Brison Yi
Brison Yi
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Pre-Great Sith War

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Shi'ido (Togruta)





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Brison Yi is an agent of Puris. She is Karter's closest ally and likely his only friend. In truth however she is not what she seems.

Brison Yi isn't Brison Yi. The Original one died during the Belerophon incident. The Brison currently on Vornu is a shapeshifter that assumed her form and has her memories. If an enemy ever discovers this, both will be in danger.

Early LifeEdit

The. creature that would eventually become Brison was born Cyra of Press....Press being the name of the village where she was found and eventually taken for training. She was a member of the Shi'ido species, a race of shapeshifters capable of mimicing almost anything...or anyone. Cyra was a quiet, introspective padawan and made little trouble during her early years, assuming the form of a human to fit in.

She grew powerful, an expert healer but a near death experience. would leave her badly shaken and cause her to develope an excessive fear of death. thst would persist throughout the rest of her training.


Although she was powerful she still needed skill and it was at this point that Cambul agreed to be a somewhat informal instructor, teaching her a variety of lightsaber techniques. Cyra considered him a father figure and strove to emulate him.

But during the time Exar launched his Jedi Pogrom, she witnessed a profound change in her mentor. He began to stray from the pacifistic views he had instilled in her. Unable to figure out what had gone wrong and with Jedi dying everywhere, she was forced to leave Cambul to his own devices as she took assignments from the Jedi Council.


As the war progressed and she was exposed to its horrors she began to obsessively seek a way to cheat death and avoid the fate so many others had not. She began to secretly study the mysteries of the light, hoping to devine the secret of immortality.

She failed and realised that she could not do it alone. So she turned to find her old and respected Mentor, having formed a plan to earn immortality via a lifetime of charity and good works.


Tracking her old master Cambul down, she convinced him (and herself) to forsake violence forever and embrace total pacifism. He was swayed by her arguement and agreed to start a new faction dedicated to total non violence. They gathered others damaged by war and began to rebuild their shattered lives.

Fall to the Dark SideEdit

For a time, Cyra was convinced that she was slowly on the path to immortality through a life of doing good. However she became violently ill from a mysterious infection and only survived with Cambul's aid, proving to her once and for all her path was leading her nowhere.

Frustrated, she began to wonder if the solution might not involve both sides of the Force. She began to study Sith dissertations on the matter in secret, becoming more and more corrupted as she constructed a hybrid philosophy of uniting light and dark. She soon decided to reveal her new beliefs, trying to entice the others to her new beliefs.

To her surprise and outrage, Cambul and the others refused to follow her. In a moment where she lost control of her emotions, she angrily set them all ablaze, even her beloved master, who screamed his hatred of her as he was consumed by fire.

Realising she had become a new Sith and in shock at what she had just done, Cyra fled changing her appearance to suit her new situation. She bestowed the Sith title of Sangraal on herself, and resolved to rebuild and start a new sect to employ her heretical beliefs.

Unease and GuiltEdit

As Sangraal built up her new faction of Sith, She eventually became sick with guilt at what she had done, having nightmares on a daily basis over the loss of control. Though she put up a public facade of certainty to her underlings, privately she was wracked with remorse. She frequently thought of going back to the Jedi but feared they would never accept her back. Thus she tried to make the best of a bad situation.

The Master's RevengeEdit

Cambul wasn't quite as dead as she thought and brutally announced his survival by killing a number of her top students off, one by one, until finally chasing her down on the abandoned colony of Belerophon. Though she pleaded with him to forgive her, Cambul was so far gone he had embraced a delusion that God had punished him for believing in peace. Though Sangraal was vastly more powerful than him by this point, Cambul relentlessly and doggedly outthought and outfought her, though admittedly she could not bring herself to kill him a second time. She expected to die, but his punishment was worse than that. He encased her in a carbonite preservation unit, rigged in such a way that though she would be perfectly preserved, she would be fully conscious the whole time, helpless to do anything save scream in her own head for eternity.

