The Dominion of Discipline was charged with providing the Empire with a continuous supply of reliable soldiers. Its dominion head governed over the indoctrination of militants into the Empire, and oversaw all recruitment, conscription and enslavement efforts in the Empire.

Divided now into two, the Imperial Academy was placed in the hands of Darth Valerian 's chosen servants - Lord Tyberius and Alistair Skye . Together they focused on different prospective soldiers, Tyberius overseeing the Force-sensitives while Skye handled the Non-sensitives.

This process was deemed ineffective and the two began training recruits based on their date of induction.

Shortly after, the Academy was attacked by the nanophage and destroyed. Darth Valerian was sent to oversee construction on the planet of Bastion and Darth Kraigor appoitned himself as the Kaar of Discipline. The Academy was relocated to the massive ship Tribulation though the ship was only half constructed at the time.

Training of recruits continued even as Darth Kraigor embezzled money and plotted to place himself as Emperor. This plot was foiled when Alistair Skye , T'lanna Harran , and Wraythos Vi'garion attacked Kraigor durring his wedding. Kraigor escaped but was later killed by Wraythos.

Feeling a need to return, Darth Valerian arrived back in the Empire just after Wraythos struck the final blow. Valerian washed his hands of the entire ordeal and relinquished control of the Academy to Alistair Skye.

This would mark the end of the Dominion of Discipline.   

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