Mhi ba'juri verde which in basic means: We will raise warriors. It’s the part of the Mando’ade wedding vow that we Verds take very seriously." - Ne’tra Verd

Clan Verd Symbol

Clan Verd was an ancient Mandalorian clan that could trace its lineage back as far as the Mandalorian Wars. Drawing its name from the Basic transliteration of the word verd, the Mando'a word for warrior, members of the Verd clan throughout the galaxy's history have been mercenaries and bounty hunters. Over time, Clan Verd developed a reputation for members who were skilled and ruthless in battle, as well as for their efforts to uplift the Mandalorian people.


An ancient Mandalorian clan, the Verd clan had been in existence since the time of the Mandalorian Wars, thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Perhaps the earliest known member of the Verd clan known to history was Ne'tra Verd, a Human Mandalorian who grew to infamy as the greatest warrior during the Mandalorian Wars with the Galactic Republic. 

Millennia later, by the year 60 BBY, members of the Verd clan were making a living as mercenaries and bounty hunters. And the Verd clan is still a well-known clan on Mandalore.

And keeping with some of the culture of Ne'tra's birth race, the Verd clan is always lead by a woman. 

Notable membersEdit

Ne'tra Verd (Founder, real name Rav Verd) - Ne'tra is actually a Faberian but she was born and raised on Mandalore and she had fought in the Mandalorian Wars. Ne'tra is an old friend of Canderous Ordo, though she had lost contact with him for a while when she left to support her younger twin sister, Kiara when the latter became the new Regnant Empress. Ne'tra is force-sensitive like all Faberians are but she didn't have any prepare training with her abilities so she can only sense things that are about to happen and when Revan volunteered to help train her, Ne'tra refused claiming that if her people won't accept her because of her lack of control over her force powers then they will accept her as a skilled warrior ruler.

Mirta Verd- A descendant of Ne’tra Verd and the head of the Clan Verd.

Raina Verd- Shae's mother, died sometime after the Clone Wars when Stormtroopers stormed her house looking for Kestra Hett.

Shae Verd- Leader of Clan Verd, during the time of the Galactic Empire.

Xiamara Verd- Current Leader of Clan Verd.

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