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Dantius Caius Octavian-Algethii
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,662 BBY

Physical Description







160 (Skinny but not scrawny)

Hair Color

Black with streaks of grey

Eye Color

Crystal Light-Green


Jedi (Former Algethiius Prince)

Skin Color

Fair White

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


Jedi Order


Jedi Padawan (Initial). Jedi Sage (Eventually)

Known Masters

Ra (Given name). Cambul (Informally & unofficially) Mathes Colunga (Informal Trainee)

Family Information

Caius Coriolanus Algethii IV


Lucretia Caius Algethii

Elder Siblings

Hyperion Algethii


Julius Crassus Algethii III (Grandfather)


Connor Talos

Relationship Information

Morgana (Briefly). Patricia (First)

Romantic Interests

Ashlynn Thorin


Mathes Colunga, Coventry (Later)


Arek, Hannibal the Zabrak (initial), Greco the Besalisk, and "Little Bro" the Zabrak (Under Ra).


Karter, Brison Yi


Hyperion Algethii, Morgana (Later)


Seth al Ugolio

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Ataru, Soresu, & Jar'Kai (Lightsaber). Teras Kasi (Hand-to-Hand)


Force Valor (More will come)



Other Skills

None (For Now)

Miscellaneous Information

Lime-green lightsaber developed while under Ra


Dantius (whole name, Dantius Caius Octavian-Algethii) was born the son of one of King Crassus' eleven sons named Caius Coriolanus Algethii IV and his wife, Lucretia Caius Algethii in the year 3,662 BBY. Though it was unknown until he was twelve years of age, Dantius was born with a mild case of Asperger Syndrome (high-functioning autism) but it didn't seem to hinder his intelligence or overall psychology. When he was four years old, his cousin Christopher was born out of wedlock to Caius' younger brother and sister-in-law. Due to the prophecy about a child of such circumstances arising to destroy him, Dantius' grandfather ordered the destruction of the planet in search of the child.

Dantius' father was one of three of Crassus' children who championed Christopher's survival and even went to great lengths to assure it. However, this came at a price: he was killed along with his wife, Dantius was left in a coma after Crassus used some of his power to save him from death and Hyperion was taken to a secret base for training. For seven years, Dantius would remain in this trance-like state and would be officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome shortly after his awakening. Wandering adrift initially, Dantius soon caught the attention of a wealthy Muun family who could not produce children of their own and took him in.

Though it took five years, Dantius would obtain his GED and go on to college where he would meet a beautiful named Patricia and be reunited with his long-lost brother. However, the happiness of the reunion would be short-lived as Hyperion raped Patricia and inadvertently caused her suicide a month after she gave birth to his child. After throwing him in an insane asylum on Teth, Dantius finished college and began to drift again. But he would soon come into the attention of slavers who took him in by force of arms and had him work for them.

During this time, Dantius was not without help, a Jedi Knight calling himself Ra began training Dantius in the ways of the Light and trained him to his current expertise in Ataru & Soresu, and his expertise in Terras Kasi martial arts. Using this to escape, Dantius watched as Ra laid down his life to save him and paved his way to the path that would eventually bring him to Vornu. Dantius would serve in a mission for Master Arkanus Serren, fall in love with Lorn Kenau's apprentice Ashlynn Thorin, and bring an end to the evil wrath of General Nobunaga as well as put a stop to his brother's ferocity for good. He would also make an enemy out of Weequay warrior Seth al Ugolio though he would be the problem of Dantius' friend Arek than him.

Dantius serves the Vornu Jedi with the same fiery passion for the Code that he did when he started out. He also continues to refine his skills in Terras Kasi, Ataru, his growing Soresu skills.

Early Years & Coma  Edit

Family Photo 1

Dantius with his mother and father. A similar portrait was drawn for Hyperion at his birth, three years prior.

Dantius was born the son of Caius Coriolanus Algethii IV and Lucretia Caius Algethii in 3,662 BBY. As the second to youngest of Crassus' sons (after Chris' father Julius Marcius) Dantius' parents did not have as many privileges as some of the older Princes. However, that didn't stop his grandfather Crassus from looking upon him with a glimmer of hope that he could be King of Algethiius in his place. Even so, those hopes would be short-lived as Dantius' cousin Christopher would be born out of wedlock (five years later), leading the kingdom to ruin as a result of Crassus' fear for the prophecy that foretold his death at the hand of an illegitimate grandson.

Having born a grudge against Crassus for events that occurred years before even the birth of Hyperion, Dantius' parents were staunch supports of Chris' escape from Algethiius and even provided both funding and troops to ensure it. However, when they tried to make their own escape just hours after Chris and his parents made theirs, the family shuttle was shot down and crashed into a nearby moon. It was there that Dantius' parents bravely fought against Crassus, who had come to deal with them in person, but fell before his might. During the crash however, Dantius had been accidentally stabbed in the head with a sharp piece of durasteel that came flying at him during the crash.

