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Darth Cideon
Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Dromund Kaas

Physical Description



6' 2"

Hair Color

Dirty Blonde

Chronological and Political Information

Dark Council


Academy Commander

Known Masters

Darth Cailous (Deceased)

Known Apprentices
  • Lord Venix
  • Darth Avaris


Early LifeEdit

"I am now Cideon, the only living remnant of the Empire's attempt to play God"
―Cideon, exert from 'Project Cideon' holorecord #513

Kam Drosur was born the only son of the droid mechanic Amik Drosur and his wife Adel, both of whom lived on Dromund Kaas prior to the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. Kam lived most of his life in relative poverty, helping his father repair droids for the Imperial war effort while trying his hardest not to end up enslaved or dead like so many of the Empire's citizens tended to sooner or later. He was born with no connection to the Force, which exempted him from being sent to join the Sith Academy, and due to his lack of education, skills and lowly birth, he was not even eligible to apply for the Imperial Army.

Unsatisfied with the life he had been born into, and with no means of escape, Kam came to resent it in time which led to a very strained relationship with his parents during Kam's teenage years. The young man's life changed when he was injured during a routine droid delivery. Instead of being brought to a medical centre, Kam was brought to an Imperial research lab where they fixed him up only to turn around and use him as a test subject in a top-secret military experiment named "Project Cideon". His family would later be told their son had died in a freak accident, his body unrecoverable after the incident.

Research SubjectEdit

"I owe everything to the scientists who made me what I am, but they deserved to die for what they did."
-- Cideon

Kam spent the next several months in an underground research facility under the care of Dr. Erim Oppus, a renowned biological engineer and scientist who had invented several controversial biological upgrades used by soldiers in the Sith military. His newest project was to create Force-sensitive warriors out of soldiers who had no connection to the Force by injecting the DNA of dead Sith Lords into living Humans and attempting to mix midi-chlorians into the subject's bloodstream.

Kam was one of the eight patients in Group S, the 19th group of test subjects brought in for the blood-transfer testing. The 188 patients who preceded Kam's group had all died in the process, however Oppus was confident that they made more progress with each group and that he was growing closer and closer to his goal. Like all the subjects before them, the other seven in Group S were driven mad and killed, though Kam somehow managed to survive the process and not go insane.

Furious, Kam drew upon the Force to kill every scientist and soldier in the facility before making his escape. Although he had reawakened with new powers, Kam had a limited recollection of his life before his time in the Imperial facility due to memory wipes and continuous drugging. He first went in search of answers, to find out who he was and where he had come from, and then later for information about what had happened to him. Eventually he learned about his previous life, his faked death and imprisonment by the Empire, the testing and the documented results.

The last thing Kam did before leaving Dromund Kaas was track down his parents and kill them for not trying to find him when he went missing. Their bodies were found in the burned remains of their home and the deaths were ruled a result of an accidental house fire. Kam disposed of his previous name, the name of a weak, helpless fool from a poor family on Dromund Kaas and took the name 'Cideon' instead. He secured transport with a smuggler he coerced in a local cantina and made his way to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

Sith ApprenticeEdit

"You knelt before me a slave. Rise now, my apprentice."
-- Darth Cailous to Cideon

Cideon's arrival on Korriban did not go unnoticed, least of all by Darth Cailous, a member of the Dark Council who had authorized Project Cideon in the first place. Impressed not only by the acolyte's new found ability in the Force but also his escape from Dromund Kaas, Cailous took Cideon as his apprentice and began to train him in the ways of the Sith. It was during this training that Cideon learned the truth of his newfound powers - that he had not been genetically modified as was documented by Oppus, but rather was allowed to be possessed by the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord to fake results to a skeptical Dark Council.

It was at this time that Cailous threatened his apprentice to ensure the truth never escape his lips. Unbeknownst to the Dark Councillor, however, was that a war waged inside the mind of his apprentice, a battle of wills between Kam Drosur and the unnamed Sith. The result was a mentally unstable man, caught between two very different personalities which could change with a gust of wind. Cideon felt no loyalty to his Master, and had already begun orchestrating the man's demise even before he had a chance to learn anything useful.

Meanwhile, it did not take long for word about Cideon's faked origin to spread through the Academy, and many of the Sith considered him to be a freak of nature. Numerous attempts on his life were made during his brief time in the Academy, the last of which ended up backfiring and killing Darth Cailous instead. A detonation in an ancient Sith tomb caused the ceiling to cave in on the Sith Lord, Cideon barely managing to escape while helping prevent his master from avoiding the falling debris. With no remaining protection and a growing number of enemies on Korriban, Cideon fled the Academy and an inevitable death.

