Wrath of Nobunaga Crisis
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General Nobunaga (namesake of the Crisis)was responsible for a new war meant to avenge the fall of General Nobunaga

Most Prominent Participants

Dantius Octavian, Hyperion Algethii, General Nobunaga, Seth al Ugolio, Arek, Commander Cassis

Highlight events:

Skirmish on Irkalla, 2nd siege of the Hapes Cluster, Duel on Felucia

Year of Start:

3,638 BBY

Year of End:

3,638 BBY


Heavy for forces provided by Commander Cassis. Nobunaga's forces virtually obliterated.


Fulfill the design left unfinished by Lord Crassus

Objective Status:


The Wrath of Nobunaga was a crisis that took place in the year 6,638 BBY and acted as the next onslaught for the events started in the Triumvirate of Vengeance war from the previous year. Amongst the Jedi participating were Dantius & Arek whilst Hyperion started out first as a foe then as an ally. Seth al Ugolio would join the fray in time for the Duel on Felucia but the events were caused by none other than its namesake Nobunaga.

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