After dealing with his parents and preparing a transport for Hyperion to be sent elsewhere, Crassus carefully removed the piece from Dantius' head, repaired the wound as much he could and brought him back from death. However, he only did so to the extent that Dantius would go into a coma instead of die. After that, he secretly brought Dantius to a high-quality (but somewhat secretive) medical center in Known Space before continuing his pursuit of Christopher which see him stranded on Nathema for much of his grandchildren's lives. During the coma however, Dantius would be frequently visited by visions of his mother that initially acted to comfort him and motivate him to escape the coma.

Overtime, it changed from comfort to demanding promises of him though he would only remember one when he awoke: reunite with Hyperion and renew the family ties. It was a promise that he would carry with him and had been told him by the spirit of his mother for reasons he would come to understand, several years later.

Post-Coma SchoolingEdit

Despite not knowing that Crassus' wealth had been benefitting Dantius during his coma, Dantius awoke to realize that he would not only need a family but he would need to educationally catch up as well. Before he left the hospital, he was diagnosed with high-function Autism, formerly known as Asperger Syndrome. Two weeks after awakening, Dantius was formerly adopted by a Muun family that bore the clan name Octavian. From there, he attempt formal education at a prestigious Academy only to excel so much that the teachers actually expelled him.

Still needing a formal education, his foster family agreed to pay for the materials that he would need for his GED materials and even the classes he would need to attend. Combined with the formal paperwork that came with applying as well as the death of Dantius' foster mother in an attempt to give birth to a child of her own, it took Dantius five years to get his GED. But when he did, he made a vow to go to college and study the history and cultural evolution of the Jedi Order for the benefit of the Republic. Nonetheless, his victory was short-lived: his foster father had refused to pay gambling debts he had acquired soon after his wife's death and was murdered outright.

Running away, Dantius landed himself a dormroom in the college that his savings were able to pay for in addition to the outrageous tuition. Since the debtors of his foster father saw he was human, they thought Dantius was nothing to his foster father although nothing could've been further from the truth. He spent the first month of college paying the police (with his tremendous inheritance from his foster father) to investigate into the matter before they found them. All four were tried and convicted, their ultimate sentence being life behind bars without possibility of parole.

This act of commitment and justice impressed Muuns of their planet's upper class greatly enough to recognize that Dantius deserved as much prestige as his foster father once had. In fact, several of his foster father's former partners even said that should he need additional funding, they'd help him for no charge. Then, as it often did with many a person in the galaxy, it seemed that fortune had smiled upon Dantius after no more than two days since his father's murderers were forever put away. However, he would learn that it had only reared its uglier face in his direction and he was helpless to change that.

Beginning College & Meeting a Long-Lost BrotherEdit

When Dantius' foster father was avenged, he was finally able to settle down for a while and relax. However, two days later, an older "student" would introduce himself as Hyperion Algethii, Dantius' long-lost older brother. After Dantius confirmed that it was indeed Hyperion, thanks to the amulets around their necks, the two became instant friends. Barely more than a week after that, Dantius would be formally introduced to Hyperion's friend Patricia and both Dantius and Patricia would fall in love instantly.

But as the months passed and their friendship arose to the levels above, Hyperion began to transform into a darker, more sinister being than he had been before. In a fit of mindless vengeful lust, Hyperion forced himself on Patricia after she returned from a Dance party and dropped Dantius off at his dorm. When she returned to him, she was bruised all over and bleeding in several areas, including her genitals, lips, and left eyebrow. Dantius immediately took her to the hospital and pressed charges on Hyperion though he pleaded "no contest" and the charges were dropped.

Dantius watched as Patricia became heavy with Hyperion's child in her womb and when she gave birth, it seemed that the last strings of her sanity snapped forever. Half a month later, she gave up all custody of her newborn daughter and entrusted her into the care of her parents. Another half month would pass before she would then go towards one of the entrances of the Coruscant Underworld in preparation to leap to her death. Seeing a note she had left earlier, Dantius chased her down to where she knew she would be doing this with intent to talk her out of it.

However, she leapt before he could get a word in and all he could do was attempt to grasp her hair and stop her: he failed even in that regard and she fell to her death. Knowing that Hyperion was to blame, Dantius waited until the night camouflaged his intent and he ambushed his own brother, nearly killing him outright. But at the moment of truth, Dantius hesitated in remembrance of the promise he made his mother to keep Hyperion alive. So instead, Dantius threw him into an insane asylum on Teth and left him to rot whilst finishing his education in peace.