Cideon disappeared for a time, only to show up a year later at the Imperial Academy on Nogatan. Desperate for somewhere to hide and hungry for the opportunity he was denied on Korriban, Cideon applied to the Imperial Academy where he was accepted and taken in by the Academy Commander of the time, Darth Trihilus.

Pravus AxiomEdit


Cideon, Academy Recruit


"This is what I came here for!"
-- Cideon thinking to himself

Cideon was first brought into Rune Marr's chamber along with fellow recruits Malfurious Mord and Skydo Owol. His first task as a Recruit was to break a Republic slicer, convince him to join the Empire and persuade him to share all his secrets. Cideon was successful after hours of carefully applied interrogation techniques using sleep-inducing and memory-altering drugs, convincing Keruin Hald that he was actually a Imperial agent who had been captured by Jedi and had his memory altered to project a completely false life. The lies were so intricately woven that Cideon convinced Hald to murder his own wife who he had claimed was actually the Jedi responsible for erasing all his memories.

Impressed, Marr sent Cideon on to his next chamber, but not before breaking his jaw as punishment for Cideon's arrogance. He met the owner of the next chamber, Medic-turned-Instructor Nikura, a Chiss agent who first tended to Cideon's wound before sending him, along with Skydo Owol, to Coruscant to procure a rare plant sample that would cure a sudden virus that had been plaguing Imperial soldiers. Once again successful, Cideon brought back not only the plant but the head scientist in charge of the facility they had robbed. Angered by the kidnapping, Nikura sent Cideon away with a reprimand.

Along with Skydo and a fellow Sith named Maven, Cideon travelled to Taris to complete his third and final assignment in the Academy. Together they were tasked to kidnap a scientist who was under the protection of a Jedi Knight named Kohmi'oo. Maven was incapacitated early by the Jedi which forced Cideon to face him one-on-one. While being outmaneuvered at first, Cideon was able to grab the upper hand with the help of a diversion caused by Skydo, and ultimately managed to cut down the Jedi in a moment of distraction. After executing an unconcious Maven for his weakness, Cideon travelled back to the Academy with Skydo and their prisoner to report their success.

Academy DoctorEdit

""Oh and Nikura? I hear there is a sudden influx of Chiss recruits in the Academy. If any turn out to be complete failures, do send them my way won't you? I have been developing this new poison and I haven't had a chance to test it on your species yet. Meticulousness and all that, you understand.""
-- Cideon to Instructor Nikura

After his success on Taris, Cideon was promoted from his position as a recruit and made a member within Pravus Axiom. He soon found himself taking the vacant position of Nikura in the Academy Medical Bay, which he for the most part modified into a morgue. While he helped fix up the odd recruit during his time as doctor, Cideon's main focus during this time was experimentation on dying recruits. Having scoured the planet for Sith artifacts, the doctor had a new found fascination with Sith alchemy and was eager to practice the dark art at every opportunity.

A sudden increase in recruit deaths alerted Nikura to Cideon's activities, eventually leading to a confrontation between the two medics. Nikura, still Cideon's superior officer, cut Cideon's funding in an attempt to halt his experiments but only deepened the Sith's hatred of the alien who he had taken to considering his rival. Instead of stopping, Cideon instead let every recruit sent to him by Nikura die, forcing her to stop sending him recruits altogether.

It was soon after this that a major shift in Imperial leadership occured, ending with a new Emperor and the dissolvement of the previous Council. Cideon, tired of the position he currently held, took advantage of the chaos to finally confront Nikura in her chamber, which bore the namesake 'Order'. Although she was in the middle of assigning a mission to a group of recruits, Cideon interrupted the Chiss with a Force Choke, killing her within seconds. The brazen murder drew the attention of Commander Trihilus, who blocked Cideon's attempt to leave. A fight between Darth Trihilus and Cideon ensued which ended in the death of the Academy Commander after Cideon let the spirit inside him take control. With both Trihilus and Nikura dead, Cideon decided he would align himself with the new Empire and inquire about the now vacant Academy positions.

He swore his loyalty to the new Emperor, Pollux Trajan, and was in turn gifted Nikura's chamber, which after the destruction caused to it by Cideon and Trihilus' duel, he renamed 'Chaos'. Now an Instructor within the Academy, Cideon was tasked with training Sith into deadly weapons who could hunt down the Axiom traitors and execute them for treason.

