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Portrait of dramira by syoshiko by dramiradarkthorn.d5jqiyx






Hair ColorEdit

White base and black bangs

Eye ColorEdit


Skin ToneEdit

Pale skin with rosey red cheeks


Bounty Hunter

Apparel Edit

Is always seen wearing a red, purple, or black lacey dress. Thigh high boots and always has some kind of necklace and dangly earrings. 


Crystala grew up running away from everyone and everything. When she was about 13 years old she saw her mother and father murdered and swore she would get the people who killed them. At age 14 she set off to begen her training to become a bounty hunter. Filled with anger Crystala became cold and heartless toward new people who were "light" and "good." She always felt alone and never really talked to people. On her 15th birthday she left something different, as if she was a new person. She started feeling "the force" around her and certain people she felt different around. A new place felt cold and she could feel other's powers around her, good and bad. All Crystala ever did was study and train with others and she began to feel something. That's when she knew she had picked the right job. 

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