Slavery and First Jedi TrainingEdit

Shortly after Dantius obtained his Associate's in Jedi History and Cultural Evolution, Dantius decided to simply wander adrift with the occasional lecture in his field to supplement the savings that would already take three lifetimes to spend. However, it was when he was invited to one of these that a secret society of slavers raided his audience and even captured him near the end of the raid. At first, it seemed as though any chance of liberation was beyond him and for a time, it was. However, an elder Jedi Master who introduced himself as Ra saw a connection to the Force in Dantius and agreed to train him as part of the scheme of the slavers.

It was a scheme where those slaves who proved attuned to the Force would be trained by a senior Jedi in the ways of the Force but taught to kill. However, despite his old age, Ra had plans of his own: to design his army as a means of escape for all Force-sensitives that had been captured by the slavers. Four years passed as the slaves under Ra's supervision were granted leniency from hard labor in exchange for devoting their time to training. But finally, Ra decreed that it was time for them to make their escape and marched them into battle against the slavers.

Along the way, the dozens of trainees gave their lives so that others would escape and the slavers were nearly powerless to stop them. But on the last segment of the journey, Ra and three others gave their lives so that Dantius and one other would escape from the slavers and find lives for them to live freely. While Dantius would eventually find his way to Vornu, refining his skills even after he had arrived, the other trainee (Ra's formal Padawan) disappeared. Tried as he might, Dantius couldn't find him anywhere and presumed him dead before continuing on the final leg of his Vornu journey.

The survivors besides Dantius and the missing Padawan were a Rodian named Hannibal (who eventually met his end at the hands of Hyperion on Clyde Rev's prison shuttle), a Besalisk named Greco (who would find his way to Vostok and begin leading a rebellion of its prison population shortly thereafter), and a Zabrak nicknamed Little Bro for his youth and his small stature (who joined Greco to Vostok). 

Early Vornu Career & An Ancient ThreatEdit

Arriving to Vornu after his attempted search for the missing Padawan of Ra, Dantius finally arrived at the Vornu Jedi Enclave. There, it was decided that he didn't need the training of an Initiate thus he was allowed the same privileges as those higher than Initiate rank. Upon arriving to the Enclave's bar, Dantius stumbled upon a friend of his cousin named Mathes Colunga and talked with him. By this point, Dantius had sensed that his brother Hyperion was making preparations to escape from the insane asylum and would later associate it with the release of General Nobunaga.

During this chat, Christopher learned about how his cousin had fulfilled the prophecy of Crassus' death and the part that Mathes had to play in that. Despite his pleas, Mathes insisted that he could not help Dantius and instead, recommended an ally who would help him as he had helped Christopher in the final battle against Crassus. Meeting this ally in the Archives, Dantius introduced himself and briefed him on the predicament of his brother's escape. During this, Dantius sensed Hyperion doing just that and they rushed to Teth, only to be too late to stop him from doing just that.

Nonetheless, they followed his trail to Nar Shaddaa, briefly fighting him in one of the factories of his Hutt employer Kublai. Hyperion escaped and they pursued him to Irkalla, where Hyperion released General Nobunaga from his tomb and the two of them fought Dantius and Arek together. After the duel ended, Nobunaga and Hyperion escaped together whilst Arek and Dantius returned to Vornu to begin planning the next move to stop them. But the peace that they had accepted would not last very long and old roots would be returned to.

Second Salvation for the Hapes ClusterEdit

While Dantius and Arek were attempting to locate the General and Hyperion, the former united several criminal organizations and gathered strength to infiltrate and conquer the Hapes Cluster. It was a move even stealthier than what his Master Crassus had done before him. A message was sent by the Queen however, and soon Arek and Dantius were on the trail again only with Commander Cassis, Korra Quinn, Lizzie Craig, Kallybykk, Karter, Brison Yi, the teams of the Military companions, and a fleet that Cassis supervised. While Cassis and Arek engaged Nobunaga's fleet, Kally and Lizzie rescued the Queen, Karter and Brison took out the systems that would allow Nobunaga to see the surface teams, while Dantius and Korra went directly to capture Hyperion and kill Nobunaga.

All the other teams were successful, including Cassis' fleet, Hyperion was captured by Dantius and Korra but Nobunaga escaped to fight another day. Nonetheless, the Queen of the Hapes Cluster was indebted to Dantius and his team just as she had been indebted to Chris and his allies when they first came. While Dantius and his companions went their separate ways (Arek continuing to stay with Dantius), the Hapes Cluster rebuilt its society and would close its borders to all, several years later.

A New Love & A New EnemyEdit

After his victory in the Hapes Cluster and the capture of his brother, Dantius decided to celebrate by acting on a prior arrangement that he had made with a fellow Padawan named Ashlynn Thorin. Before going to the Hapes Cluster, Dantius had met her in the Sparring Chambers and quickly became friends with her. He also taught her the first basics of the variant of Terras Kasi that Ra had trained him in and arranged a date at a facility called the "Bella Notte". But before he acted on this, he went exploring in search of an explanation to a comment Nobunaga had made about Dantius' grandfather having intended to give the Algethiius kingdom to him when he was of age to rule.

