Crysenia Writte
Crysenia Writte
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,663 BBY

Physical Description







110 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color

Deep Violet



Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic


The Exchange, Pravus Axiom


Shadow Guard

Family Information

Venn Susoni


Tarissa Susoni

Twin Siblings

Carvish Susoni

Relationship Information

Carvish Susoni

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Echani, Stava


Galactic Basic, Echani

Miscellaneous Information

Echani double-brand, Stun Knives, Blaster Pistol

Theme Song

She's Long Gone - The Black Keys

"The past is never where you think you left it."
―Katherine Anne Porter [[src]]

Crysenia Writte was a female Echani who served Pravus Axiom and The Exchange as a mercenary. She was born to Venn and Tarissa Susoni in 3,661 BBY on the planet of Eshan . She had a twin brother named Carvish Susoni. Her father was a weapons manufacturer, but he was also the leader of their Clan; Clan Susoni. Her mother was a healer. Their Clan believed that Saara, their goddess, spoke directly through Tarissa.

As it was tradition, Crysenia and Carvish began their training almost immediately after birth. Both were unusually aggressive towards each other in combat. Their mother wished to separate them until their Telc'ta ceremonies, but their father believed that they would soon come to understand each other through combat. The two twins went through Telc'ta together when they were fourteen, and both became recognized as Echani. In 3,641 BBY, when the two twins had begun to rival each other more and more, Carvish - full of pride and arrogance - challenged his sister to Aeta Ignias; an honorary Echani fight that usually ended in the death of one opponent. At first Crysenia refused, but after much pushing from her twin, she was forced into a battle rage. The duel lasted longer than two hours and ended in Crysenia killing her brother. In a rage, she left Eshan.

Crysenia's first destination was Nar Shaddaa. Having heard of the money she could make in the rings, and being confident in her ability to fight, she entered the dueling rings. Not long after, a man from The Exchange approached her, asking if she would be looking for any side money. At first, it was only a few bounties a week, then she left the dueling rings and bounty hunting became her life.

When Crysenia realized there was nothing more to her life than money and killing, she went in search of something more, and found The True Empire. She left Nar Shaddaa and headed for Nogatan, immediately joining Pravus Axiom.


Birth and Early Life

"They will make the name of Clan Susoni known throughout the entire galaxy."
― Tarissa Susoni after the birth of Crysenia and Carvish

Tarissa Susoni gave birth to Crysenia and Carvish on a clear Nelona day in 3,661 BBY. The boy, Carvish, was born first, and the girl, Crysenia, followed shortly after. The entire Clan rejoiced, and a giant feast was held that night for the birth of the Clan leaders children.

When both of the children began to walk, their father immediately started their training. At such a young age, they would not begin fighting each other, but learning how to know and control their mind. Their days consisted of much meditating, and brewing tea; a skill that would be used in the traditional Telc'ta ceremony, or the Warrior's Right that recognized the coming of age for an Echani.

At the age of six, Crysenia and Carvish - after mastering their mind and bodies - began to learn how to fight. Their masters would occasionally put the two twins up against each other, but they began to notice that they were unusually aggressive towards each other. Crysenia then began to practice with her friend, Tavrik, and her brother with another village boy. The masters noticed that the twins were making amazing progress in their fighting and after a year, they both began to learn using weapons such as double bladed vibroblades. The masters, and their father, believed that the two were old enough to be allowed to train together again, but their beliefs were incorrect when a practice duel between the twins became more than the communicative martial arts the Echani believed in. Again, Crysenia and Carvish were seperated in their studies.

Telc'ta Ceremony

"Today, you have been recognized as a true Echani, and you have made me proud. No father could wish for more gifted children than you."
― Venn Susoni to Carvish and Crysenia after completing the Telc'ta

At the age of fourteen, Carvish and Crysenia underwent their Telc'ta Ceremony, or their Warrior's Right. The ritual has four levels that the young Echani must pas in order to be recognized as a full Echani warrior. It was unusual for two siblings, even twins, to go through the ceremony together, but their father, the Clan leader, decided for them and nobody would argued with the Clan leader.

The first is to brew Echani red tea and serve it to each of their family members, all sitting at a circular table in a large room. Once the family had finished drinking the tea, they were to grab the hot pot of tea by the sides, symbolizing their family endurance, and fill the cups up again. Once they finished, they would give themselves two cups of tea, to symbolize their responsibility.

