Photo of Crassus

Creator of the Triumvirate, Crassus had done so with the intent to conquer the galaxy and then dispose of his allies, reaping all the benefit for himself in the process. But destiny and the will of the Force would prevent his plans from succeeding.

Triumvirate of Vengeance
Formed with intent to destroy personal enemies & conquer the galaxy
Vital statistics
Participants Julius Crassus Algethii III, Arecio Antipas, & Tenebrosi Santuarium
Date Formed & Dissolved in 2 ABD
Location Formed in Yavin 4 but dissolved in Serenno, Onderon, & The Hapes Cluster

Battles and Events of the Triumvirate


1. 1st Duel of Yavin 4

2. Duel on Manaan

3. Skirmish on Naboo

4. Conquest of Onderon


1. Truce at Yavin 4

2. Negotiation at Serenno

3. Defense at Manaan

4. Fall of the Hapes Cluster

5. 2nd Duel on Yavin 4


1. Salvation of Onderon

2. Duel at the Hapes Cluster

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