Retracing his steps in life to the Yavin 4 temple that Crassus had occupied, Dantius ascended the first steps before he was greeted by a Weequay assailant in search of profit: Seth al Ugolio. The two of them fought ferociously up the temple's stairs and into the first chambers before Dantius severed his left arm and inadvertently caused a stroke in him. While Seth crawled away, having left a scar on Dantius' left arm before leaving, Dantius continued deeper into the Temple and found a messenger cube that contained a recording from Crassus meant for him. In it, Crassus explained that he saw the makings of a King in Dantius before he was even six and elaborated on how that was so.

Returning to Vornu, Dantius met up with Ashlynn in time to begin their date at the "Bella Notte" facility. It was here that the two of them told each other about their lives and as such, expanded their feelings past friendship. However, neither of them would act on it until much later in the course of Enclave life.

The Death of NobunagaEdit

Sometime after his date with Ashlynn, Dantius was contacted by Arek about a distress signal that he had received from a man calling himself Rama, who stated that he was the head of the Algethiius Order of the Way. Skeptical of taking the wizard's word, Dantius decided to interrogate Hyperion on the sincerity of the man behind the signal. Though he initially refused until Dantius agreed to negotiate terms of prison-life improvement, Hyperion revealed that though Rama was the real deal, Nobunaga was likely going to use his distress signal to lure them. Dantius thanked his brother and he and Arek left to see if they could be of some assistance to the old Chiss.

Meanwhile, Hyperion escaped prison, killing several guards, a nurse, an ambulance team, and nearly killed the Commander himself in the process. Though his whereabouts were unclear after that, Hyperion joined Dantius, Arek, and Rama on Felucia when Nobunaga managed to entangle the trio in vines with the Plant Surge spell. Freeing them, Hyperion agreed to fight with Dantius in order to have a chance at vengeance against the General.  Nonetheless, Dantius promised Arek that as soon as Nobunaga was no more, he would turn the tables on Hyperion as well. 

Rama sacrificed himself to throw off the minions of Nobunaga, Arek fought Seth al Ugolio, and the brothers went on to fight Nobunaga. During the duel, Dantius drew upon Force Valor to enhance his performance but his focus was channeled around Ashlynn rather than on protecting the Jedi Order as he had before. He also proved to be the wits of the group when Nobunaga threw a massive wave of pyrokinetic energy at them and Dantius told Hyperion to help him reflect it right back at the General. Counting on Nobunaga's reflex to raise his arms up before burning himself up, Dantius and Hyperion simultaneously gutted the General.

But victory would not come without its price: during the events of the duel, Arek was pulled into a strong current by Seth al Ugolio and Dantius was forced to choose between killing Hyperion and saving his friend. As Hyperion and Seth both eventually escaped, Dantius went in search of his friend with the help of the cyborg Cambul. It would be hours before they found anything, but eventually they found Arek unconscious on a riverbank several miles down from where Seth had pulled him. Resusicitating him, neither man was surprised when Arek told them that he lost Seth's whereabouts after the current swept them both and the trio rightly assumed that Seth had escaped.

Before letting Hyperion escape, however, Dantius initiated a five million credit bounty on Hyperion's head with the label "dead or alive" on his head. He also had Commander Cassis issue a warrant for his arrest throughout all Republic Space and even persuade his ally Queen Tela to talk to her own allies about lending their troops to the search for him throughout Republic Space. Dantius promised that "the whole galaxy would want a piece of him before the end". It was a promise that he kept down to the end even though he was not surprised when this promise came back to haunt him.

The AftermathEdit

Dantius' Armor design

Starting from this sketch, Kenshin Takeda completed an armor design that excluded the sword and baggy pants that was ready for Dantius' use when he went on missions for the Vornu Jedi.

Returning from Felucia, with Nobunaga dead, Dantius decided it was time that he and Arek temporarily went separate ways. When Arek recovered, he would continue to hunt Seth al Ugolio for as long as it took to bring him down while Dantius would continue searching for his brother with the help of Commander Cassis. Once they split ways, Dantius was soon assigned to his first official mission in the name of the Republic. By order of Arkanus Serren, Dantius was sent alongside Ashlynn to investigate the disappearance of a cargo shuttle between Alderaan and Naboo.

Upon arriving to the cargo ship, Dantius decided to check the hull while Ashlynn searched for survivors. Finding one, more soon revealed themselves though not before the reason for the ship's catastrophe was revealed. The infectious rakghoul virus had taken a hold of some of the members of the ship and would've taken more. However, Dantius vaccinated himself before going in and helped bust the crew out of their trap.

