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Jamiett Izard
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  • Uzen
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Jamiett was born on the colony moon of Uzen, one of the three neighboring satellites that constantly orbit about the planet of Velmor. Here, is where Jamiett was raised into a middle-class family who served honorably within the Velmorian Navy. His child hood would be a good one, until tragedy would strike when he was the age of seven. During that time, his father, Arthur Izard, would be sent out to battle against the Krayt Empire. Unfortunately, the very ship his father would serve on would never make it back, nor would the fleet to which was dispatched. This would leave young Jamiett and his mother, Jamiett, to cope with the pains of losing both a father and lover. Through his years leading up to adolescents, Jamiett would grow determined to avenge his father's passing. Stead fast determination in joining the military was his striving dream all through his years within the Velmorian Academy, but his desires to join the military would change as the navy came to him with a calling. A calling that would come in the form of his father's spirit. He would often see, or hear his father throughout his young life; getting support and much due aid for his broken heart. When he was at last deemed ready for graduation, Jamiett would set out to join the Naval Academy at the age of nineteen.

The next five years of his life would be the most challenging, even with the guidance and good will of his mother by his side. Jamien, never once left her son fall behind during his studies within the Academy, or within the Navy. Her dedication to him was as strong as it had been to her husband all those years ago before her passing. Feeling that it was all she owed to her deceased lover; to ensure that their son pursued the life he desired and made him happy. However, what she would not know were Jamiett's personal vendettas for joining the navy in the first place. She had a general understanding that he was greatly angered at the Empire for having taken his father from them, but never did she expect that he was blood thirsty for revenge..a revenge that would see him through with a driving force till his final year in the Academy.

Upon graduation, Jamiett was bestowed the rank of Commander and to serve under Captain Prescott, of the UVSS-Ascencion. His time of service under the captain would be one far from expected as Prescott became somewhat of a father figure in the eyes of the rising protege. Yet, despite his growing relationship toward the captain, Jamiett's drive for revenge never dwindled..until, that one fateful day within the planetary system of Gromas. Receiving a transmission from High Command that Gromas was under attack by remnants of the Empire-Captain Prescott and his fleet were tasked with quelling the immediate threat and free the planet. Their arrival there could not have been better, however, a situation would develop that would place the young Jamiett between choosing between his hidden agenda anda saving a captured Prescott. Choosing the former, Jamiett annihilated the enemy capital ship along with its Grand Moff, but at great expense. Captain Prescott was murdered after having been captured on the ground, along with a dozen other military personel. The commanders poor descision cost the loss of a great captain, and even better friend. After having destroyed what remained of the fleeing enemy fleet, the full weight of the loss presented took hold of Jamiett. Overwhelmed with grief he dismissed himself from the helm and placed a Lieutenant in command for the rest of the mission.

Their return home would greet them as heroes, but for Jamiett-it would not be so. As much as he was gifted and honored, he would never see himself as that which others saw him. His guilt for the decision he had made would haunt him for years after, but overtime he would come to terms with his sins and eventually aspire to be the captain his mother and peers always wanted him to be.

Possessions & Thread HistoryEdit

Standing: Velmorian Navy-Captain (High Command)

Ship Command: Priem-Alleri

Attire: Velmorian Navy-Standard Uniform


-Data-Com; A blending of both a data pad and communication device about the length of your hand. A technological marvel manufactured by Antias Corp. in the year 170 ABY

-Upgraded, Prime Enforcer: The standard blaster of both the military and navy. This specific model was customized to the captain's acquired tastes of rapid fire and increased accuracy at long range.


The Dark


Getting a Piece


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