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Name: Basati

Race: Cathar

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6

Age: 21

Fur Colour: Dark grey with Black stripes, hair is black

Eye Colour: Green

Hair style: Predominately ponytail


Biography: Till she was fourteen she had roamed the plains and savannahs of her homeworld of Cathar, learning to hunt and fend for herself. Her darker fur meant she had to primarily hunt at night though since her fur stood out otherwise upon the savannah's. When she turned 14 however, her life changed. She was taken by slavers and for the next five years of her life she was taken from arena to arena as a gladiator slave, or from brothel to brothel as a sex-slave for clients that wanted a little more different than the usual twi'lek or human fare. All of these encounters she was bound so that she couldn't hurt any of the clients though, given how fiercely she fought against them, even with the collar wrapped around her throat.

Eventually though she managed to break free, when after one of the blood fights the gate out of her cage was a little too open and loose. She quickly left the arena, wearing nothing but the collar around her throat, and a vibro-axe strapped to her back. Basati stowed away on a cargo ship and for the next year travelled from ship to ship, world to world, trying to find a way back home. It was only when she found a communication point that she discovered that her family were gone... dead by the slavers that had taken her all those years ago when she had been out hunting. With nothing left to drive her she took one last ship at random, and wound up on Dagan.

During her travels she'd managed to get some clothes... well, one set of clothes from an elderly Mirialian woman who passed away before Basati could even learn her name. She still has the collar on her neck, although it has been long since deactivated, but unfortunately couldn't be removed without the proper security device... or enough credits. So now she lives on Dagan in a small single room house that she made from scavenging parts from the junkyards. If you look at it from a certain angle, you could almost say it looks like a tree. 

Current HistoryEdit


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