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  • Paradise
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True Empire

Dagan is covered in mountains, caverns and brittle red rock. It is a barren world incapable of supporting plant or animal life, but standard living conditions and gravity make it inhabitable by Humans and most Alien races. Once used as a dumping ground for Nogatan's refuse, as well as the site of numerous ship crashes, weapons testing and discarded Imperial projects, Dagan is covered with salvage that has since been used in the formation of a shanty town, Horizon, the moon's city-capital.


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The city-capital of Nogatan's moon, Dagan. A makeshift city built from salvageable materials discarded by Nogatan over the course of countless decades, most of Horizon's inhabitants are former citizens of Nogatan itself, refugees who were forced to flee after the spread of the nanophage, and were turned away from and refused aid by Novus Vires. Shanty-like huts have been formed from scrap metal and stone, and together form what looks like a massive junkyard surrounding a featureless statue of Nogatan's former leader, Voren Krull, an arm once frozen in perpetual wave now reaching desperately for Nogatan's surface overhead.

Refugees are not the only citizens of Dagan, however. The moon serves as a convenient hiding place for thugs, criminals, assassins and bounty hunters, nestled close to the Imperial Capital but far enough from the eyes of the Sith. Dagan serves as the hub for Imperial-aligned criminal organizations and their individual operations, most notably The Directive, a criminal superpower led by the enigmatic Jericho, one of Darth Cideon's own servants. The Empire turn a blind eye to the actions of these criminals - and even offer them Imperial protection in most cases - in exchange for 85% of their profits. The citizens of Horizon, and Dagan as a whole, therefore answer mainly to these enterprises, typically working for and paying them credits in exchange for protection.

The ArenaEdit

The Arena, which had fallen into disuse during the reigns of the previous two Emperors, returned to popularity once the refugees settled on Dagan. Due to the miserable living conditions and poor quality of life in Horizon, the Arena has become the most popular escape from that reality, it's gladiatorial match-ups followed by most everybody on the moon's surface. Thanks to the sheer volume of willing participants attempting to escape menial labor jobs, the Arena can afford to remain open and host fights on a constant basis, it's doors and betting windows never closing. Those who find success in the Arena often become famous and are eventually selected to join the Imperial Army, a welcome opportunity for escape.

The CradleEdit

Despite such heavy Directive control, the Empire do continue to maintain some small presence on Dagan. Their largest operation is easily the "Cradle", a network of planetary and orbital shipyards that provide the bulk of Imperial manufacturing. Citizens of Dagan are hired to work on ships for the Imperial war machine, one of the more attractive jobs available on the moon. The work is divided between two types of workers: mechanics, those who's job it is to actually work on the ships themselves, and junkers, who's task it is to venture out into Dagan's sprawling wastes and acquire scrap metal and parts for the mechanics.

The Directive HQEdit

Stuck with the same architecture as everyone else in Horizon, the Directive work out of crumbling old structures that blend in with the rest of the city. Inside, however, they have managed to bring in some heavy equipment and tech, giving them substantial power over the citizens they essentially rule. Military grade computers, weapons, vehicles and security systems make them practically untouchable, while various other luxuries such as imported furniture, food and amenities keep Directive members living comfortable in the otherwise desolate landscape. The organization stages all their operations out of this HQ, while Jericho himself governs the city as both kingpin and mayor.

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