Coventry Desperaux
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Vornu (Current)

Date of Birth

3,658 BBY

Physical Description






Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


Vornu Republic (Present)

Known Masters

Unknown Sith Lord (Hostage Crisis)

Family Information
Elder Siblings

Kultram Desperaux a.k.a. Karter

Relationship Information

Dantius Octavian (Later)


Unknown Sith Lord (captor, most likely Kitsun)

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Expertise in Shii-Cho


Animal Friendship & abilities to control the environment.Can conduct telepathy though not to his brother's extent.

Miscellaneous Information

Pink-bladed guard shoto (Original)


Coventry (Full Name: Coventry Desperaux) is the younger brother of Kultram Desperaux, AKA Karter. Before he resurfaced he had spent several years in the dregs of a Sith prison called Vostok, where he was horrifically tortured psychologically. His emotions became muted and suppressed due to the trauma and experiments conducted on him. He has severe claustrophobia and prefers to sleep outside.

He only escaped when his elder brother decided it was time to bail him out of prison with the assistance of another Jedi known as Dantius Octavian. Fighting alongside them, Coventry freed himself from the tortures of Vostok to now remain a part of the Vornu Jedi Order. 

Early LifeEdit

Where his older brother's talent in the Force relied on mental abilities, Coventry's power is of a slightly more naturalistic bent. His biological mother Emri gave him up to the Order when he was barely two....a decision Karter never understood which would cause a rift between the two immediately before her death as a EMT, which devastated their Father. Coventry never forgot his family and secretly longed to see them as he developed his nature based abilities. During his training, he ad his master came across eidence of a rogue Sith Operative conducting a umber of assassinations on knon allies of Jedi. Invstigating, the pair were completely takenby surprise, his master killed and he himself confined to Vostok, where he would be brutalized for years and suffer every indignity imaginable.


Horrendously tortured and scarred, Coventry did not stand very much of a chance at escape from the fortified prison known as Vostok and likely would not have if his brother had not already begun searching for him, months prior and learned of his location. Upon learning his location, Karter asked Dantius to join him in freeing his brother from the dangerous prison to which Dantius agreed in exchange for Karter informing him of all actions Karter himself took towards bringing down Dantius' own brother Hyperion. Deciding to arrive to the prison by stealth,The plan was thrown for a loop after Dantius encountered his old friend Greco, who had put together an underequipped resistance to try and seize Vostok, Refusing to cooperate with Greco and knowing they would die if the helpped him, Karter and the other members stuck to the original mission as much as possible while Greco's resistance was slaughtered completely.

After escaping from Vostok, Coventry agreed to stay on Vornu with his brother whilst receiving help as to getting back on track with his social and psychological development. Coventry is frequently suffering nightmares and is wary of abandoning the Jedi.

Personality And TraitsEdit

Coventry even in his youth was the more compassionate of the pair. Where Kultram would push a bully back if pushed Coventry sought to escape conflict. He was the polar opposite of his brother, who had a more scheming and analytical mind. Coventry was impulsive and loved plants and animals.

After he escaped the Sith. Coventry was rattled and shaken, frequently suffering nightmares. He was extremely shy and possessed an intense claustrophobia. He initially talked to only his brother and would often sleep outside, even in rain. He also avoided interacting with other people because of his mistrust of people that he had developed in prison, always prepared to assume the worst. He clings to the Jedi code, refusing to lighten up out of a concern that it means the Sith would succeed after the fact in breaking him away from the Jedi.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Coventry, again in opposition to his brother, was well versed in knife fighting and in fact kept and used his Grandfather's combat knife, a double edged stiletto and a simple survival knife with a single edge and a fishing lure.

He possessed an intense connection to nature and could control and communicate with animals and will plants around him to grow. He could also control the weather. He was telepathic as well though not to the extent of his brother.

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