Christopher Algethii
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Nogatan (Former)

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,658 BBY

Date of Death

3,564 BBY (Eventually)

Physical Description







Approx. 200 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color



Unknown, Former Algethiius Prince

Skin Color

Fair White

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic Era


True Sith Empire (Former)


Sith Neophyte (Former)

Known Masters

Tyia Navarr 9Briefly & Informally)

Family Information

Julius Marcus Algethii XI


Beatrice Algethii


Claudia Elesion (Eventually)

Younger Siblings

Catalina (Sister)


Four unknown boys


Four unknown girls


Dantius Octavian & Hyperion Algethii (Cousins)


Julius Crassus Algethii III (Grandfather)


Connor Talos (Through Dantius. Few unknown others.

Relationship Information
Romantic Interests

Claudia Elesion


Arek & Commander Cassis


Mathes Colunga


Valek Rayden (Briefly)




Julius Crassus Algethii III

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Teras Kasi, Niman, & Jar'Kai (Lightsaber). Teras Kasi (Hand-to-hand)


Several Dark, Neutral, & a couple Light-Side



Other Skills

Lightsaber maintenance & being well-mannered around ladies

Miscellaneous Information

Single lightsaber, elegantly designed for Niman usage.


Christopher Algethii was born out of wedlock on a world whose identity has since been lost to Julius Marcius Algethii XI and his lover Beatrice Salieri V. Shortly thereafter, his grandfather King Julius Crassus Algethii III , found out and because of a prophecy concerning Chris destroying him, attempted to murder the lovers and their child. However, Crassus' wife and older ten sons sacrificed themselves to save Chris and his parents thus allowing them to fly to Nar Shaddaa where they raised him in peace. But the peace was shortlived when Chris' father founded the Shadow Guild, an organization devoted to forcing children to make death sticks until they were adults and then selling them as slaves to bidders such as the Hutt Clans and Black Sun whenever his job as a mechanic required him being laid off.

From an early age, Chris presented a prominent connection to the Force and oftentimes used it when his father became abusive and his mother was unable to help him. It especially became prominent after he was forced on the run into Sith territory shortly after becoming engaged to Claudia Elesion , a lifetime friend and romantic interest he had had. But before he left, he made her promise to wait two years before pursuing and finding him through the Republic military. Since the day he had her make that promise, he has not only joined the Sith but has also served on Nogatan, Alderaan, and on Sernamir whilst running independent missions on Mustafar, Taris, Yavin 4, Kamino, Nathema, and Tatooine.

Though he is not much in the way of renown and isn't known for doing too much more beyond serving the Sith Empire's requirements, he has found his grandfather who now knows who he is and wishes him dead so as to stop the fulfillment of the prophecy. 


Crassus often has visions of Chris destroying him and foresees this upon his demise.

Early LifeEdit

Nearly two hundred years before Chris' conception, his grandfather, a powerful Sith Lord named Julius Crassus Algethii III, discovered the secret of essence transfer. He decided to use it to enslave the people of Chris' homeworld and this offended the priests who served him so greatly that their oracle foretold he would be destroyed if anyone of his eleven sons illegitimately sired children with any woman not of royalty. But the youngest, Julius Marcius Algethii XI, was brave enough to defy his father and with the help his lover Beatrice Salieri V, conceived his illegetimate son. Soon after, Crassus razed entire cities to the ground in an attempt to find the child but to no avail. For by that time, Crassus' wife and ten sons had already stalled him long enough for the eleventh boy to escape with his wife and child to Nar Shaddaa. 

For several years afterwards, Chris and his parents knew uninterrupted peace when Julius became a mechanic at a local speeder shop and made good money before the profits fell down by 18%. It was at that point, in desperation and in a desire to use his business experience for dirtier purposes, that Julius founded the Shadow Guild who had headquarters on Nar Shaddaa and in Nogatan's city of Novus Vires. In this business, Julius kidnapped children and forced them to help him create deathsticks from their liquid base up and when they became adults (assuming the fumes didn't kill them first) they would then be sold as slaves to the highest bidder such as the Hutts and Black Sun. It was a get-rich-quick scheme that worked against all odds and Chris was able to go to the finer schools on Nar Shaddaa despite a near-poverty level background.

During this time, at age eleven, he met a girl just one year older than him named Claudia Elesion who had been raised all her life by her uncle after her parents died in the Sacking of Coruscant. The two became instant friends and three years later, after confirming they were friends for life no matter what, they began to date. For four years, they went steady and even had sexual relations halfway in despite having to keep it a secret from Claudia's uncle who was very strict on how Claudia acted around boys. At age 17, Christopher got down on his knees and asked for Claudia's hand in marriage for the first time, having already decided to spend the rest of his life with her and she agreed.

It spiraled downhill after that as Julius later framed Christopher for a complex murder mystery that was not solved until after Chris had already fled beyond neutral space and into Sith territory, incapable of fighting inexperienced officers at the time. Before he left however, in the privacy of a hotel room, he had Claudia swear to him that if he didn't come back in two years, she was to start looking for him. If she didn't find him in yet another two years, she was to call off her search, find another man to marry under the assumption that he had not survived his journeys, and/or retire from the Republic military whose freedom of travel she would utilize in her search. Then the two of them made love for the last time and he left to protect her from the wrath of Republic law and to find the strength to return with a vengeance thus, protecting her and their family.

Along the way, he obtained skill in the martial arts style of Stava until he was an expert and began to regularly hide his face through a mask and hood that covered all but his eyes and a little bit of his forehead. But even with that, he had been caught multiple times and taken to interment camps without a trial of any kind and forced to work laboriously and to the point where he was so exhausted that whips were used to keep him going. He escaped all this after seven months, having experienced camps like those before due to being charged with physical assault though he attacked the "victim" with good reason. It was when he was arrested for protecting someone who couldn't protect himself, one of his best friends who had long since died, that he realized he could never go back to the Republic even if he found Claudia and married her.

And upon arriving at the Academy, Christopher took the liberty of allowing himself to begin his transformation. He applied at the Pravus Axiom Academy at Nogatan and was accepted there. It was not long before his first mission started and he was truly beginning to follow in some of his grandfather's footsteps. And it was with the aid of Muriel Yar that this transformation began, igniting the path to the fulfillment of the prophecy.


