayEdit

Getting tired of not making progress on Tython, Az at the age of twenty went on a quest to find Roh. His search took him to Dathomir, where he had discovered nothing useful. In a fit of rage at his wasted efforts in discovering his lost friends, he stumbled into the camp of one of that Dathomirian tribes. Fortunately for him they were small for a Dathomirian tribe. The clan acted towards Az with hostile force, and he fought for his life. Barely surviving the encouter, he had murdered all inhabitants of the camp.

After his bitter failure, he made his way to the Enclave on Vornu. After his arrival, Az spent time with several masters, most notably Master Kast. After a while, Az was sent to the Meditation Gardens in order to meet with Master Kenau where he taught for the first time, practical Force usage. It was here that Az first effectively used telekinesis.

Growing frustrated with the fact that Roh had been gone for so long without being in contact, Az tried to find a way to Nogatan where he believed Roh had gone. Master Kenau promised to assist Azrael once he had grown in knowledge of the Force which Az, understandably, was frustrated by. Accepting Master Kenau's offer for help, Az continued to learn the ways of the Force.

When Az would grow frustrated with still not having a means to find Roh, he would go for walks in the capital Damphi, to clear his head. On one of his walks he attempted to save the life of a child who was in the way of a speeder, and as a result was hit, and almost killed. Only because of some help he received from Lizzie Craig was Az able to survive and make it to a medical facility.

Az passed in and out of consciousness throughout the experience, but it was at this medical facility that he discovered telepathy, and where he met his first real Master Xaja Taerich and sister-padawan Niya Venorryn. Through telepathy Az was able to feel the twins that Xaja had inside her. The telepathic bond Az developed with Niya also led to some tension from Niya due to pain Az felt from a vision of Roh chained to a wall.

Upon recovery Az sought out Xaja in order to thank her for the time she had spent with him after the accident. Forgetting entirely about the twins, Az walked into the room of a new mother almost without realizing his error in judgement. Through some discussion with the Master, Az was taken on as an apprentice under the Jedi Master Taerich. Niya was not too pleased with the fact that she had to share her master with another being, but tried to be civil before Azrael left.

After leaving Xaja's room, Az received a communication through a young being at the communications board, from Roh. Roh had messaged him from Corellia saying that she was fine. Without hesitation Az sought out Master Kenau and asked him to fulfil his promise by getting Az a shuttle to and from Corellia. Az then proceeded to leave without permission from his new Master, on a quest to find his friend.


3637 BBY

Running Out of Hope and Places to Look

Planting the Seeds of Patience

Never Underestimate-101

Tapping Into the Current

Cantina: Unexpected Similarities

Reckless and Stubborn

Tiny Details

Battle for Data


The Gong Show

A New Lead

New Revelations

A Little War Game

3636 BBY

Mission to Dxun

A Birthday Surprise

Trivia and Behind the Scenes

  • Azrael is one name or variant of a name given to the Angel of Death in various religious backgrounds. Due to multiple translations of texts the name has also appeared as: Izrail, Azra'eil, Azrin, Izrael, Azriel, Azrail, Ezraeil, Azraille, Azryel, Ozryel, or Azraa-eel to name a few.
  • The name Azrael was chosen by Angelus Mortis based on a high school persona he had adapted, Deathangel.
  • Azrael is also the name of Angelus Mortis' first electric guitar.
  • Angelus Mortis is latin for "Angel of Death"
  • The ability pyrokinesis was chosen due to Angelus Mortis' love for fire, in real life he practices Poi, a form of fire dancing.
  • The name Than means death, brilliant.

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