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Connor Talos Wiki photo
Connor Hidalgo Talos
Biographical Information
Current Residence

None (He lives the Drifter's Life)

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

147 BBY

Physical Description







190 lbs

Hair Color

Dirt blond

Eye Color

Light Blue

Skin Color

Moderate White

Chronological and Political Information





Hired Swordsman

Known Masters

Unknown Rogue Jedi

Family Information

David Talos


Xena Talos

Younger Siblings

Kyra Talos


Dantius Octavian, Hyperion Algethii (Dantius' brother), Christopher Algethii (Cousin to Dantius), Claudia Elesion (Through marriage to Chris)

Relationship Information





Jensaarai & any Jedi or Sith who get in the way of his revenge.

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Expertise in Shii-Cho, Novice in Soresu.


Force Leap, Force Push, and Force Dash



Other Skills

Pistol & Vibroblade Proficiency


Negotiating Good Deals, Drinking, Fighting.

Favorite Food

Anything that's got taste and is cheap.


Whiskey and Pretty Women


Jensaarai, some Jedi and some Sith.

Miscellaneous Information

Half-crescent katana vibroblade. Two DC-17 Hand Pistols.


Born into a low middle-class, twelve years after the death of Darth Krayt, Connor Hidalgo Talos (a.k.a. The Jensaarai Slayer) cared for only one thing in his entire life: his parents and his little sister. At age sixteen, a rogue Jedi discovered his connection to the Force and began training him in some basic lightsaber combat and rudimentary Force powers. Halfway through his time with the Jedi, he received news that his parents and sister were killed by a man in Jensaarai armor.

Trained in the basics of how to distinguish a member of the Jensaarai from the main crowd over the course of his last year with his Jedi Master, he vowed never to rest. Never to rest, that is, until either he found the Jensaarai responsible for his family's death or he found the one that did it, death being the only other option. Initially, he wielded a basic lightsaber that he had been asked to make by his Master however, he eventually traded this in for a metal-bladed katana vibrosword and two DC-17 Hand pistols. His reasoning for this replacement was simple: lightsaber was too mainstream and these other weapons would prove that the lightsaber was not the only option for killing Force-sensitives in a time where they were revered for their skills with a lightsaber.

For fifteen years, Connor has devoted his life to ending the existence of the Jensaarai that killed his parents and has taken more than enough heads to where he has not even bothered to count anymore. Despite bringing the bodies to the criminal cartel, he kept the lightsabers as a collection of trophies for the Order.

Early LifeEdit

Born directly of Dantius Octavian's line, Connor Talos was raised in a middle-class family with his father being a blacksmith and his mother a waitress. A couple years after, his sister was born and she became one of the people he cared for most in his life. Shortly after her birth, a Twi'lek Jedi Knight came into the family's life and told Xena and David Talos that their son was Force-sensitive as Dantius had been. Immediately, Connor's parents agreed to enroll him in an apprenticeship to the Jedi whilst keeping an eye on his development when and where possible.

However, about a year into training, Connor received news that a Jensaarai (who later was discovered to be a rogue) murdered his sister and parents. Blinded by his hate, Connor promised to destroy all Jensaarai until he found the one that had caused his family's death. Casting aside the lightsaber, he decided to favor pistols and a katana-shaped vibroblade more for the element of surprise than anything else. It wasn't long however, before his antics warranted the attention of his intended targets, particularly a lone trainee of the Order of the Jensaarai.

The First KillEdit

It wasn't long before the first victim came by to challenge Connor to a contest. Nor was it longer before the two engaged in single combat in a fierce duel on Manaan. For several dozen minutes, the two fought fiercly in a manner that took them across entire rooftops (mostly because of Connor's Force Leap and Dash abilities). However, Connor emerged victorious and his opponent's severed head was presented to the Hutt cartel for whatever reward they had for the initiate who had been foolish enough to wear his armor beyond the boundaries of his home.

It was the first of many such killings: a rogue or a stupid student of the Jensaarai wore their armor outside Velmor and paid the consequences. And for those that were not rogue and didn't, Connor determined that there was a way to tell a Jensaarai from the crowd by the way he or she carried themselves about in public. The rest was history from there.

The Bloodbath Truly BeginsEdit

After killing that first initiate, Connor developed a real taste for hunting Jensaarai that some argue as having gone beyond revenge. Some even doubted that even if he found the original perpetrator of his family's destruction, he would never stop. This was cemented by the fact that this spree did not die down in days, nor weeks, nor even months but continued for another decade before Connor even began to question his motives. Many times, he even wondered (in the latter third of his fifteen-year career) if he was looking in the wrong places for the man that had killed his family.

He decided that he would begin by retracing his steps to the evidence that he had accumulated over the years of his career as a known criminal. Even as the Ring Defenders, law enforces of the Jensaarai, began launching secretive attacks to take him in, Connor vowed that he would find the source of his trouble by looking to the past.

Personality TraitsEdit

Connor is a man who very fanatically cares about those that he comes to love as is demonstrated with his family. Upon learning about his family's death, he became relentlessly vengeful with the promise of finding the Jensaarai that he was told had killed his family. Patient, confident, cocky, and filled with anger, Connor Talos has not let many people inside for fear of further fueling his vengeance though he does take girlfriends from time to time. Due to the sensitive nature of his business, he also makes sure to have nothing to do with any children he might have produced from these relationships, more to protect the children than out of hatred for them.

It is his hope that he will gain the revenge he seeks before the end of his youth or is killed in the process due to him not seeing himself keeping up the job for more than about 20 years. Even as he continues to fight, he holds out for the promise of a normal life beginning soon.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Connor is an excellent swordsman with the intelligence to transfer his Shii-Cho and Soresu skills into the bladework of his vibrobsword. In addition, he has displayed incredible ability for improvisation via using Force Dash and Force Push/Pull to offset opponents. He can also use Force Leap to escape or else to set the duel to new heights if needed. If push comes to shove, he frequently will use a combination of his bladework, Force Dash, and his pistols to overcome an opponent and retreating only when absolutely necessary.


Connor's Sword

Despite its seemingly simple design, this katana has claimed more Jensaarai lives than most other weapons. In Connor's hands, this is not a weapon to be trifled with.

Designed from scratch from a high-quality swordmaker, Connor's sword is made with phrik alloy for sharpness and durability and the hilt is made with cortosis due to the brittle yet sturdier nature of the metal. The only thing that can be destroyed on his sword is the crescent blade guard but many a witness to Connor's fighting attest that the only way to disarm him is to swat away his blade and destroy his pistols. And no one has done that as yet.


Connor's Pistols

Pistols of this type are favorites that Connor will take over most others. Accurate enough to hit his target from a distance, quick to withdraw, not too many people stand a chance against these without advanced notice.

Due to the ability for pistols of this type to be quickly withdrawn, Connor prefers DC-17 Pistols to other brands of pistols despite his ability to use them. Having bought them from some of his family savings, he is one of the few people in the galaxy that could be considered a true gunslinger.

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