Muriel Yar, the Prophetess who assigned Christopher with his first mission.

First MissionEdit

"One moment, so you killed your own father? You have achieved that which I have only dreamed about for many, many years. How very... Sith."  -Muriel Yar upon hearing the details of the mission she had sent Christopher on.

After joining the Academy on Nogatan, Chris was almost immediately privileged with his first task in the name of the Sith Empire: investigating kidnappings of young children on Novus Vires. Though not much was known as to what was going on and why these children were disappearing, one thing was known which was the name of the organization: the Shadow Guild. For two days, Christopher followed a man in a black cloak that he had seen on his first night within Novus Vires and asked the locals who this man could be. Some said that while his name was unknown, his means of persuading the children were the same for everyone: telling them that he knew of a cool place where they could stay even if they did so past curfew... none ever returned.

Heading to the frontal cover of the Shadow Guild's operations, Christopher was surprised to see that the top was part restaurant and bar as well as part stripper joint. Tempted as he was by the entertainment, he was immediately thrown off by the discovery of an underground death sticks lab where all the children had been taken and forced to work as slaves. He would have been able to observe a few of the older ones being sold into slavery had he not been caught by a goon of the Guild and forced to leave the facility as he had not planned on fighting his way in just yet. He revealed these facts to the elders of the area and agreed to return their children to them whenever he managed to do it.

He went back with pistols and thermal detonators in hand, creating a bloodbath and eventually meeting the man in the black cloak, whose identity astounded Christopher. Sure enough, Christopher's father Julius led the organization and when Julius tried to offer leadership of the Guild in exchange for silence on the matter, Christopher immediately attacked and fought him both in justice for the kids and in revenge for Julius' past offenses to him. After a long fight, Chris defeated Julius, destroyed the lab, and even set flame to the liquid that made death sticks before then throwing his father into the flaming chemicals and killing him almost instantly. The children were returned and the naive locals thanked him from the bottom of their hearts before he went back to report his success to Lady Muriel Yar who had assigned him the mission. 

She asked him to report every single detail of his mission, sparing not even the secret of having killed his father. Due to her desire to also kill her own father, she congratulated him on being Sith and also complimented him on the successful return of the children. She even went as far as to state that the Sith were not known for their philanthropy and was glad to see that Christopher broke the rules of this stereotype. Then she ordered him to report to the chambers of Trase Scarden who would assign him his next mission; whether she has followed him after that or not is beyond his knowledge.

Discovery of A Darker PowerEdit

When he reported to Trase Scarden for his next mission, the Instructor immediately gave him a drill in the simulation chamber to complete. Despite initial disappointment in it, Christopher was glad to see that there was actually a challenge. After killing several simulated Republic soldiers through his normal means, he became enraged when a droid scarred him across the side of his forehead with a vibroblade. So much so that a dark power exploded from within him and allowed him to destroy the rest of the troops and even to destroy a simulated Jedi Padawan who was clearly untrained.

This power took on the form of a massive volley of red Force lightning and a wave of Force Destruction, the former a symbol of the release of Force Rage. He finished the excercise within the next couple of hours or so, the scar being his most substantial injury for the entire duration of it. After that, he returned to Trase's chamber to report success on his mission. When the Dark Lord heard of his news, he immediately directed the young man to the chambers of Lord Cideon , a powerful member of the Imperial Council who eventually succeeded Pollux Trajan as Emperor of the Sith.

It was here where Christopher would eventually come to encounter his first collaborative mission for the Sith. Unfortunately, this was also the mission where he would encounter his first failure in an assignment.

Failed Assassination MissionEdit

Reths Front days before defection

Christopher's target on the mission to Alderaan. He collaborated alongside a female Sith warrior known as Laikyn Vignaux.

Upon arriving to Cideon's personal shuttle, where his summons had been ordered at, Christopher was immediately impressed with the power of the Dark Lord. The task Cideon assigned Christopher and fellow recruit Laikyn Vignaux was a mission once pursued by Lord Eidolon: kill the defected Sith Officer Reths. After making introductions with his collaborator, he immediately began deliberating on a course of action with her that included scouting out the area they were to land at. That went well but unbeknownst to them, Reths was training Darren Kota (his apprentice) near where they had landed, giving away their position to the keen Chiss officer almost immediately.

During a prolonged fight, the two managed to separate Reths and Darren from each other. Laikyn pursued Darren, who escaped her with a cloaking device, whilst Chris took on Reths alone. However, Reths managed to escape from them, an act he would repeat towards the end of the failed Sith mission. Chris and Laikyn rendezvoused back at the shuttle but it wasn't long before Darren tracked them down at their shuttle and alerted Reth. The Chiss immediately brought several squads and a gunship to the area, hoping it would be enough to arrest the two recruits by making them surrender.

But neither recruit was willing to surrender as Chris proved when he relied on the power of Force Destruction yet again to rid them of most of the troops. Knowing he was outmatched when the powers Chris discovered in the Simulation Chamber were revived, Reths beat a hasty retreat with the aid of Kota. Kota then engaged Chris who followed him into a brief dogfight that severely wounded both of them though Kota would take more heavy damage. While Laikyn managed to escape with relative ease back to Cideon's cruiser, Christopher was forced to fight his way through Republic troops and stealing a transport; he received many scars, bruises and cuts along his hands, arms, and face with cramps and aches in his legs from persistent running and lack of sleep. 

Nonetheless, both were able to report failure to Cideon, who spared them any real punishment seeing as a more powerful individual had also failed to kill the Chiss Admiral. And as fate would have it, Christopher would be assigned to the servitude of one of those original would-be assassins for his final mission as a recruit: Lucian Eidolon .

A Minor ChoreEdit

When Christopher bandaged up and healed, he immediately made his way to the chambers of Lucian Eidolon, the Overseer of his next mission. Along with two other recruits, Christopher was assigned with the mission of helping Lord Lucian clean up his old, deteriorating mansion. While one named Caleb Hunt and another (who most likely failed to her task) was assigned to the garden, Chris did repairs on the outside and on the roof. What he thought would be a simple job repairing the roof of an ancient mansion on Novus Vires, turned out to be much more than that.

