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Darth Cideon

Speaking Style: She often sounds very formal with a strong hint of arrogance and haughtiness. To anyone familiar with linguistics it would be rather easy to pick up on her social class and even possibly her home planet.

Family Background/Lineage: Born into a wealthy merchant family on Alderaan. Rae grew up living the plush life of the upper class, enjoying the finest education on the planet. This however, was merely what the public view of her life was. In actuality her father was an illegal goods dealer who imported and sold goods across the planet on behalf of the Hutts. While her father tried to shelter her from his line of work, she would have no part of it. He was grooming her best friend since childhood, Gabe to take over when he was ready to retire but Rae insisted on being part of it as well. Eventually he finally gave in to his strong willed daughter, and she was trained from a rather young age on skills ranging from how to shoot a blaster pistol, to hand to hand combat.

Her mother, Maryanne Nolvi was raised in an aristocratic, slave-owning family and travelled in exclusive social circles. She was, and still is considered by some to be a beautiful woman. She turned so many heads that as one man put it, “she could make even a jedi knight forget his code.” She was a gracious hostess, dressing stylishly and throwing elegant parties, dances and receptions. Yet this was only the things you seen of her mother from the outside. Maryanne befriended individuals with shady reputations; and she accepted gifts and bribes in exchange for influence with her husband, who was one of the top illegal goods dealers on Alderaan. Her mothers interference was part of the reason her fathers business turned sour and life as they all knew it would change. Maryanne could be cheerful, graceful and loving, but also vain, arrogant, and jealous. This dichotomy won her many enemies.

Current/Former Occupations: The shift in power came when Rae was in her early twenties, nearly finished with her elite schooling. After finishing her education she returned home to her family's estate to take over her father's now failing business dealings. She quickly turned what had soured after his demise into being even more profitable than ever. Thanks in no small part to the cold war brewing between the Republic and the Empire and the current civil unrest across Alderaan. Her close association with the Hutt Cartel and many of the galaxy's most unscrupulous characters led her to take up the mantle of a bounty hunter under the alias “Duskrose”. She quickly fell in love with the rush and excitement of the job, and the pay didn't hurt either.

A while after the untimely death of her father, she decided to leave home and pursue other interests. Leaving the family business in the capable hands of Gabe, her best friend since childhood and someone her father was also extremely close to. She took up a few contracts while away from home, but none held her interest for long. That would all change when she stumbled upon Nogatan and the Empire that had formed there. She entered as a recruit, and shortly after graduation was promoted to the head of Sadow Squad. Soon after, she caught the attention of Darth Cideon and was asked to be his apprentice. It was under his guidance that she learned she was Force Sensitive, and then was meticulously honed into powerful Sith Lord. After a long series of events she was then promoted to Darth and is now leading the Temple into a new era.

Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Rae's penchant in life clearly revolves around business and bettering herself. From a young age she learned to ins and outs of the criminal world. How to negotiate, when to show force, and when to cut her loses and get the hell out. When she broke into bounty hunting she put the skills she learned as a child growing up in the presence of mercenaries and bodyguards to very good use. Everything from handling a variety of the galaxy's weapons to how to work the latest in cutting edge technology, her time spent among illegal goods has resulted in a strong familiarity with them. A lavish life spent in luxury has also given Rae a detailed eye when it comes to quality and a talent for fashion and social etiquette.

Languages: Basic and able to comprehend various other languages using the Force.

General Personality Type: With a bit of a wild streak, Rae is ambitious and motivated, decisive and determined, systematic and curious. She can be affectionate, enthusiastic, and self-confident. At the same time she is also jealous and dishonest, arrogant and ego-centric, self-centered and ungrateful, blaming others, and insisting on her own viewpoint even to her own detriment.

Mental Disturbances: Rae has a strong need for social approval, and is not above showing a bit of force to get it. She can also be very easily classified as narcissistic. She often times has a strong suspicion and mistrust of others, and will go to any length to save her own skin.

Eccentricities: Coming from such a wealthy and indulgent background it is little surprise that Rae is incredibly vain and indulgent, wasteful even. She is also almost always habitually late.

Temperament: Rae is a complex woman when it comes to her temperament. Much of which stems from the double life she leads as Ms. Nolvi and the other as Duskrose. She is secretive and guarded, a perfectionist and very stubborn. To the very few people she lets close to her, she is fiercely loyal to them, and can sometimes come to be jealous to the point that it's unhealthy. The loyalty can also be taken to the extreme, and she has even committed murder in the past due to this.

Method of Handling Anger or Rage: While Rae is not cold and emotionless, she is definitely not sensitive. The emotions she does feel she is very adept at compartmentalizing away for the time when she can deal with them appropriately. Just don't think she won't lash out at you if you insult or anger her. While she can be forgiving, she is slow to.

Bad Habits/Vices: Clothes, fashion, and anything luxurious. Rae is also a very big fan of wine and fine dining. When she gets overwhelmed she often can drink to excess.

Prejudices: People who are poor and lazy, and those who are dirty and uneducated. She also is a strong disbeliever in not polluting your body with cybernetics, and she will remain without them.

Pet Peeves and Gripes: People who dislike luxury and fine goods, especially those who are poorly dressed. Bad manners and poor etiquette are also very high on her list of pet peeves.

Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: Those who are even wealthier and extravagant and luxurious than her. Anytime she loses, not matter what at and when she commits one of her own pet peeves.

Fears: Losing her wealth, status, power and material possessions. She also has a fear of death, connected quite closely to the previous fears.

Important Relationships/Allies: Rae has an elaborate network of contacts throughout the galaxy, some that are on the Republic's side, some on the Empire's side, and even more that are in business just for themselves. She is often able to find someone either directly connected to her, her father, or a close associate in almost any major system in the galaxy. Her network is especially strong though the Hutt Cartel and their dealings, along with her biggest buyers on Alderaan. Reila and Gabe are her most long standing and closest friends. She has extremely close ties with Cideon, as she is his current lover and former apprentice.