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Jedi Artisan

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Pre-Great Sith War

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Human (Cyborg)





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Electric Green

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Nearly Entire Body

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Old Republic


Puris Axiom

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Ycalgar (Deceased)

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Darth Sangraal, Dantius



No Rest. No Peace. No Aspirin!

"Greetings, Pilgrims! I am Cambul, Jedi Artisan!"


Cambul was a cyborg that fought in a number of wars throughout the three centuries he has lived. He is often heavily armed and trigger happy, which combined with his former status as a Master Swordsman in the Jedi Order, and the resultant mental issues from his traumatic transformation, makes him a significant threat that should never be underesitmated. He is one of the most dangerous and violent beings aligned with Puris, and his advocation of no holds barred conflict with the Sith empire has left him few supporters. 

Early LifeEdit

Cambul was born in the Tapani Sector to a house of minor noblemen, the Naldi Family. He was a product of incest, a coupling between his mother Madeline Naldi and her first cousin. He hanged himself when the relationship was discovered, but as Madeline was head of the family no one made any protest of her actions, leaving her to raise Cambul on her own. From the very day he was old enough to walk, he was taught with a training lightsaber by his mother, who had been a former member of the Jedi Order. Cambul, as the years passed, began to demonstrate high amounts of intelligence, taking a special interest in cellular biology and chemistry, a fact that was not lost on his future master Ycalgar, a Kel Dor Jedi who came to recruit him after his mother offered him to the Jedi to be trained. As Cambul grew into a powerful Knight, he took after his master in a philosophy of pacifism and tolerance, and rarely drew his lightsaber for anything. He would even take an apprentice eventually on a somewhat informal basis, named Cyra of Press, a shapshifter that had assumed the form of a woman. Both would become major advocates for diplomacy and negotiation for the galaxies troubles. This would change with the coming of Exar Kun.

The PogromEdit

After his master was nearly killed during Exar Kun's Jedi Pogrom, Cambul, who for much of his life had been a proponent of non violence, began to become distressed at how seemingly the only way out of the conflict with Exar was through the shedding of blood, he began to falter in his pacifistic beliefs. No amount of negotiating seemed to work and after he witnessed a number of brutal attacks by Dark Jedi, he began to fight aggression with aggression, studying the use of chemical and biological "Solutions" to the Sith menace. he also actively began to embrace warfare, becoming proficient in the manufacture of combat droids and assualt rifles. His ideals came to the attention of a concerned Jedi Council, who censured his views. He was not exiled as he had once been a major advocate of nonviolence, and it was hoped that in time he would turn his back on his violent ways.

He did not, instead he tried to manufacture a virus that would kill only darksiders. He never got close to this secret and eventually became frustrated. it was then that he began to doubt himself: Perhaps he might be wrong about violence after all.

Just as he was considering going back to the Order and trying to reconcile with them, His old student, Cyra came back to his life with a radical proposal: Come with her and start a moverment dedicated to total nonviolence, forsaking the use of even their lightsabers.

Wanting redemption for the many questionable acts he had commited during the war, he agreed. Recruiting seventy others, all veteren Jedi psychologically scarred from the fighting, he began to rebuild his life, feeding the poor and healing the sick through charity work. And for a time, he was content.

Cyberization and descent into ExtremismEdit

Cyra though from the very beginning had had ulterior motives. After being traumatized by a near death experience in which she saw only blackness awaiting her, Cyra had resolved to somehow find immortality with the lightside. Believing that by making oneself spiritually pure enough she could gain said immortality, she roped Cambul in, hoping that with his guidance and wisdom she might eventually discover the secret. But much as Cambul was frustrated by being unable to find a quick solution to the Sith threat, Cyra too eventually became frustratedafter an accident showed she was still as mortal as she had always been. Tentatively, she began to study the Dark Side, seeing what it had to offer. Slowly corrupted over time, she began to develop a hybrid philosophy of light and dark: Only through balance between the two could one gain perfect power and morality, and avoid death. When she finally acted on her beliefs, begging Cambul and the others to join her, Cambul refused along with the rest.

Her reaction was horrific, and demonstrated just how far she had fallen, when, in a fit of rage, she used her natural pyrokinetic talents to burn the lot of them alive. Cambul was roasted last, even as he pleaded with her to see reason. As the fire consumed him his mind snapped and he hallucinated that Death had come with a sword to collect him. In the hallucination, Cambul, giving in to his rage at Cyra's betrayal, actively fought Death...and won, impaling Death with his own sword.

His master Ycalgar, having sensed the future for his protege, frantically made his way to the planet, arriving just as Cyra had left, and finding Cambul with horrific third degree burns everywhere. After a moment's hesitation, Ycalgar decided to preserve's his student's life, rushing him to the best team of doctors and healers in the Jedi temple, who saved what little they could of him by replacing the useless body with cybernetics, even his heart was replaced. They were forced to keep him awake, as giving him any anesthetic could cause him to slip into a coma from which he would die. This further eroded his grip on sanity, and when he was finally revived, he was horrified at his transformation, unable to even look at himself in the mirror as he screamed in pain.


Cambul, wanting to die, determined that he would not go into the afterlife without taking the one who had nearly sent him there to begin with. He broke off from the Order and began viciously hunting down his former Student's new underlings that she had recruited for a tentatively young faction of Sith. Brutally carving his way through their ranks as he slipped further and further into his own developing religious delusions to explain why he had survived, by the time Cambul eventually caught up with Cyra, now naming herself Darth Sangraal, he was completely changed as a person, and determined he was left in this world to punish Dark Siders. Sangraal, who at the time was undergoing her own doubts about the choices she had made, found herself pleading with him to forgive her, genuinely feeling remorse for her act. Cambul defeated her and imprisoned her in Carbonite. Cambul then declared that he no longer believed in pacifism for correcting the evils of the Galaxy, and swore he would never show mercy to a darksider ever again. Cambul would then live through the centuries, actively seeking out Dark Jedi and fighting them, selling weapons and droids to whoever wanted to fight them also. He developed a reputation among the fallen for his extreme cruelty to Sith.