While he was working on the roof, the noise awoke a creature that made its home in the upper tower and provoked it into attacking him. Unlike anything he had faced before, this creature could not be killed by blasters or the vibroblade he had parked inside the mansion. So he outsmarted the beast by using his acrobatics and his skills in Stava to bring its tail blades down on its head, killing it quickly. He pitied the poor thing and thus had decided to end its life quickly to spare it anymore misery than Lucian had given just by creating it, nevermind letting it live. 

When he decided to explore its living quarters for sheer curiosity, he decided it was best to clean it out so that Lucian had some additional space to use for his own purposes. During this, he found a holocron that pricked his finger and sucked out some blood when he touched it. It turned on and the image of a man Christopher had never seen before arose from the prism, proclaiming he was Chris' descendant and begging him to go to Mustafar to find a messenger pearl. Once the pearl was found, he would be told where to go next until he had crossed seven planets, the seventh being where he would find the man.

While Chris knew this was a Sith Lord, he was shocked at the revelation that it was, in fact, Crassus. Returning to Lucian to announce the completion of his mission, he requested permission to explore the truth of the holocron's statements. While Lucian officially denied permission, he allowed Christopher to take the ship Delirious off the books for the duration of his journey. Then he dismissed the recruit who would now graduate and become a full-fledged member of the Sith Empire, something he had not counted on for some time.

Traveling Across The StarsEdit

After graduating from the Academy, Christopher decided to make sure that he was quick to act on the secret favors that Lord Eidolon had granted him and took the Delirious. According to the holocron, which was now useless thanks to having a mechanism that permanently powered it down after first use, Chris had to go to a lava planet called Mustafar and that is where he went. When he arrived, he immediately found himself looking for a Temple between two lava rivers as the holocron image had described, finding it only when he managed to torture a security guard for a nearby mining facility. He found the Temple shortly thereafter and climbed down into a small chamber where the pearl was contained at the end of a long tunnel barely long enough for him to crawl. 

Upon activation, the pearl told him to head for Kamino and particularly the blacker depths of its flood waters where a single spiraled tower was erected in Crassus' honor. Reluctantly, he dusted off the dirt from crawling in the tunnel, made his report to Lord Eidolon, and continued on his way to Kamino. He repeated the process there and stumbled upon an underwater tower, where he fought a shadow that represented his fear and anger. After that, he was directed to Yavin 4 where he fought a half-brother named Hercules, who like as another named Luxor did on Kamino, attempted to attack him. 

He defeated Hercules and took his weapon which was a vibroblade and a souvenir in the form of a lightsaber base and a purple crystal. After traveling a little ways, he faced the illusion of a Jedi Master he had once offered services to only to be refuted because his power was "too dark" to be taken in. Since it was an illusion, it was nowhere near as powerful or clever as the real being had been before he died and thus was defeated in short time. In return, he was directed to Tatooine where he caught up with Luxor and killed him with the same ease he had dispatched Hercules. 

When he found the messenger pearl there, he was directed to Taris where he faced down a nest of rakghouls and lost his sister Catalina who sacrificed herself to save him. As conpensation, he gave his mother (who began a new life in Taris after the death of her husband) one of his blaster pistols and told her to use it for her defense. Finally, he reached Nathema, the world where his grandfather had been trapped after crash landing there during a battle that had taken place back on the homeland. Together, they returned on the Delirious to Nogatan where at first, Crassus and Chris were allies but then a quarrel led to Chris beginning the path towards fulfilling the prophecy. 

Wha he failed to realize, during his time away however, was that Nogatan and the Ravenspire had come under attack by the Rakata and the Crisis named after them had begun. As compensation for his absence at the Defense of the Ravenspire, he would join the Sernamir mission where he would play his biggest part for the Empire yet. He would also cross paths with Lord Eidolon once more since the Dark Lord had taken supervision of his team for the mission.

Bravery on SernamirEdit

Shortly after Christopher returned from his adventures in the galaxy, he discovered that Nogatan and Vornu had been attacked by a Remnant of the Rakata Infinite Empire. He immediately offered his services wherever he could be put in as compensation for his absence at the Defense of the Ravenspire. As fate would have it, he was assigned under the thumb of Lord Eidolon yet again along with such veterans as Marrika Nerys and Tyia Navarr , the latter of whom he had a feeling he would be seeing more of after the mission was ended. The plan was to meet the Republic team in orbit of the Sernamir fleet and fight their way together but due to delays, the Republic team did not arrive on time.

Therefore, Lucian came up with a near-suicidal plan to ram the shuttle (which was an old hunk of junk falling apart anyway) into one of the ships and hope that they landed safely. The will of the Force was on their side as everyone made it without much of a scratch and they began taking the cruiser by force. During the struggle, Lord Eidolon was knocked cold and Marrika took command being the second in the chain after him. Recognizing his debt to the Dark Lord for giving him the authority to travel across the stars, Chris offered to look after him until he came to. 

Commander Nerys declined his request, stating they needed as many able-bodied warriors to help their cause as possible. Christopher begrudgingly agreed and assisted in the struggle though he would later look back and see that perhaps there was some wisdom in her decision to not let him repay his debt through his actions. The Sith team took the ship and Chris was one of the first men to begin attempting to get in touch with the Republic team with the assistance of Gane Norvak, an expert communications slicer who made sure their calls were protected from the Predor of Sernamir: lli'dan. When the Republic team finally did arrive, its leader and the revived Lord Eidolon agreed to divide their teams in accordance with fulfilling two objectives: killing the Predor on the surface of the planet and killing his second-in-command General Je'es in a cruiser above. 

Christopher went with the orbital team and once again helped fight the way to the General. But the Republic commander delayed in laying out a plan and acting out of instinct, Chris cleared a path for himself and any others to follow. But none did and the task of killing the General was left up to him alone, something he did with relative ease before his team was ordered to evacuate by Lord Eidolon who would set the ship to self-destruct. To this day, Christopher has received no official commemoration for his success in single-handedly accomplishing the mission his team was set on but he hardly feels the need for it. 