This level of the ceremony was peaceful. While the family began reminiscing about the two children's childhoods, Crysenia thought back to her and her brother when they were younger. They had never really gotten along as brother and sisters do. Rivalry had always lingered between the two.

The second level was to meditate in a room for four hours. This meditation was for the young Echani to reflect on their past, and what they were going to do after finishing the ceremony. Crysenia began to notice her brothers hostility more and more during the meditation. She could feel the angry energy pulsing off of him.

Finally, the third and most important part of the ceremony came. The Right of Ascension. The Right of Ascension was a duel fought between the child and their father, or if their father was unavailable, an uncle. Crysenia and Carvish had fully prepared themselves to fight their father, the best warrior in their Clan, but to their surprise and anger, their father announced that the two siblings would fight each other, giving a chance for both to show their abilities as a warrior.

The duel lasted longer than had been expected. Towards the end, Crysenia began to watch her brothers movements and attacks. The martial art of the Echani was meant for communication, though between her and her brother, it was becoming a real battle. His attacks were fast and jerky, full of anger and rage that had long been bottled up. She took advantage of this and focused on blocking his attacks, instead of attacking him directly. His anger and passion grew more, until he began to stumble over his attacks in his rage. Crysenia took her moment to strike, and lashed out. Her hand made contact with a particular pressure point on her brothers neck, and he immediately collapsed to the ground. The clan was silent for a long time, before cheers erupted and the feast was held in both Crysenia and Carvish' honors, though Carvish was humiliated about his loss to his sister.

Echani Courting

"I can see that mischievous twinkle in your eye, Crys. How about another round? Surely I can beat you this time."
― Tarren to Crysenia.

The Echani believed that their martial arts style was a way of communication. When fighting with another person, you got to know them as a person. They also believed that engaging in repeated duels was a form of courtship.

Growing up, Crysenia had a friend who had been trained the same time as her. Their mischievous sides clicked very well, and her and Tarren Jondi became close friends. As they grew older, Tarren began to see Crysenia in a new light. They were no longer children, and she had grown into a beautiful, spirited young woman. Tarren was immediately attracted to her in more than the friend way, and decided it was his goal to marry her.

Many times, Tarren would challenge Crysenia to three or more duels a day. At first, she thought it was a game to test her skills, and she enjoyed it. Usually they would laugh throughout their duels, or they would make it into more of a duel, running and chasing each other through the village or the country side.

One day, when Crysenia and Tarren were hiding and chasing each other through the land around their village, Crysenia was hiding in a tree, awaiting Tarren to run under. When he finally did, she leapt down atop him. The two friends laughed, and Crysenia began to realize that Tarren and her bond had become slightly more than friends. This thought made her uncomfortable, and she quickly got up and began to head back to the village. Tarren stopped her and the two began to argue about their feelings for the other. Though Crysenia had feelings for her friend, she did not want to acknowledge them. She returned to the village without Tarren, and for the next few days, did not see him again.

In an attempt to get away from the village and clear her mind, Crysenia headed out to the very tree she had attacked Tarren from. To her surprise, she found him there. The two began to talk. She finally acknowledged her feelings to the Echani boy. Neither of them, however, wished to make their romance public. The two had a secret affair for many years following that day.

The Leave Taking

"The Echani believe in honor, but to kill one's family... that is the most dishonor you could ever set upon a person's shoulders."
― Crysenia Writte

The Echani had a duel, known as the Aeta Ignias, that was an honor among Echani. The duel was usually fought between two people, one of them being Echani, and the other race did not matter. The Aeta Ignias was either fought to the death, or until one was incapacitated in some way. This duel had very strict rules and any violation of these rules could result in the opponent taking the Vengeance Strike.

The rivalry between Crysenia and Carvish continued to grow as they grew older. It came to the point where their practice duels were no longer communication between one another, but an actual fight, where one attempted to kill the other. When her father and mother began noticing this behavior more, they put strict rules on their children, forbidding them for fighting each other if the means were to kill the other. After this conversation, Crysenia avoided her brother at all costs, trying to anger the tribe Elder.