Bravely stalling them while Ashlynn led the crew to safety, Dantius was bitten and scratched several times and even sprained an ankle on the way out. However, both he and Ashlynn escaped alive with the two of them later confessing their growing love for one another and sharing their first kiss. But the peace of love was not meant to last long: Hyperion turned up again and challenged Dantius to a duel after returning from his disappearance. Forced to make a decision between saying no and letting Cassis' armies kill him and honoring his family, he was at an impasse.

Not only that, but his decision would definitely affect the romantic life he had with Ashlynn, regardless of how secret it already was. But when he made his decision, he decided that it was for the best that all the fighting between him and his brother be ended honorably. 

Seth & Hyperion Strike BackEdit

Sometime after the missions for the Order, Dantius was well aware that Hyperion and Seth were both still on the loose. Deciding to mount a search party for Hyperion, he had Commander Cassis spread the word of the Republic warrant for Hyperion's arrest and the additional five million credit bounty on his head. He himself even led some of the search efforts to find Hyperion despite being unaware of his capture by Clyde Rev. For weeks, whenever he wasn't on missions for the Order, he relentlessly pursued his brother and left Seth to Arek. 

However, doing that, would prove to be a mistake. A masked bounty hunter announced his successful capture of Hyperion and agreed to meet him on the outskirts of Anchorhead, Tatooine. In case there was any trouble, Dantius had the Togruta Brison Yi (from his Hapes Cluster expedition) to cover his back. Sure enough, it turned out to be an ambush and unmasking the bounty hunter revealed the face of Seth underneath.

Brison was knocked aside and Dantius was overwhelmed by the immense strength of the united adversaries. Taken aboard their ship (though not before Brison recovered and boarded), Dantius was heavily beaten by Hyperion and told of how, despite having no choice, Dantius was selected to be King after Crassus left. This gave way to Brison's arrival and she lent one of her lightsabers to him until he was able to recover his own. When that happened, he and Hyperion dueled ferociously (more than ever before) but Hyperion temporarily gained the upperhand in preparation for an assassin-style execution only for Dantius to slice off his right arm.

They escaped, Dantius being content to accept that the severing of Hyperion's arm was enough to win the battle for now. A chat with Karter afterwards confirmed Dantius' suspicions about Brison Yi being a Shi'ido Changeling rather than the Togruta he had once thought she was. After Karter revealed to him why this was so (and warned him never to tell anyone else), Dantius went to visit the eccentric cyborg Cambul . Persuading him to recount his origins, particularly how he became a cyborg thanks to the woman who posed as Brison Yi. However, even when Dantius was satisfied with that information, Cambul persuaded him into accepting a lightfoil as a means to refine an already excellent practice of the lightsaber form Ataru, the cyborg's desire being to provide precision. Though Dantius was initially skeptical, he agreed to this help soon after a short but furious spar in which the cyborg not only revealed that the lightfoil would help increase precision and accuracy but also revealed that he could help Dantius gain the resolve he needed to end his brother's life when called to do so.

Alderaan Affair Edit

Not long after Hyperion and Seth made their attack on him, Dantius asked (by an anonymous message) to head for Alderaan where he was asked to assist the political factions of Alderaan in arriving to diplomatic conclusion. However, along the way, he sensed a disturbance in the Force and followed it to see just what was going on. By the time he arrived, Inoy was under attack from a Sith that was known among his colleagues as Kure Sideralis with another Sith named Skalm soon arriving on the scene.

Dantius saved Inoy in time for Nahia to arrive on the scene and enagage Kure in combat whilst helping Inoy duel with Skalm. Eventually, the Sith were repelled (though they put up a terrific fight against the three warriors of the Republic) and Dantius joined both Inoy and Nahia for the continuation of the mission.

Meeting CoventryEdit

Sometime in his Vornu career, Karter had made clear his intentions to save his brother Coventry from a Sith prison known as Vostok. In exchange for being informed of all of Karter's actions against his own brother Hyperion, Dantius agreed to help him. Arriving to the location of the prison (an as yet, unnamed planet), Dantius and Karter took out the first few sentries together (with help from Inoy, Spike, and Brison) before Karter accidentally triggered the alarm and the two ended up fighting for the rest of the ground that needed to be covered before Coventry was rescued. After Karter blew the door open and Dantius unchained Coventry with his lightsaber and helped deflect blaster bolts off their tail.

Having the foresight to previously carve an escape route for them, Dantius led the brothers through and they escaped the horrors of Vostok, largely unscathed though Coventry's mental scars ran deep. After being successfully rejuvenated physically, Coventry sparred with Dantius and enjoyed conversation with him whilst doing it, slowly but surely warming up to the notion of being free and being able to act as he pleased. Dantius even took it upon himself to help Coventry to make as swift a recovery from his trauma as was naturally possible for the man, finding in him a chance to absolve himself of anything he did or would do to Hyperion; his approach was a very empathetic one and he started by first sparring in friendly matches and letting him warm up on his own terms. A couple weeks or so after he was freed from the prison, Coventry asked Dantius why he was helping him when he barely knew him to which the more seasoned Jedi told him that he'd rather be able to say he saved Coventry from the demons of his past than have to say he failed to save both his own brother and the young man before him.