Immediate Aftermath of SernamirEdit

Despite his heroism, Christopher had a fallout with Lord Crassus, his grandfather. During this fallout, Chris vowed that he would never rest until he had fulfilled the prophecy of Crassus' demise by his hand. In return, Crassus left Nogatan and went to reignite the spark of life in his temple on Yavin 4 where he remains to this day, except for gathering resources to fight Chris, for his daily operations. He also went to Taris and ended Beatrice's wife, sparking an actual beginning of confrontation between the Dark Lord and his grandson. 

Meanwhile, back on Nogatan, Christopher made acquaintances with a Mandalorian named Je'ka Cuyot who had also participated in the Sith retaliation against the Rakata and had been there to defend the Ravenspire. Both would follow the clues left by the murder of Christopher's mother and track Crassus down to his temple in the jungle moon. There, Chris and Je'ka fought him and several droid soldiers in an attempt to stop Crassus from fulfilling his ultimate design. While both men managed to destroy most of the droids, Chris was beaten into submission by Force lightning and Je'ka was wounded in the leg by the more powerful Dark Lord and thus they were forced to retreat. 

After that, Je'ka went about his own ways and Chris would not see him again for a long while though the Mando assured him that if ever he needed his help again, he would be there. It was a promise Chris would come to count on down the road.

Encounter on Manaan, Rejuvenation at Vornu, and First ReunionEdit

Christopher had chosen to go on a kind of retreat so that he could decide what he would do about Crassus shortly after the failure to defeat him on Yavin 4. By this time, he and Cuyot had parted ways with the Mandalorian having business elsewhere. He was celebrating the anniversary of his dating Claudia there though she was nowhere to be seen. However, whether by the will of the Force or by accident, a young Jedi named Mathes Colunga was also present on Manaan for an espionage mission of sorts Christopher did not bother to know. 

After a brief chat with Colunga, Christopher noticed that despite being on opposite sides, the two of them were not very different in their tread of thinking. Both men believed that there were principles of both Light and Dark Sides that could be used for appropriate situations and some that just plain didn't make sense. And while Christopher might have enjoyed continuing the chat, Lord Crassus had also made his way to Manaan via transports from Yavin 4. Sensing his presence, he immediately prepared himself and Mathes for fighting their way out alive. 

It wasn't long before Crassus noticed them in the bar and after he did, a brief exchanged of words preceded Crassus creating two illusions of himself. Meanwhile, the real man snuck around the Jedi and his primary target, waited until they realized their failure and struck Chris with lightning. He then took the liberty of gripping the Jedi Knight in a Force Choke and slowly sucking the life out of both of them. But Chris once again gave into his Force Rage and it helped the two younger men escape Crassus.

The younger Algethii than ordered a hasty retreat to which Mathes reluctantly agreed, leading him away to his ship. Then, Christopher bravely volunteered to stall Crassus until Mathes had readied his ship for a quick and immediate exit. It was at this point that Chris endured some of the worst wounds he would ever remember getting from anyone but especially his grandfather. First, the old man slashed him just above his right eye before diagonally hacking down across his chest and concluding with a non-fatal stab in the general area of his abdomen. 

Christopher only survived the encounter because he escaped Crassus' Force Choke (after being wounded) by hacking above his left with his vibroblade and signalling Mathes to fire on the older Sith Lord. Though none of the blaster bolts would do the deed of killing Crassus, they did force him to beat a hasty retreat while Mathes retrieved Chris. Before falling unconscious, Christopher agreed to go to Vornu on condition that he be allowed to see Claudia-who Mathes revealed to be presently on Vornu at that time-and be allowed to leave for Nogatan on the next transport headed there. It was a promise that Mathes kept even going as far as to call Claudia's dormitory on the emergency channel and tell her Christopher was with him. 

Sidious' lightsaber

Christopher's first lightsaber that he built while recuperating on Vornu. The final design was made more elongated for greater reach.

To his surprise and immense delight, he found that Colunga had kept his word and Claudia soon arrived to meet with him at his bed in the Infirmary, where he had been recovering. After the two of them had an exchange of words that reaffirmed their love for one another, Christopher saw to the creation of his lightsaber from the base and crystal he had acquired off Hercules almost half a year before. When he saw the purple blade ignite for the first time, he had to admit that he was taken aback by its success, having expected it to explode in his face. Afterwards, he and Claudia made love for the first time in two years and Christopher made plans to use his lightsaber after gaining a little more mastery of the defensive style known as Soresu unless Crassus struck again sooner than anticipated, the latter proving true. 

Skirmish on NabooEdit

Several months after the events at Yavin 4 and Manaan, Christopher was praying in a shrine dedicated to his fiancee's parents and uncle as was his annual custom. During the time between Naboo and Yavin, Crassus had gained an ally in the form of a rogue Sith warrior named Varoh Tihber who in turn recruited a smuggler named Lani Escora and several criminals from Nar Shaddaa. The Arkanian had even gone to the trouble of finding and repairing an old cruiser for the designs of Lord Crassus. Christopher would sense them both due to his connection with his grandfather and prepared for their coming by unsheathing a vibroblade given to Claudia's uncle and timing it so that Crassus and Tihber would be caught off guard by his sudden use of two blades rather than one. 

Despite Crassus' attempt to have Varoh ambush Christopher and attack from behind, overwhelmin him, Christopher managed to fend off the two powerful Sith Masters for several minutes. However, Crassus forced him against a wall and Varoh attempted to electrocute him but not before he outsmarted them. Using Crassus' lightsaber to fend off the lightning, he hacked away the double-sided lightsaber Varoh was using and severed his left arm. This forced Crassus to throw Chris into a wall and hastily retreat with a wounded Varoh in tow.

Shortly thereafter, Crassus and Varoh would have a falling out where the Arkanian attempted to strike down Lord Crassus. The older man's mastery of Force Illusion combined with his near-unrivaled expertise in Juyo forced Varoh to beat a hasty retreat only to be killed by a former ally of his named Sedita Helion. Crassus would inherit Varoh's cruiser, the Titan, her captain and her crew with the addition of his small droid army, several elite guards from his days as a King, and two hundred Shadow Wraiths whom he had created from the dismemberment of ten of his sons, each Wraith a piece of one of his sons. 