Academy InstructorEdit

"Welcome to Chaos."
-- Cideon to his recruits

Cideon's transition into an Instructor meant a more serious chapter of his life was starting, and his previous immaturity and selfishness would need to be set aside. The new Empire changed many things, including Cideon, who put his ambitions in Sith alchemy behind him for the time being and adopted a more serious demeanor. Depleting the accounts of Trihilus and the previous Academy Instructors, Cideon had the funds to better outfit himself and begin networking, with many important and wealthy contacts being made in the first few months of his instructing life. By now he had also stopped treating recruits like fodder, and had begun sharing with them his knowledge and power, something he never thought he might do. All he did now, he did for the Axiom - and the malevolent spirit inside him remained dormant for the time being.

Cideon was responsible for many of the changes within the Academy following the insurrection due mostly in part to the lack of an Academy Commander. Along with fellow Instructor Trase Scarden, Cideon made a stronger, more stable Academy and helped the Empire mobilize from the shadows of Nogatan into the Galaxy for the first time since their founding. Eventually, as the Academy grew in size, Emperor Pollux Trajan tasked Cideon with finding two suitable candidates to join him and Scarden as Academy Instructors. It took some time, but eventually Cideon put forward the names Kemisi Shemei and Raquor'daan for the Emperor's judgement. Trajan found no reason to disagree with him, and as Raquor'daan and Kemisi were raised to Instructors within the Academy, Pollux elevated Cideon to the Dark Council.


Darth Cideon, Academy Commander

Academy CommanderEdit

"There is but one constant truth in my Academy: you either deserve to be here, or you deserve death. You may survive and become Sith, or you may perish and be forgotten - you will find no third option here."
-- Commander Cideon

The spirit of the long forgotten Sith Lord remained latent within Cideon's mind for a time, allowing him access to its accumulated power and knowledge, which in turn enabled the Academy Instructor to climb through the Imperial ranks with relative ease. His rise was remarkable even amongst the bloodthirsty Sith, where such quick advancement without a dedication to study and training was typically unheard of. As Cideon ascended to the Dark Council, he took for himself the title of 'Darth', the Imperial Academy and the abandoned Imperial Labs.

When Darth Cideon had been granted a position of power within the Empire, the spirit finally decided to reawaken and attempt to fully possess the mind of its host body. While it was successful in overpowering the weaker personality of Cideon, it could not however destroy it and take full control of the Academy Commander. This resulted in fracturing the Sith Lord's mind, inducing a dual personality where the psychotic, racist, genocidal tendancies of the spirit became the dominant personality, while the principled, ideological and patriotic ones took a back seat, only to flood to the surface occassionally. Cideon returned to the cruelities of his time as an Academy Doctor, instead using the vast underground laboratories on Nogatan, as well as various hidden off-world facilities, to perform his sick experiments.

When one such facility on Dathomir was attacked by a Jedi contingency led by Cideon's cousins, Venii and Kam Drosur, Darth Cideon amassed the Empire's military and led a nearly-successful genocide on the planet's native peoples. Meanwhile, Darth Cideon was secretly using his influence to assassinate the leadership of various criminal syndicates throughout the Galaxy, then giving leadership to his own agents to ensure a steady flow of income which the Sith Lord then used to fund various projects aimed at the genocide of numerous alien species. Finally, the possessed Sith Lord was using leftover resources and his proficiency in Sith Alchemy to amass a stockpile of deadly chemical and biological weapons capable of destroying entire planets.

The Sith Lord's mental state continued to deteriorate at a rapid pace as he turned to alcohol and narcotics to stabilize his fractured mind. Under the influence of these drugs, however, Cideon's true personality was able to briefly wrest control from his possessor, which only made things worse than ever before. In an attempt to seize control, Cideon built up an addiction to a synthetic spice known as kokane - a somewhat successful measure, but at the cost of productivity. Darth Cideon became a shut-in for a period of time, neglecting his experiments and Academy, until the disappearance of the Emperor drew him out of his self-imposed exile.

Equipment & TechnologyEdit



Cideon's Lightsaber

A simple, single-blade lightsaber made from scraps of steel plating and powered with a traditional red crystal. While the lightsaber itself is not extraordinary in any way, it has travelled along side Cideon since his days as a recruit in Pravus Axiom and remains his secondary weapon of choice next to the Force itself. It contains no special upgrades and it's only notable feature is that it does not short circuit when making contact with Force Lightning, a trait that is particularly useful to Cideon as he tends to switch between lightsaber and lightning while fighting.