During the chaos of the conflict and the initial approach, Dantius was reunited with an old friend who had studied under Ra at the same time that he did: a Besalisk named Greco to whom he had grown close. Despite Karter's insistence for a stealth mission, Dantius decided to join Greco and the resistance he had created as part of an effort to save as many as possible. The effort would have been successful were it not for the fact that when his aid was most needed, Karter refused to spite Dantius with Greco and his soldiers being killed as a result. Only Coventry was saved from the battle and even that had been barely achieved thanks in part to Karter's selfishness and Dantius' agreement with him to investigate the signal that had brought them to Greco in the first place. 

Greatest Test of ServiceEdit

Shortly after Alderaan, during a session of meditation, alarms came on throughout the Vornu Temple and Xaja Taerich announced there was a creature on the loose that had killed the Council. Instead of mobilizing with the defenses of the Temple, Dantius decided to focus on evacuating citizens first. Though he expected an encounter with whatever had raised the alarm, he ultimately escaped with a few hundred civilians. He also did so with himself and seven Younglings in tow although he was definitely surprised by how few the Jedi survivors truly were when he found out.

Arriving to the Orbital Station outside Vornu's atmosphere, Dantius decided to try and locate his old friend Mathes first before reporting to Master Taerich in the flesh. By this time, he had sent a coomunication ahead as per her orders on the comm. 

Morgana Enters The FrayEdit

"Morgana whenever your sister rubbed her hand across my face, I felt naught but the warmth of her love for me in her hand. Whenever you touch me in that same way, I feel the ice-cold touch of death in your hand. Your sister's death has deprived all warmth from your heart." "Precisely why I need the man my sister loved: to rekindle the warmth in my heart!" "It is but a shadow and a thought of what she had that you love, I can't give you what you seek." Morgana: "Then everything you know, shall burn!"

-Morgana and Dantius when the latter was held captive by the former

During the retaliation of his brother and Seth against Dantius, there was another who showed interest in having Hyperion's head. Her name was Morgana, an enchantress of the Dark Side who was also the twin sister of Dantius' first love Patricia. While Dantius was forcing his brother on the retreat through severing his arm, Morgana was gaining on him after nine years of searching and waiting for him to lose his sightings. And the snare was almost complete were it not for one thing: Seth still remaining an ally of Hyperion.

Around this time, Dantius also began taking lessons from both Cambul and Mathes that would hopefully improve his saber technique and his ability to incorporate the Force into his fighting style. Whilst Cambul pushed Dantius' physical endurance to the limit, Mathes helped Dantius look in the deepest bowels of his mind for the memories that had been long suppressed as a result of Dantius' trauma. When Morgana was still busy finishing the noose with which she intended to strangle Hyperion, Dantius had discovered the purpose his grandfather intended for him to fulfill with Hyperion's desire for revenge serving as a helper. Vowing never to follow the path that Crassus had laid before him, Dantius swore to only strike down Hyperion if he had no other choice but to do so.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Born with Asperger Syndrome, Dantius exhibited the typical signs of high-functioning autism at a very young age. However, though it would later be combined with the trauma of his seven-year coma, Dantius never let it affect his ability to grow and interact with other people. He developed a sense of loyalty that varied in difficulty to be built but was usually quite easy to develop once one proved themselves as happened with Mathes and Arek. His dedicated side meant that once he fell in love, he fell in love hard as would happen first with Patricia and later with Ashlynn

He was also very compassionate, still hoping that there was some way that his brother could be redeemed even if it seemed like he couldn't be. However, Dantius was not without his flaws: his coma and the early age at which it started often led to a confusion about who he was. As such, his curiosity was always sparked by the possibility of finding out clues to who he truly was, a curiosity that led him to search his grandfather's temple on Yavin 4. 

He would eventually come to view Mathes as the "father he never had" and would frequently relay his concerns for himself, his future, and even for Hyperion to Mathes during their spars. Though they separated ways after the death of Nobunaga, Dantius would also remain in touch with Arek who he would also regard as a brother. And though it is unknown as to whether or not he told her this, Dantius has often considered proposing to Ashlynn since accepting that he loved her. At some point, he knows he'll need to have the courage to speak up but so far, he hasn't been certain of when to do it. He also keeps Karter and Brison Yi as acquaintances as well as having Cambul as just a professional trainor for reasons concerning their behavior whenever they talked about his brother, Hyperion.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dantius' Lightsaber

Dantius' lightsaber hilt. Its green blade is a reminder of all that Dantius has challenged and survived. It also constantly reminds him of his service to the Jedi and is the tool he uses to sharpen his Ataru and Soresu skills.