Meanwhile, Chris would revive from being blacked out and see that his enemies had disappeared and instead of giving pursuit, he decided it was best to sleep under the protection of the shrine. While he carried out that deed, he concluded one thing: that he was going to need some training in how to create a lightsaber and how to wield one. After all, the day would come when he would have to duel Crassus and only one of them would get out of the fight with their lives. Plus, Crassus had never made a mistake twice and would likely be back with more powerful allies than he come with before. 

Training To Fulfill DestinyEdit

After returning from Naboo, Chris found himself thinking about what to do next, how he was going to fight Crassus if he was amassing an army that could potentially conquer the galaxy. Then it occurred to him that an old comrade from the Sernamir mission just so happened to be in the same bar as he was: Tyia Navarr herself. When they rekindled the flame of colleagues over drinks, Christopher told her about he was seeking someone who could assist him in Juyo training. Initially, she did not take the reins of becoming the woman who would train him but when he offered her a chance at killing Lord Eidolon, an old enemy of hers and their commander on the Sernamir mission, she became interested. 


A dark woman of the Sith, Tyia Navarr expressed interest in training Christopher in Juyo and even gave a lesson. However, after he discovered what it took for the style to be mastered, he ended the deal they had made.

But instead of seizing that chance, she asked for a far more bizarre prize than the head of Lord Eidolon: she asked for the corpse of Lord Crassus when he was dead. Chris thought greatly about that and stated that he would do what he could to bring but if he could bring only the Dark Lord's head, that was all he was bringing regardless of Tyia's opinion. They would begin training and Christopher would learn enough to be of assistance to Tyia in their coup but would soon have his greatest test of expertise come when he faced Crassus and Arecio Antipas in a final showdown.

Unfortunately, after a single session with Navarr made him realize that his soul was not dark enough to be worth the trouble of mastering the chaotic style. Instead, he resorted to mastering the acrobatic offensive style known as Ataru which made him even more powerful a warrior than Soresu and Jar'Kai did. These skills would come into use when at last, the Triumvirate began making moves towards conquest, taking neutral systems not yet contended for except for Manaan. And it was just in time since Mathes and Claudia were also making plans to stop the Triumvirate from within the Republic's territories. 

The Feud EscalatesEdit

During Chris' apprenticeship, Crassus was gathering strength again though this time, he would not be doing it with the assistance of Varoh Tihber as he had done before. Not too long after returning to Yavin 4, Crassus' path crossed those of two fellow rogue Sith Lords named Arecio Antipas and Tenebrosi Santuarium. Arecio held a grudge against Mathes, who had helped Christopher escape Crassus on Manaan and now was also the subject of Crassus' vengeance in addition to to his young grandson. While Christopher would become proficient in both Soresu and Juyo (the mastery of the latter being the objective of his apprenticeship), Crassus would persuade the two rogues to join him and form the Triumvirate of Vengeance whose goal would be the destruction of the men most hated by the trio in addition to galactic dominion.

It began with Crassus' attempts to recruit the Nobles of Serenno, the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and reap the benefit of his stockhold facility though only the first chore would be successful amongst these three massive errands. Shortly before this, Arecio had conquered Onderon and began taking it for himself, vowing to use what he could from it to being an empire meant for the destruction of Mathes. Whilst on Tatooine, Crassus issued the conquest of the Hapes Cluster and had Tenebrosi send the resources from Serenno to conquer Manaan, the latter of which Christopher visited first. There, he rallied the local authority and military forces in combination to several clans of Mandalorian warriors trapped on Manaan to repel the Serenno forces whilst Chris himself went into action on the Titan, destroying it and killing Captain Escora nearly single-handedly. 

After this, he received a message from Claudia that she and Mathes along with a few other trusted allies helped Onderonian Quen Tela and her Commander Cassis to liberate Onderon. With this in mind, and the news of Mathes being wounded during his duel with Arecio, Christopher made his way to Onderon. The reunion there would be the next to final reunion he would have with Mathes, with the final being at his wedding to Claudia. It was also one of the reunions that would touch his heart more than almost anything he had ever known to do so in his life. 

An Ancient FoeEdit


Though powerful, Mitsunarius' pride and his desire for revenge would cost him his life when he dueled with Christopher. However, he came to realize the error of his ways before his death and gave Chris important information about his destiny.

Before the duel on the Hapes Cluster, Christopher decided to pursue the trail that Crassus left behind with his recruitment of Serenno, his desertion of Yavin 4, and his attempt at recruiting the Muuns to his cause. However, during his expedition to Yavin 4, he encountered an ancient being there who was even older than Crassus. His name was Mitsunarius Maximus and he was Crassus' former master, defeated by him in a duel on Algethiius centuries before. In his desire for vengeance, Mitsunarius vowed that no one would oppose him not even those related to Crassus who were already chosen to destroy him. A prolonged duel saw Mitsunarius use many Force powers that Christopher had never encountered before from Kinetite to Force Crush. However, Christopher outsmarted him with Force Illusion, Force Push, and Force Leap before forcing him to rely on his weaker lightsaber skills. A single slash across the heart saw Chris kill Mitsunarius who then apologized for attacking Chris and told his duty: he was to be the rebirth of his ancestor Algethiius. He would heal the rift in the Algethii and Maximus clans by killing both the Zabrak and Crassus. 

Then, after a prolonged life, Mitsunarius finally accepted death in the knowledge that Christopher would fulfill the responsibility thrust before him. It was something he intended to do even if it was the last thing he would ever do with his life. 

Fulfillment of Prophecy and End of A CareerEdit

Rummaging through Mitsunarius' utility belt, Christopher found the coordinates to his homeworld imprinted in the comlink of the Zabrak which he used to travel there. The results were devastating and he began to blame himself for what Crassus had done to the planet. But a reunion with his grandmother and her transfer of her Light Side abilities into his being motivated him to keep fighting and to defeat Crassus once and for all. Returning to the Known Space, he determined that his best course would be to head to Onderon to check up on his allies' operations there.

