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Old Republic

  • Republic Navy

Early LifeEdit

Born in the year of 3672 BBY, Steven was birthed onto a world whose history and legacy would shape for him what would later be the very framework that would enable him to leave his very own.

Raised into a middle-class family and known descedants of the Beast-Riders-Cassis' family would provide for him a rather unique child-hood. At a young age he was exposed into the very culture that had endured since the Jedi Civil Wars and beyond. He was young and naive as many youth would be and his parents would teach him little into the elden ways. Why that was would reside in the very fact of the threat that loomed on the horizon.

The ruthless Sith Empire would show its face for the first time in a thousand years and they came with a vengeance that quickly spread through the stars. The Republic-decieved and blinded by their time of prosperity; with the quick sweep by the Empire it would be left to worlds in amassing the means to defend themselves.

This would ignite the fire that would fuel Onderon's once militaristic hunger and expertise. Soon, resources were poured in and men enlisted into the ranks. Academies wouod rise and whole fleets would be pit into production. Throigh the enlistments would come the joirney of our Steven and his path to becomubg one of many heroes to come.

His academy years would be filled with intebde drills and preparations that doibly compared to any training receibrf by any Republic trooper at the time. There was a calling, a desire to prove himself and make his parents proud. The bulk of his reason for joining the military would be to gain recognition of a young lady; a lady that was far out of his league. This didn't stop him and each act of valor and battle he joined in would be to have but one chance-one evening with the Princess.

This chance would eventually come the night of a most esteemed Ball.

It would be at this party that would spark the timbers of a love that would last for the next eighteen years. But like all things it wouod not last as the heart of a soldier won over a love for a woman. Thus leading Cassis down a long career in which he would find himself as an ordinary man but there was more to him than what he knew. All leading to the secrets his parents retained from him. Secrets he would not discover till his knowing of a man named Mathes and his transition to the Republic of Free Peoples.

Military Career/Biographical IntelEdit

Name: Cmdr. Steven Cassis

Age: 33

Weight: 180 lbs.

Eye-color: Blue

Hair-color: Blonde/brown

Attire: Republic Navy, Commando armor

The commander served as Mathes' overseer and acting captain aboard his personal ship, the OSS Norman. Having served for over 10 years in the Republic military and then transferring over to the Navy, of which he currently still resides. Cassis is an outstanding leader both in space and on the ground. His expertise makes him a renowned individual throughout the military and the Onderon system, of which he was posted by the Republic. Serving there and working in unison with the Onderonian military, he was placed to work under the monarchy. From there the Queen acknowledged the commander for his excellent work and defense of the system. Given a place within the palace, the commander still made many a trip to the orbital defense station over the planet as well as watch over the military on the ground.

He never stays in one place for too long and if he is, expect to find him in a rather unpleasant mood. His men respect him and trust him with their lives, feeling that no one could do a far better job of protecting the Republic then he.

The Commander currently serves aboard the VSS Andromeda. One of the prototype Crusade Battleship constructed in the ships yards near the moon base of Vornu. He currently maintains an active role within the Vornu Navy, attempting to progress the fleets as much as possible in the hopes that they will actually be put into full service. He may often times be found upon the moon base of Cad'rito, or even within the stronghold of the Republic Military. often times he takes on missions whether he finds them to be of great importance and in dire need of being accomplished for the sake of Vornu as a whole.

Rescuing Onderon & Bravery at the Hapes ClusterEdit

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Future Exploits & Marriage to The QueenEdit

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Personality & RelationshipsEdit

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Possessions & Thread HistoryEdit


-Republic Navy Uniform

-Republic Navy, Commando Heavy armor

-Republic Commando Rifle Carbine

Commando Carbine

Commando Spec-ops Carbine

The pride and joy of every Commando within the Republic Navy; fast, dependable and highly accurate range of fire.

- Double-edged vibro-blades

Ikazuchi Forged Katana 1045 Carbon UC2586

Cassis' Vibro-swords

A pair of these are always sheathed upon his back, when on missions

-Wrist blade (extends out for close combat)


Cassis' Wrist-blade

Once a simple extending blade, the Commander felt a longer back was needed for close encounters. The blade is built in to his arm guard

-Cassis' blaster pistols


Cassis' Custom Blaster pistols

Name: OMC-10, Aka: Legion

A pair of these are always kept on his person, no matter where he goes. His own personal design and modifications were made to construct these weapons of war. They are highly rechargeable and never run out of ammo due to its internal plasma core, which uses Tibanna Gas (must be changed out every few days)

-Tan waist cape (worn around belt when armor is on) -Datapad (capable of contacting Republic Military and Navy) -wrist communicator -Strategic commando visor (worn on helmet, can be lifted up when not in use)


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