Corey 2
Corey Black
Axiom Information
Biographical information
Current Residence

The Ship Kotyc




3611 BBY

Physical description

Human (mandalorian)



  • 182cm Without Armour
  • 188cm With
Hair color

Short, Dark Brown

Eye color

Hazel Green

Skin color

Caucasian, Tanned



Chronological and political information

Old Republic Era


Mandalorians, Sith Empire

Known masters

Muriel Y'ar (Incomplete)

Known apprentices


"It is certainly worth consideration, Mister Banks." I told him. "But things were never as simple as honour and glory. You speak of hardships, and of the present, and as much as I want to run headlong across the clean slate you've paved my way with, it is the past that makes the man. I have lost everyone who I held dearest, my master, with whom I had fallen armoured head over heels in love with, and our unborn child, without vengeance being within my grasp. I do not no if my vode survived the war, I have had no time to even find out. I feel like the shadow of myself, a dead man walking. I have to ask, what purpose can an organisation, and organisation offer to someone like me, to make me feel like I'm worth a damn again? Right now, all I feel is failure."
―Corey Black explains his state of mind, when offered a chance at a clean slate[[src]]

Corey Black was a Mandalorian Warrior and Bounty Hunter, the former apprentice and lover of Muriel Y'ar, and father to their unborn child. He has both served, and turned his back on the Empire, maintaining steady loyalty only for those who he considers friends and allies, even beyond their deaths, and for his home planet of Mandalore. 

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