When he arrived, Onderon had been rescued and the Triumvirate member known as Arecio Antipas was redeemed to the Light, claiming the name Arek once more in the process. He reunited with Claudia and made preparations with the Jedi as well as Commander Cassis for the final assault on Crassus' new home base. It was revealed to him, during his travels, that while he had defended Manaan from the Triumvirate forces it was the Hapes Cluster that paid the price for victory. However, the Commander had developed a plan to bravely stall off Crassus' fleet while Chris snuck with Claudia and the Jedi to assassinate Crassus in the capital world of the Cluster.

The plan worked though Crassus had been expecting them to pull through and had already planned out how he would divide the trio sent to destroy him (Claudia had chosen to remain in the ship and wait). First, he knocked Christopher aside with Force Step and then proceeded to use Tear Knowledge to extract information on the past life of both Jedi. Then he cast him out of his castle and planted illusions that would corrupt at least one of them over to the Dark Side when he made a generous offer. The one that was corrupted turned out to be Mathes and Christopher was forced to free him through violent means though he was forgiven before he ordered Arek to take Mathes and retreat.

Chris dueled with Crassus alone with Jar'Kai-Jar'Kai fighting which soon turned into Christopher using his Niman skills to counter Crassus' own abilities in Juyo. However, even this soon turned in Christopher's favor when he blinded Crassus with his own lightsaber and later impaled him with both their blades. But even then, Crassus had one last trick where he attempted to conduct Essence Transfer on his own grandson. In the Cosmos of Christopher's Mind, they fought for control over his body and by having a greater willpower than Crassus', Chris beat him.

But Crassus warned him, before accepting his fate, to never fall to either Light or Dark but to constantly stand in the middle as a child of Algethiius should. Chris then landed himself in a six day coma as a result of the toll that the fighting had taken on his head and Arek was forced to rescue him. But when he returned to consciousness, he immediately issued the wedding to Claudia and the two of them were married by Queen Tela. Not too long after the festivities began, Commander Cassis proposed to Queen Tela as well and she accepted his advances.

However, things would soon turn sour when they decided to head to Vornu to take care of business with an initiate named Valek Rayden, who had provided the transport. The events that transpired in that business immediately forced Christopher and Claudia to forsake all they knew and head to Algethiius.

Trouble on Vornu & Escape to AlgethiiusEdit

Soon after the wedding, Christopher and Claudia headed to Valek to not only thank him for providing the transport but to offer him a position in the restoration process of Algethiius. However, they found the young intitiate who had lusted after Claudia drunk and in a mess which did not sit well with Claudia. When she tried to discern what was wrong with him, he lashed out at her which provoked Christopher's anger to the point of severing Valek's arm. Just before Chris could fully give into his anger and deliver the killing blow, he returned to his senses and sobbed.

Claudia, on the other hand, took pity on Valek and begged him to forgive her for having not saved him from Christopher's wrath as well as for letting Chris even have room for it in the first place. He forgave her after she kissed him and the two of them were more relieved though still haunted by what they had done. However, not too soon after making amends, Jedi Masters Rieva and Kast came to the rescue and nearly arrested Christopher. But Claudia, unaccepting that the man of her dreams was going to be taken in without struggle (he surrendered unconditionally except to beg her release and pardon), intervened and attacked Rieva directly.

Though Rieva chose not to kill either of them, she branded Claudia a traitor for her affair with Christopher and considered it a violation of her trust though Chris did have involvement with the Republic before age 20. Together, the two of them fled to Algethiius and crash-landed before arguing about the events that had occurred. When Chris pointed out that Claudia had kissed another man and thus violated their marriage, she submitted to a spanking from him as per Algethiius custom. However, they would soon make amends and begin the restoration of Algethiius without Valek and his resources as well as reestablishing connections Crassus used to have in the process.

Family Life, Death, & MemorialEdit

After making amends with Claudia and beginning the restoration efforts on Algethiius, Chris and Claudia devoted the rest of their long lives to the planet's recovery. Claudia would die at the age of 91 after seeing the planet's return to the prosperity it knew before the wars that gave birth to Crassus' conquest and destruction of the planet. Before that had occurred, they raised eight children (four sons and four daughters) and they had helplessly watched as two of their sons and one of their daughters were killed in construction and shipment accidents respectively. Combined with Claudia's death at 91 years of age and his inability to have ever fully healed, Christopher was driven to depression over the course of the four years that remained in his existence.

One day, in his 94th years of life, Christopher was out strolling in his favorite bit of beach after having renounced his crown to his eldest son five years before. Having saved his crashed honeymoon ship as a memorial, he ended up strolling there and reliving the good days of his youth when he was actually a hero. As was normal in his old age, he decided to sleep the night next to the ship in nostalgia of all that had happened before. However, whether the cold or his inner sadness caused it, Christopher's heart gave out in his sleep and he passed away next to the ship.

His body was found two days later and cremated by order of his children who then built a memorial service building around the ship their parents had used in the honeymoon. Though all would remember of how Christopher had died of grief and natural causes, he and Claudia were hailed as the ultimate heroes of Algethiius, having restored it to glory. In effect, Christopher had become the rebirth of the planet's namesake in the process just as Mitsunarius had foretold before.


Despite eventually joining the Sith and having an abusive father, a weakling mother, and a grandfather who sought to see him dead, Christopher had standards he seldom violated wherever possible. He understood that some principles of the Dark Side and some principles of the Light were more useful than others and each had a purpose of their own though he had greater leanings towards the Darkness. Those he came to love were those who showed him a kindness of sorts as Claudia did and those whom he felt bound to by honor were the ones who allowed him to do certain things in exchange for favors as Lord Eidolon did. He was much kinder to those in need than most Sith and even violated some of the rules of the stereotypical Sith in favor of his own designs combined with the benefit of others in mind whenever possible. 