Despite entering the fray of the wars of the Force-sensitives at a relatively late point in his life, Dantius exhibited incredible natural ability with a lightsaber and a few Force powers as quite a few of his family did. He particularly showed a talent for the use of Force Valor whenever in combat with occasional Force Push or Pull. His gift in the Force did not end there: he also was able to extend his senses to superhuman levels whenever he needed to. But whenever he was wounded or broke a limb, he also displayed an uncanny ability to mend these minor injuries though he has yet to be able to recover from anything serious without resting for a long period of time.

His coma was arguably an example of his mending process slowly regenerating severe damage over the course of a abnormally long timeline (in his case, seven years). Whenever forced into combat, and enhanced by his Force Valor, Dantius was skilled in the usage of Ataru and Soresu and displayed expertise in Terras Kasi when disarmed. Granted, he preferred diplomacy over using any of these methods but he is not afraid to use any of them in accordance to necessity. Amongst all these abilities, he would trade out Force Mend for Force Blind (due to a lack of usage on the part of Force Mend) which would prove effective in his battles against Hyperion.

Timeline (Threads)Edit

  • Note: Numbers are indication of correct order
  • Note: Threads do not represent the complete order of all roleplay for Dantius, Hyperion, Seth, and Morgana. More will be added as roleplay continues.
  • More Threads are being added all the time

Vornu Life

The Order

1. Meeting New People (Arrival To Vornu & Introduction to Mathes)

----1.5 A-70 (Dantius' Dormitory)

3. The New Ally  (Meeting Arek & beginning of the anti-Nobunaga campaign)

9. Refining Old Skills (Mathes gets a confession from Dantius) 

11. A New Frontier (Dantius & Ashlynn cross paths) 

12. I'll Take You Up On That (A flame of love is kindled) 

13. Reflection (Dantius' thoughts on his own feelings)

14. Conflict of the Soul (Dantius confesses doubts to Mathes)

23. Parting Ways (Arek & Dantius say their farewells) 

28. Tides of Change (Mathes & Dantius reunite and spar) 

29. Peace Begins From Within (Dantius uncovers secrets from his past with Mathes' help)

32. New Faces (Dantius encounters two new colleagues)

Outside The Temple

2. Sightseeing (Meeting another Jedi Master)

16. Bella Notte (Passions begin to ignite between Dantius & Ashlynn) 

17. Imprisonment Is Not Defeat (First interrogation of Hyperion)

18. The Call For Help (A relic of Algethiius emerges from the past)

19. A Sketchy Trust (Second Interrogation of Hyperion)

24. Making Arrangements (Dantius meets Mathes' fiance Asya)

25. Justice Will Be Served (Dantius' promise to Commander Cassis) 

26. Operation: Gift of Sight (Dantius restores Asya's eyesight) 

31. Fires of Perdition (Cambul tells Dantius his story) 

33. Wrath starts from without (Cambul begins truly training Dantius in combat)


Personal Crusade(s)

4. Scene of the Crime (Witnessing the damage of Hyperion's escape)

5. Picking Up The Trail (Recovering Hyperion's tracks)

6. Favor For A Scumbag (Hyperion is caught and lost again)

7. Freedom At Last! (Nobunaga's escape & Jedi's first skirmish)

8. Plan B (Staging the next move)

10. Knowing The Unknown, Defeating the Undefeated (Briefing) (The counter against Nobunaga begins) *Note "Defeating The Undefeated" is the correct version of the main title.

----10.1 Take To the Skies! (Cassis and Arek vs. Nobunaga's Fleet) 

----10.2 A Trip To The Dungeon (Kally and Lizzie save the Queen) 

----10.3 Surprise Sniping (Karter & Brison Yi reinforce Lizzie & Kally from afar)

----10.4 The Eviction And The Capture (Dantius & Korra evict Nobunaga & capture Hyperion)

15. Shards of the Past, Blade of the Future (A new warrior enters the playing field)

20. A Trap Or A Call To Arms (Seeking out The Survivor of Algethiius)

21. The Calvary Has Arrived! (The final demise of Nobunaga)

22. A Friend In Need (Dantius saves Arek) 

29. The Tables Turn (Hyperion & Seth collaborate in an attempt to destroy Dantius) 

30. A Dark Secret (Dantius confesses a revelation to Karter) 

Mission(s) For The Order

27. Order Assemble! (Arkanus sends Dantius on his first mission)

----27.5 Corporate Troubles: Cargo Shuttle (Dantius & Ashlynn contain a nefarious plague)

34. Mission to Alderaan (Dantius renders assistance to Nahia and Inoy) 

35. Ice Games (Dantius performs a task for Lorn Kenau) 


The name 'Dantius' comes from a fanfiction that the created once wrote and published on but later deleted due to his belief that he had not produced his finest work and could do just that in the future. Octavian comes from the Roman Emperor of the same name who would succeed his foster-uncle Julius Caesar to rulership of Rome and begin the dynasty that would go on until the end of the Roman Empire.