One day, when Crysenia was walking through the village to escape the fuss of a wedding, she heard a voice call her name. Turning around, she saw her brother brandishing his weapon. The only reason an Echani would have their weapon out would be when they were planning to attack. Without hesitation, Crysenia pulled out her Echani foil and prepared for battle. At first, she thought her brother was simply fighting with her, as he usually did, but before they began, he called to her, telling her that he challenged her to Aeta Ignias. Again, she did not hesitate when her brother charged her.

The battle lasted for longer than two hours. When their mother and father caught wind of this challenge, they rushed to the square in hopes to stop their children, but Venn Susoni knew the significance of such a challenge. If they were to be stopped, it would be a large dishonor upon them.

The battle was eventually won by Crysenia. She rendered her brother weaponless and he fell to his knees in front of her, yelling at her to kill him. Though she wished to, she knew that she could not kill her own brother. Her rage over came her and she drove her weapon through her brothers heart. The look in his eyes showed that he had not believed she would actually kill him.

When she turned away from her brother's broken body, Crysenia saw the disappointment and sadness in her parents' eyes. At that moment, she knew she no longer belonged, or was welcomed, on Eshan. Though her brother had challenged her to the duel, knowing full well the consequences, her parents had thought Crysenia to be a more merciful being.

After grabbing everything she needed, Crysenia rushed to Tarren, who had been waiting for her in the countryside surrounding their village. When she told him of the fight, and the death of her brother, Tarren was disgusted in Crysenia. In anger, she striked at him. leaving a long scar along his cheek. Since everyone she had ever loved was no afraid or disgusted by her, she left Eshan, traveling to Nar Shaddaa, forever leaving her home behind her.

A Life in the Rings

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A Change of Lifestyle

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Return to Eshan

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Physical DescriptionEdit

Crysenia looks almost like every other Echani. Her skin is pale white, almost to the point of transparency. Her hair is naturally snow white, usually cut to the length of her chin in the front to avoid the vulnerability of long hair being easy to grab. However, unlike her Echani kind, she was born with a unique mutation, resulting in the changing of her eye color from silver to a deep violet. She is below the average height of an Echani female, but her body is toned and very in shape. Since usual armor is too constricting of her movements, she usually wears Echani fiber armor, with an Echani light armor breastplate, and a long leather jacket containing many supplies.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Even when she was younger, Crysenia was always fearless, even of the unknown. However, that fearlessness wasn't too far from being reckless. Many times growing up, she would charge head first into a situation without thinking of the possible consequences. Usually, though, she was able to avoid or land-on-her-feet with these consequences.

Going hand-in-hand with her recklessness/fearlessness, Crysenia never had an issue speaking her mind, and loudly. Many times throughout her life, this trait got her into a lot of trouble. Not trouble she couldn't handle, however. This boldness often offended those she didn't mean to offend, and Crysenia was too prideful to back track in her words. Usually, such encounters ended with a fight.

Growing up as an Echani, Crysenia was taught how to make use of both of her hands, being it in fighting or any other skill requiring her hands. Her teacher had always told her mother and father that she had a knack for fighting. When she was younger, they simply though she was good at communicating with other Echani, but as she grew older they realized she was simply gifted in the art of fighting.

Crysenia had never been a very talkative person, though, when it came to her own emotions. For fear of getting hurt, she kept all of her personal thoughts and personal feelings to herself.


Venn SusoniEdit

Crysenia and her father had never been close. They got along well enough for her father to care about her, 

Nespilim Man by wendelin

Venn Susoni, leader of Clan Susoni

and vice-versa, but growing up, the constant rivalry between his two children made Venn somewhat uncomfortable.

Though he never said it, out of both of his children, Crysenia had been his favorite. She had her mother's fiery personality, stubbornness, and her looks. Of her father, she had his calm when in battle. To him, Carvish had always been so quick to attack, and had never battled with the ease and grace of his sister.

However, after Crysenia had killed her brother in the Aeta Ignias duel, he was immediately saddened by the fact that his beloved daughter's heart was so consumed with darkness.

Tarissa SusoniEdit

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Carvish SusoniEdit

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Tarren JondiEdit

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Two Handed ProficiencyEdit

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Slicing ProficiencyEdit

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Conscript (Shadow Guard)

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