Nonetheless, he was sometimes known for having a bit of a bravado on him seeing as the Sith environment normally discouraged some of what his personality made him to be. He also tended to display an awkwardness that sometimes got him in trouble with some of the people he tried introducing himself to. However, Christopher also displayed sufficient willpower to resist Crassus' attempt at Essence Transfer and repel his spirit forever. But the price he paid was a six-day coma since he was only slightly greater than Crassus in sheer willpower.

Lucian EidolonEdit


Chris would owe Lord Eidolon a debt for being allowed to search the stars for his grandfather. He would also attempt to repay this debt during the Sernamir mission.

From the moment Christopher first met him, Lucian had come across to him as a man not worth some of the ill-will shown him by some of the students in the Academy and even some of Lucian's equals and superiors. While he never understood why Lord Eidolon demanded a favor in exchange for usage of his ship during his trip across the galaxy, Christopher nonetheless complied with that. However, during the Sernamir mission, he would attempt to repay his debt only to be rebuffed by the second in command to Lord Eidolon. Though to this day, Chris does not regret having his chance, he feels that his ability to pay off his debt to Lucian may soon come into conflict with the intentions of others in the Academy for both him and the Dark Lord.

Claudia ElesionEdit

Claudia Elesion

Claudia is Christopher's current fiancee and best friend. She has begun her search across the galaxy for him via benefits from the Republic military.

Claudia Elesion was initially Christopher's first and only lasting friend throughout his early childhood and teenage years. However, as both of them would soon realize, they became much more to each other than just friends and began dating when Christopher was thirteen and Claudia was fourteen. He would also propose to her when he was seventeen and she was eighteen, sealing the bond forevermore as both of them would also have wanted. She is well-rounded and a master of Stava, Terras Kasi, and Echani martial arts and even taught the first to Christopher during their spare time. 

Before he left to flee from Republic law, he made Claudia swear by honor that if he had not returned with the strength to protect them, she would join the Republic military and begin looking for him. If he was not found during those two years, then she reserved the right to call off their engagement, find and marry another man, and/or retire from the Republic military. What he doesn't know, however, is that she has no intent of stopping until she finds him and has vowed to have him back in her embrace one way or the other. 

They eventually reunited for a final time when the Republic and the Empire joined forces against the Triumvirate of Vengeance and Christopher defeated Crassus in single combat. After the properties of the group had been dispersed, Claudia and Christopher married, both retired from their factions, and laid down their arms. They vowed to never raise them up again for as long as they could possibly manage even if it meant doing so their whole lives.


Crassus was Chris' greatest enemy during his time amongst the Sith. When he was defeated forever, Chris had no further reason to stay with the Sith and thus finished his vow to Claudia after he killed the older Algethii

Julius Crassus Algethii IIIEdit

Though Christopher is Crassus' grandson, he has no love for him and has even expressed desires to fulfill the prophecy of Crassus' demise by his hand. Before actually managing to fulfill the prophecy, Chris dueled with Crassus on three separate occasions each taking place at Yavin 4, Manaan, and Naboo. Manaan had been the one where he suffered the worst wounds before coming back with a vengeance on Naboo. After Crassus' plans for galactic conquest fell through and the properties of the Triumvirate of Vengeance were lost, Chris challenged him to another duel that saw to Crassus' death and the fulfillment of Christopher's destiny as well as his subsequent marriage to Claudia and his retirement from Sith duty.

Master Colunga

Though Mathes was a Jedi, he would prove to be one of Christopher's greatest allies in the final defeat of his grandfather.

Mathes ColungaEdit

Christopher met Master Colunga of the Jedi Order when the latter was on an espionage mission for the Republic, the details of which Chris never bothered to ask him. He helped the Jedi escape Crassus when the old man arrived on Manaan to recruit mercenaries and in return, Mathes took a wounded Christopher to Vornu where he was not only healed but he was also reunited with Claudia. When Christopher returned to Manaan to protect it from the Triumvirate of Vengeance, Mathes and Claudia led a revolution on Onderon with the aid of its Commander Cassis and Queen Tela during which Mathes was able to persuade his nemesis Arecio to return to the Light and reclaim his identity as Arek. 

However, Mathes himself would succumb to the Dark Side in the Hapes Cluster when Crassus tore knowledge of his past out of him through the Force and conjured illusions based on it. So traumatized was Mathes by the end of it all that when Crassus told him he would resurrect the women he loved and give him his life as a family in exchange for Arek's blood, he agreed. A brief duel ensued with Mathes hell-bent on getting his paradise but Christopher intervened and was able to redeem him though violently so. The Jedi and the Sith made amends after the duel ended and they had all returned safely to Onderon.

The man would later become Christopher's best man when he finally was married to Claudia and was one of the first individuals to whom Christopher said goodbye before pursuing a life of peace with Claudia, away from the Republic, away from the Sith, away from any reminders of Crassus. Just a place where the two of them could be together and grow old with nothing more than distant rumors of the war continuing to ravage the galaxy. 

Commander CassisEdit

Commander Cassis

Commander Cassis' tactical mind and strategical skill were vital in the salvation of Onderon and ultimately, in helping Christopher bring about the end of Crassus.

Christopher never really got to know Cassis before he and Claudia married and disappeared into Unknown Space. However, Cassis was one of the most brilliant people that Christopher had ever met and he voiced as much in his journals after defeating Crassus. Though Cassis would go on to have several missions with Master Colunga and make sure that Onderon remained protected from future threats to its stability, Christopher would not. So when he met him, Christopher was impressed with Cassis' strategic ability in combination with his easy-going personality.

The celebrations on Onderon, after its freedom, were where Christopher also saw Cassis was a very fun-loving man whenever he wasn't an serious officer. Though Chris never saw either him nor Mathes again after the wedding, he would never forget the impact both left on his life.

Valek RaydenEdit

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Valek was deeply infatuated with Claudia and when they returned to Vornu, his lust took a pivotal point that eventually provoked Christopher into attack. He was saved by his superiors but all of them had a feeling that Chris would have spared him anyway.