Belerophon IncidentEdit

Sangraals mind began to crumble along with her will through out the three hundred plus years she was trapped in her base of operations, which was eventually converted into a prison by a rogue faction of Jedi that wished to experiment on ways to brainwash Dark Siders back to the light. A fallen Jedi named Kalis started a riot in prison and the whole colony turned into a bloodbath as he sought her out, believing she alone had the power to cure him.

Upon being released from the carbonite and reviving, Sangraal took out the years of her imprisonment on the first person she saw, savagely impaling him with her lightsaber even as she came to grips with the fact that she had destroyed everything she cared about with her own selfishness, not the least of which was her own master, who had become a bloodthirsty cyborg beast thanks to her. No longer wanting to live yet to proud to commit suicide, Sangraal resigned herself to a battle to the death, seeking out and fighting most survivors, in the hopes she would be killed in battle.

As she waited for two survivors in particular who were more skilled than the rest she reached an epiphany of her own: It had all been for nothing. She wanted out, but felt she didn't deserve a second chance. When the survivors, Karter and the real Brison arrived, Sangraal challenged them to a winner take all duel.

A TransformationEdit

The three preceeded to fight to the death, and during the fight, Sangraal managed to impale Brison on a piece of rebar, desparing over her own choices.

And then something happened, Brison opened her mind totally to Sangraal showing her everything. This strain, coupled with three centuries of guilt and shame, caused Sangraal's mind to collapse, driving her personality into the depths as Yi's memories took her place. Sangraal did not fight this, deciding to take Yi up on her unspoken offer. She subconsciously assumed Yi's form and became blissfully unaware of her old life.


After Karter suggested 'Brison' find herself by living on the outer rim in peace and quiet, the amnesiac shapeshifter grew restless, wanting to serve the Republic and finally silence the blackness of 'her' past. To that end she journeyed to Vornu and reunited with Karter, saving his life in the middle of a mission.

(More to come)

Personality and TraitsEdit

As Cyra, she was a quiet, friendly, but shy padawan who did not relate to others easily. She deeply respected her mentor and fellow pacifist Cambul.

Her main flaw (which later would cause her fall) was fear of death. She was extremely frightened of dying but hid it well right up to the immediate end before she became Sith.

As Sangraal, she would take a curvy and seductive appearance to entice recruits and enemies. She was sarcastic and yet exuded an aura of charisma. Inwardly she suffered from intense guilt at what she did to Cambul and the others and would frequently have nightmares over the subject.

By the time she emerged from her imprisonment she was suicidal and frequently sought to die, not wanting to live if it meant carrying the knowledge she had destroyed everything that made her life livable. Her fully conscious state in the carbonite was a living nightmare, and she suffered frequent bouts of dimensia and hallucinations that always ended with her realising she was still imprisoned. This may have been a contributing factor in the ease with which Yi's personality took control.

As Brison she was warmhearted and friendly, though even as Yi, some aspects of her old persona remained. She took to wearing extremely scant wear, much like Sangraal had, and she was cynical and sarcastic most of the time in the field, though how much of that was Brison and how much was Sangraal is unclear.

As Brison, she would frequently taunt her enemies in a manner disturbingly similar to the Sith's Dun Moch technique. It is likely that this is a holdover from Sangraal's Sith Training. She also was in love to a degree with Karter, and confused and hurt that he could not return her affections, though again its unclear whether it was Yi's personality expressing an echo of the Real Yi's love for Karter, or Sangraal voicing her own interest in the detective, or both.


Due to the nature of Yi's current situation she possesses a mixture of Yi's talents and Sangraal's. As both Yi and Sangraal she is an excellant healer. As Sangraal she is capable of using the Dark Side to keep going, while from Yi she inherited the ability to absorb energy. As Sangraal she was adept at tearing the life from others. As Yi she was skilled at using two weapons but was a novice at Soresu, having inherited Yi's rusty experience with the style. She is a telepath and has minor telekinetic skill.

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