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Darth Tyros (deceased)

Belhom is a wandering product of bioengineering who fled to Pravus Axiom to escape poverty and homelessness.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The creature is considerably short, though bipedal, and usually walks with the digitigrade gait of her jenet mother species. Unlike the jenets, she can produce strong pheremones and most of her body appears hominid, hinting that she is more zeltron than jenet. Unlike a zeltron's, her nails retain a subungis, which lends them a claw-like appearance. Though she cannot injure an opponent more than a human might with these nails, the extra layer makes them stronger and aids her in climbing and digging. She has fewer teeth than a zeltron, but she has a powerful bite and blunt, oversized bicuspids, one of which is missing. As part of her jenet heritage, her joints are very loosely connected, and this fact allows her to drop to all fours and cover distances very quickly at the cost of dignity and energy or fit through much smaller spaces than it appears her body should allow. Her long, ratlike tail is a feature not present either of her parent species, but her grandfather had one as well. While her peers on Garban thought this caudal appendage to be a throwback to their common murine ancestors (much as a human might view a member of his species with a tail as inherently more simian), in truth it is a manifestation of the vornskr segments grafted into her and her grandfather's DNA to make them more efficient Jedi hunters. This resulted in her almost complete inability to see red. However, see can see better in dim light than in bright light and she can detect more shades of blue and purple, including ultraviolet light. Along her back are an array of crescent-shaped and circular scars, the result of a failed experiment. She usually covers them up with medical tape though they no longer hurt. Also notable is her lengthy hair. Its natural color is a dark blue, another manifestation of her zeltron side, but constantly channeling the dark side during her time of complete impoverishment bleached all the color out of it. Since seeking asylum on Nogatan, the dark blue color is once again visible at the roots. Two triangular, fluffy ears stick out of the mass of hair, and her complexion is a spotty coffee color.

Personal HistoryEdit


Jyn the Dark Side User? Broad chested dude. His body was all jacked up by the evil last I recall. Long, black hair, a tail, dark skin, yellow eyes, long ears full of holes, putrid boils, the works. Didn't even look like a proper jenet if you ask me. Mean and nasty personality too, complete sociopath. Dude was a genius at spreading misery and strife. Of course he had no shortage of girlfriends. Females go for guys like that.

–Roshan Who Works in the Community Heap and Deals Spice on the Side, on Belhom's maternal grandfather

Like most jenets, Belhom came from an inbred line in a profoundly complex, hopelessly tangled bureaucratic society that ran on memories instead of written records. Unlike most jenets, however, the mentally ill sired her, a much frowned upon trait when the mind was so important to keep track of things. Her maternal grandfather left the planet at a young age and returned as a dark jedi with vast, ambitious goals of overturning the bureaucracy and ending the isolationist policies of his people. He met little success in grassroot campaigning. His warped appearance, wicked mind, and elitist policies turned many off of his cause. He was eventually executed for killing 5 councilmen and severely injuring several others, but he was the only jenet in recent memory to harness the Force, and it's thought that Belhom inherited, in addition to a number of physical features, force-sensitivity from him.

He produced 64 rickety children in his time on the planet, more rickety than could be expected of the standard stock of his species. Most of them succumbed to childhood illness or committed suicide in adolescence. The child who would become Belhom's mother was an exception, though she failed to completely escape the grip of insanity. This one, Rashik Who Loved the Sky, held the conviction that she wasn't a jenet. She'd insist on walking flat on her heels and would wander for days above the tunnels the community lived in, despising the underground. She watched a popular holodrama and decided she was really a zeltron, one subjected to horrible experiments that placed her in the body of a jenet, and that her entire community had been bribed to keep the fact from her.

Determined to live life to the fullest and not allow her unfortunate circumstances to get her down, she immediately left for the planet of Zeltros.

Fate caused her fall-in with perhaps the only Zeltron on the planet who disliked his home and held a decidedly gloomy worldview, Engel Vandylin. He had a self-professed "thing" for nonhumanoid species, however, and he enjoyed Rashik's company for many years as they avoided parties and confused stares.

Engel disappeared one day; it's thought that he killed himself after an affair with a hiromi and he left Rashik a vague, blood-splattered note of apology.

The tragedy of the situation and the memories of her lover brought her to the conclusion that she wanted his child. It proved to be a difficult task: one that took her many decades to complete. She kept the note in a jar and talked to it often, seeking its council and direction, reliant on the DNA soaked in the paper. Eventually, she managed to find a sith alchemist who was acquainted with her father and was willing to help her towards her decidedly unreasonable goal provided he could "see the result" later. Rashik readily agreed, and, sad at the Engel-less state of Zeltros, returned instead to Garban to start her family.

The sixth born and lone survivor of the litter was dubbed Tessian Akeata, translated as "Tessian the Freak", not yet known as Belhom.





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