Though he had known him far more briefly than even Claudia had, Christopher had wanted to like the initiate that had claimed an infatuation with his wife. However, the man had been consumed by alcoholism caused by the fact that he couldn't have Claudia too much for either of them to enjoy him anymore. It was when he lashed out at Claudia that Christopher launched on the offensive and severed Valek's arm in the process. Valek was saved by Jedi Masters Kast and Rieva, the latter branding Claudia a traitor after she thwarted the former's attempt to arrest Christopher.

In his own reflections on his past, Christopher admitted to sometimes going half-mad at what he had done to Valek and hoped he had been forgiven after Claudia persuaded him to forgive her. Though he was sure that Valek's forgiveness had applied to him as well, he never did find out and he figured that it was for the best that he didn't. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Christopher, like most Force-sensitives, displayed prominence early in his childhood and even used some of his powers when his father became abusive. He picked up a few powers here and there almost immediately though more would eventually be added to his arsenal. Some of them were powers that normally only masters wielded, which sometimes gave him an edge when he faced Crassus on Yavin but especially so when Crassus was joined by Lord Tihber on Naboo though he himself would be joined by Mathes and Arecio on the Hapes Cluster


Christopher has a multitude of Force powers that are both used by Masters and common Sith folk. While he has yet to use these against either one, he constantly tries to keep himself prepared for when it does happen. 

Force RepairEdit

Though he has almost never needed this for any more than scars on his hands, arms, and back, Chris has seen that he can use this power to heal from most blows that could kill any one who did not know this power. He found this to be especially useful after the duel on Yavin 4 and the failed assassination attempt on Reths, a mission that was the closest he had ever come to dying. This power's greatest test came during the duel on Manaan which saw it fail and thus, he has abandoned this power in favor of regenerating naturally when necessary. 


Amongst the many abilities Christopher showed at the duel with Mitsunarius, this was amongst the first and was likely the reason why he also knew how to use Force Throw as it was the best-known solution to Kinetite. Aside from the duel, he has only used it on a couple of other occasions though mainly with Crassus' forces. He never, for instance, used it in his brief encounter with Tenebrosi Santuarium nor did he ever use it on Arecio who had become Arek by the time Chris crossed paths with him.


Used only to help Mathes restore his senses, Christopher was granted Malacia by his own grandmother during his first journey to Algethiius. She had held on to this as one of two of her most powerful abilities which she was determined to transfer unto him before she departed the realm of the living. Upon succeeding, she also transferred her experience using it so that when he applied it, it came naturally to him unlike under other circumstances. 

Force Destruction Edit

Another ability normally wielded by only Masters, Chris sees this one in some circumstances such as the events of the Reths mission which saw him and Laikyn surrounded by Republic troops. He also used this in the Sernamir mission when the orbital team was being overwhelmed by Rakata soldiers and he cleared a path to the General he would kill. Though seldom, he has noted that it has often come in succession to Force Rage whenever he has indulged himself into it enough, saving lives beside his own both of his first real occasions of using this power. He would give up on this abilty after the Rakata Crisis and before things with the Triumvirate truly escalated.

Force Throw/PullEdit

Christopher used this power on several accounts though most notably during the duel with Mitsunarius on Yavin 4 to block his Kinetite as well as during his battle in the Cosmos of his Mind against Crassus. Though he never used Pull, he was undoubtedly capable of it as a result of his expertise in the use of Throw to get the job done. 

Force LeapEdit

Christopher used this power only once and that was to thwart Mitsunarius' attempts to levitate over him during their duel on Yavin 4. After several times of being hammered down by this ability, Mitsunarius gave up on levitation entirely and Chris managed to complete his victory through the madness of his illusion. This is the only time Christopher has used this ability.

Force IllusionEdit

Though he was not as gifted in Illusion as his grandfather was, Christopher wisely decided to play tricks on Mitsunarius' mind during their duel on Yavin 4. The result was the older man giving into his madness and make mistakes that Christopher exploited until it all accumulated into the death of the old Zabrak. This is the only application of this power to date like Force Leap.


Terras KasiEdit

Christopher is a master of the ancient martial arts style known as Terras Kasi and has used this successfully against his father and members of the Shadow Guild. He has also seen usage of it during his trip in the Outer Rim, searching for his grandfather before their relationship fell through. His philosophy on his usage of this style is that one should not go out looking for people to use it on but to be always prepared for the idiot who will give one excuse to do so. 

Lightsaber SkillsEdit

Christopher intially had only some experience in the defensive style of Soresu as a result of his travels across the galaxy. However, he eventually would gain mastery of both the defensive style and the more offensive counterpart known as Ataru for the sake of balancing his blade skills. He wielded his lightsaber with a code of honor that made it necessary for there to be one offensive style and one defensive style in his reportoire. Eventually, he would defeat Crassus with these skills and thus, fulfill the prophecy of his destiny. 

Before the duel, Chris found himself unable to specialize in any particular style and instead has taken to mastering Niman as a substitute though he would use Jar'Kai whenever the opportunity presented itself as it did in the Hapes Cluster during his final duel with Crassus. When Mathes fell under the traumatic effects of Crassus' illusions, he used Jar'Kai to hold off Mathes' Juyo rampage and even wound him in order to bring him back to his senses. He also managed to outsmart his grandfather with his usage of Jar'Kai in addition to Niman which resulted in Crassus being blinded and impaled by both their blades before Essence Transfer.

Nonetheless, his understanding of all seven of the basic forms of lightsaber combat and Jar'Kai (as demonstrated inthe final battle with Crassus) was sufficient to counter any usage of them against him. Granted, this understanding never did great to help him fend off such people as Jedi Masters Kast and Rieva as demonstrated when he met them. Nor did he truly feel like he would ever need to after returning to Algethiius with Claudia and choosing to remain there for the rest of his days.


Christopher's first name is the real-life first name of the creator who first brought him into the Axiom website. Algethii was a clan name suggested to him by Pollux Trajan when the creator first applied to join during the days of the Trajan-version of the site.

Many of his mannerisms were initially a reference to the Chris Evans portrayal of Captain America in the movie of the same name but was eventually settled for a combination of that and Highlander's Connor Macleod.

His initial use of a vibroblade and a pair of pistols is honorary to Devil May Cry's Dante though these weapons were eventually traded in for a lightsaber that allowed him to understand Niman.