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Biographical IntelEdit

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...Uploading Database...

-Input: Charles Reed-

...Data Acquired...


Age: 29

Weight: 187 Lbs.


Charles Reed was born into a middle-class family in the Capital City of Coruscant. Here he was raised to be well educated and maintained a typical child hood until his parents would come to die in a tragic freak accident while vacationing on the planet of Malastar. Believing the reports that his family had died in a fatal speeder crash, Charles lived as an orphan being taken in by a family friend and later placed into foster care at the young age of 10. He continued his education until the age of 15 till he caught the eye of some very prestigious and reknown individuals within Republic Intelligence. As they were seeking new recruitment in the forms of which would catch the Empire off guard and unaware, SIS went ahead and recruited young Charles to join their ranks and thus his historic service would begin.

During his youth he demonstrated a strong will power and desire to out do and out match his fellow comrades. Constantly testing and pushing himself past his limits, even out performing a few veterans on various occasions. As a result he found himself quickly deployed onto the field at the age of 18, just three years after his training had begun. His first assignment would land nothing short of a success with three clean kills and zero casualties. He had accomplished his mission to the letter and his superiors as well as instructors would give him yet another high op which would see to him being granted a promotion just a little shy of actually landing on the top lists of agents.

Charles would go on with his excellent performance until he hit the age of 20. It would be at this stage that an assignment would go south for the first time ever. Having been sent to the planet of Ruusan to ascertain vital information from a crime lord, he would come to fund it was nothing but a double crossing by a fellow agent and trusted friend..

Narrowly escaping the chaos to follow, Charles would loose five of his fellow agents on the planet before he at last escaped and later would report the betrayel to the Director of Intelligence. The information he provided was dumb founding, catching everyone unaware. That being said further protocols were put in place to ensure all intel was quantifiable and original to its fullest intent. However, Agent-7 would still bare the scars of that dreadful day. The day he discovered that he could trust no one, not even those he came to care for. The years that follows would find a hardened man pushed forward by a sole purpose to serve the Republic and see to its continued protection. This would be set aside at times only to momentarily please himself by a beauty he would run across, only to leave them alone in bed the next morning.

Agent-7 is considered one of SIS' top agents and has been come to be called, "the man with the golden eye" this occasionally gets switched with gun as he is able to see through a person as well as never miss a target. His fellow agents hold him in high esteem as he always takes missions alone and never wanting others to aid him, no matter how dangerous the op could be. As of the current moment, Agent-7 has been tasked with forcefully working with a small team of agents on the planet of Nar Shadaa in acquiring highly classified intel on Imperial Intelligence and bringing it back to SIS headquarters.

Thread HistoryEdit

Die Another Day

New Place, New Beginnings


-SIS communication device (placed about the ear)

-Retinal display (high tech display from iris used for intel, debrief and ability to see through walls and other objects)

-Stalker Armor:

Stalker Armor

-SIS Spec-Ops, U99 Pistols:
U99Double Pistol

U-99 Pistols

-Special Ops-Vibroblades:
Special Ops-Saber

Charles' Saber

-Special Devisions Spec-Knife:
Spec Knife

Reed's Spec-Knife

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