"The Sith is a Wolf, the Jedi a Shepherd."


Cambul, after centuries of fighting solo, would eventually join puris as a weapons dealer and consultant, carefully concealing his past to avoid attention from higher ups due to his ruthless methods. He established himself as an eccentric and aggressive, but otherwise a valueable ally to have. He demonstrated his expertise by giving a lesson in the construction of lightsabers, as well as constructing numerous assualt rifles and battle droids. He would become wary of Lorn Kenau, a noted Jedi master and, in Cambul's view, a symbol of everything that was wrong with the Jedi Order, as Kenau reminded him all too much of his own once pacifistic beliefs, which he now despised.


Cambul, during his time away from Vornu, decided he would pass the time by luring one of the Nogatan Empire's deadliest Assassin's to his former family home, Chateau Naldi. He succeeded after trapping her as he had with may other enforcers of the Sith, by siccing his cyborg monstrosities on her as well as his assualt droids, which succeeded in injuring her to the point that she was forced to kill herself in order to prevent him finding any of her allies. He would construct a lightsaber from the wreckage of her blown apart ship to mock her defeat.

An ancient warship.Edit

Cambul would later team with Karter and Brison Yi for the first time in the hopes of seizing for Vornu an acient warship that later turned out to have Rakatan technology on it. They were unfortunately ambushed by the terrorist group White Cypher and were forced to fight for their lives as well as running from the ships guardian, a powerful droid wreathed in holographic smoke and covered in hevay armor. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, they were unable to save the ship, and were forced to abandon it just as it exploded.


Encountering Dantius Octavian, Cambul would venture to the planet where the final showdown against rogue General Nobunaga occurred, arriving late to the fight but not to the effort to track down and rescue Arek, Octavian's friend.

Later, on, he would be visited by Dantius and asked about his past, which he explained in detail, deeply suspicious of the young man's motives, but agreeing to train him in the art of the lightfoil for his next encounter against his brother, admonishing him to embrace a lethal solution.

Personality and traitsEdit

Before his cyberization, Cambul was very pacifistic, prefering to talk and negotiate instead of fighting. He would author several texts on the subject, and lectured at various universities on Caamaas, becoming renowned for his non violent approach. He did not have much sympathy for those who engaged in fighting and warmaking, and was described as a gentle, intelligent man with a wry sense of humor and very generous to those in need of help or comfort.

AFTER his cyberization Cambul went completely off the deep end. He was often suicidal and frequently wondered why he was alive or what he had to live for even after he hunted Sangraal's associate's down. As he killed more of her servants he became more vicious, frequently toying with them psychologically or using his medical knowledge in horrifying ways, reasoning that this is what Darksiders deserved. As he eventually reached Sangraal he had come to a private epiphany: That killing Dark Siders was the only way to rid the galaxy of them, and felt he had been spared by the Force for the express purpose of punishing their wickedness by drowning them in his own. He embraced this idea completely and never looked back, feeling that Pacifism had failed and demonstrated its ultimate flaw. As he grew into his self appointed role he became more jovial, cracking jokes with allies and speaking in a curious accent and using phrases such as thee and thou instead of regular words, as he now considered himself a preacher to the ignorant. He does not believe in peace with the Sith, and he would kill them all without hesitating. To allies he was pleasant and polite, if sarcastic.

To his enemies however, he demonstrated great cruelty: An example is that in his castle he would often forcibly cyberize his defeated opponents, making them nearly mindless servants. He would not hesitate to use chemicals or germs to win, and often would taunt his enemies about their impending demise. He views the Jedi as meaning well, but flawed in their approach to protecting the Galaxy.

Hatred of the Dark Side is one of his defining traits, and while he genuinely believes he is making the galaxy a better place with each Sith removed by him, he would not hesitate to forgo saving the Order if it meant destroying the Sith completely. His obsession will likely be his downfall

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Before his cyberization, he was capable of immense feats of telekinesis and healing. He was also a master lightsaber fighter and studied Makashi and Shien extensively, blending them into a lethal hybrid style. He is also an expert at constructing lightsabers, and often is working on one to keep his mind sharp. Aside from force abilities which include hiding his mind he was also a master chemist and cellular biologist, often lecturing in temple halls on the subject.

After his cyberization he focused less on philosophy and more on victory, His force power was drastically reduced, and he was forced to use his intelligence and skill with weapons to win his battles. He is also an expert cyberneticist and can forcibly cyberize his enemies and use them as living gas grenades which he uses to steer into enemy strongholds. He is also a droid expert. Cambul uses a custom built lightfoil with a viridian hue in combat. He will often make feints and vicious slashing attacks, using his cyborg strength to empower his fighting. He has used his cybernetics to cheat death, and with his vast wealth he preserved as much of himself as possible via experimental therapy and part replacement and upgrades. His most dangerous weapon is his intelligence and he will often use his nonsensical mannerisms to lure his opponent into a false sense of confidence.


Cambul is an expy. The original concept for him was something of a cross between John the Baptist, Darth Vader, and the ancient japanese weaponsmith Muramasa. Some of his sayings are indirect allusions to the old and new testament. He actually appeared originally in the Story "But I wouldn't want to live there," which his creator partially published in axioms non canon section. In that story, his last name is Marek, not Naldi, and he was eventually portrayed as less unhinged then the Axiom version of the character, though admittedly that isn't saying much.

He also, as far as his creator knows, the only one in puris OR Pravus to wield a lightfoil in any capacity.

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