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3660 BBY

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Daj'qabrega knows nothing about his early childhood; he can only remember being an orphan on the streets of Corellia. To live, he begged and occasionaly stole- food, credits, anything to help him get by.

Eventually, he got into a struggle with a spacer after attempting to pick his pockets; Daj struck him, and the spacer fell into the street, where he was run over by a passing speeder. Horrified at what he'd done, the twelve-year-old Twi'lek joined a pirate group so he could escape offplanet. For seven years, he was a pirate; however, they weren't very successful. During the seventh year of his time with the pirates, Daj was part of a successful take; they brought back a bulk freighter loaded with spice to Nar Shaddaa. With his share, the Twi'lek left; a good decision, too- the next thing he heard about his former ship was news that it had been vaporized in a confrontation with the Republic Navy.

Using his money from his years of piracy, Daj bought 51% of an XS stock light freighter, sharing the vehicle with a young woman named Sadie Vanhala. They began to smuggle- a relatively safe job for Daj, considering his earlier employment as a pirate. This relationship has lasted ever since; now, five years since they met, the two have become the best of friends. However, Daj has always wanted to become something more than a friend to Sadie- something he's too embarrassed to talk about, and will never admit to. 

After Sadie Vanhala left, Daj took on Silan Rezin as a partner; on one of their smuggling runs, their ship was accosted by pirates. Through an intriguing series of events, they lured most of the pirates onto the Wayward Fortune, opened it to space, and then hijacked the pirate ship. Since then, Daj has been living large as a pirate.

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