Caius, his middle name, comes from part of the name of the character Caius Marcius Coriolanus of the Shakespearean play 'Coriolanus', Hyperion's middle name serving as the other portion that serves as a nod to this character. 

Dantius' Asperger Syndrome comes from his creator having the disorder in real life and in fact, he, Hyperion, General Nobunaga, and Seth al Ugolio (amongst other characters) serve as different sides to how the creator has viewed himself and the world in his life.

Non-Canon AppearanceEdit

Sometime after Nobunaga was defeated on Felucia, and before Morgana entered his life, Dantius was summoned to the Tython temple of the Jedi Order by Master Satele Shan. Rejoining Karter but also meeting Azrael ThanNiya Venorryn, and Zellik Harr for the first time, Dantius was soon debriefed. He was made aware of alternate dimensions of the galaxy he knew and met Karter's one-eyed counterpart from one such alternate universe: codename 11-99. This time, the enemy was a being of the Light known as the Tree, direct counterpart to Darth Sangraal who had been the enemy of the previous interdimensional mission.

Arriving to 11-99, Dantius armed himself with two new weapons: bladed knuckledusters with the power of the Dark Side called the Bloodmarch Spikes and Sith lightsaber that contrasted his own Jedi one in every way. After briefly quarreling with Azrael, Dantius and company soon found themselves under attack from a woman calling herself Darth Minshuto, head of the 11-99 Sith called Sith Philosophers, and her minions. Surviving them and a hologram of Lord Sangraal's Jedi identity Cyra of Press, Dantius discovered a dark secret. That Minshuto was the Sith counterpart of his fallen love Patricia (with some aspects of Morgana though he'd discover this later) and had exacted vengeance on both his own counterpart and Hyperion's for the same rape crime that had brought about Axiom-dimension's Patricia's death.

However, this time, she had survived and was brought back from the bring by Karter's cycloptic counterpart. Becoming the leader of the Sith Philosophers through a path of bloodshed, heartbreak, adn vengeance, she finally got back at Hyperion for raping her and Dantius for leaving her for Ashlynn. Armed with this information, Axiom's Dantius soon came under fire from her lackeys once more but with a new heart. This time, he wasn't going to give up until he had brought her down and in doing so, silence the demons of his past.

Arriving to the next dimension, after seeing the resurrection of Azrael who had perished in battle against a hologram of Cyra of Press, Dantius was immediately pleased to see he still had a living counterpart. Even so, this happiness was not meant to last for very long as Dantius and company were soon forced into the sewers. After retreating into this sewers, pursued by the minions of the Tree, Dantius and company eventually found a way out after overcoming a powerful Force-sensitive known only as the Whaler. But it was here that Lady Minshuto herself was waiting for Dantius and his counterpart at their destination, the Blackhall Cemetery.

Immediately beginning the duel, Dantius was defeated with relative ease though not before he got a lucky hit and sliced off her mask, revealing the face of the woman he had loved in his own dimension to be beneath it. When he attempted to be diplomatic and bring her back to the Light, she immediately chastised him for being weak in not avenging her counterpart and emboldened herself for being "strong enough" to kill Hyperion's 11-99 counterpart. Then she showed him a vision of his counterpart's death at her hands and how he had "inconvenienced" her by sneaking the Codex of Tython (an artifact of 11-99's Jedi) away from her. When the vision passed over, she tortured him for a little while before deciding that she'd much rather see him fail than kill him outright even desipte his protestations that she should if she was so certain of his doom.

Lamenting what had happened, Dantius returned in time to be of assistance to the group when Sangraal's dueling lock, a seal placed on the Fecht Holocron which had been the objective of their trip, activate. The first to make a move, Dantius managed to successfully conduct the first three parts of the code before falling back. When Azrael successfully entered the combination, Dantius then decided to just stand aside until he could be of some help again. This came when they crossed a portal (with 11-82 Satele's help) into Dimension 19-45. Here, Dantius' counterpart was the head of the Sith Axis and was known as Herr Octavian to his subordinates, a tactical genius responsible for the massacre and torture of 600 people on Sullust.

When Dantius and the team arrived, his counterpart had begun his attack on Coruscant and was emerging victorious. However, a fleet from Corellia dropped out of lightspeed with another one from Mandalore both of which had born grudges against Herr Octavian for his crimes on Sullust. Herr Octavian countered with reinforcements of his own which bought the team more than enough time to overcome the perils near their shuttle and in space. Fortunately, the damage done to Herr Octavian's ship after the fleets dropped out of hyperspace also meant they had time to enter the ship and destroy him as was their plan.

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