A harrower-class dreadnaught handed over to Darth Cideon upon his elevation to the Dark Council, easily recognizable by the deep gap running along the centerline of its wedge-shaped hull, and its three large thrusters and four smaller ones. Deliverance acts, for all intents and purposes, as Cideon's home away from the Academy, and his main base of operations. Along with everything else one would expect to find on a Star Destroyer, Cideon has also had a personal cantina, library, training facility and interrogation chamber built into the ship. Deliverance also houses its own compliment of starfighters and pilots, as well as a regiment of soldiers personally sworn to the Academy Commander's service.


Sith starship by doctoranonimous-d35x4ei

Flashfire, Cideon's modified Fury-class Imperial interceptor

A fury-class Imperial interceptor featuring an advanced hyperdrive and state-of-the-art sub-light engines, it is one of the most versatile starships in the Imperial fleet. Though initially designed for high-priority military missions, the Fury has become a favorite among Sith Lords and the latest models have been engineered accordingly. The Fury’s angular design combines the maneuverability of smaller Imperial fighters like the Interceptor with impressive armament that rivals some of the Empire’s larger military vessels. The model also features a newly designed set of ‘strike foils’ that remain down for travel but can be expanded in short range combat to maximize the ship’s agility and range of firepower. On the interior, adjustments have been made to match to the luxury and aesthetics demanded by the Sith. No expenses have been spared.

Cideon has made some special adjustments to his own ship, outfitting it with stronger armor plating and proton torpedos as well as transforming the storage room into a meditation chamber. He named his ship Flashfire for the effect his guns have on enemy vessels: a sudden flash of light, then nothing but a ball of flame.


Cideon's clos
901673-hk 24 large

Venge, a HK-80 series assassin droid

est companion and oldest friend, Venge is a HK-80 series assassination droid that Cideon purchased as scrap and rebuilt as a teenager. Upon joining the Empire, Cideon reclaimed the droid and set to remaking it into the deadly machine it once was. Outfitted with the latest in advanced weaponry and assassination protocols and loyal to a fault, Venge performs tasks for Cideon when his master is too busy to do so himself, acts as a personal bodyguard and protects Flashfire in Cideon's frequent absences. Wherever Cideon goes, Venge is not far away.

Associates & AdvesariesEdit



Lord Venix, Cideon's former apprentice

Venix was brought before Cideon as a child, an Omwati refugee named Emilia who was captured while attempting to stowaway on an Imperial transport along with her mother and brother. Her father was an Imperial soldier killed in the war, and with no money and no way to feed her children, Emelia's mother attempted to smuggle her children off Dromund Kaas on a transport bound for Taris after recieving word of her husband's death. Cideon murdered her brother as Emelia watched on, then had a recruit kill her mother next. The act of brutality caused an emotional Force bond to develop between Cideon and the child, and upon discovery of the bond the Sith Lord prepared her for training as his apprentice.

It was a number of years before the child showed any true proficiency in her Force abilities, and even longer before she forgave her master for the heartless murder of her only family when she was a child. But under Cideon's instruction and with his resources at her disposal, Emilia found her true calling amongst the Sith Empire. Growing in power every day, Emilia soon found herself as ferocious and merciless as her own master, with a hunger for power and thirst for blood. Fond of torture, she requested Cideon teach her in the ways of poison and Sith alchemy - a training Cideon was all too eager to share with his apprentice. After the successful murder of her first Jedi, Cideon named Emelia 'Venix', a monicker she quickly took up in earnest.

Together, Cideon and his apprentice fought in numerous battles and killed countless foes. Venix, while having never made an attempt on her master's life, had begun to grow her own power base and began to make a name for herself in many Imperial circles. After years together, Cideon decided it was time to allow his apprentice to branch out on her own, and named her a Lord of the Sith. While no longer an apprentice, Lord Venix remains in Cideon's employ and continues to perform tasks for him that he would trust noone else to accomplish.

Rae NolviEdit


Rae Nolvi, Cideon's apprentice

After Lord Venix's successful tenure as Darth Cideon's apprentice, the Sith Lord went in search of another and his search led him to Rae Nolvi. A cutthroat business woman who had inherited her father's company, and a part-time bounty hunter who was only in it for the thrill, Cideon's sensing of Rae's latent Force-sensitivity was the last piece of assurance the Academy Commander needed to decide upon his next apprentice.

Offered training in the Force, Rae saw the opportunity as a chance to further her own ambitions and increase her own wealth and power. She immediately agreed and was brought to Deliverance, Darth Cideon's flagship, where she swore loyalty to her new master and took her first steps down the path to power.

Personality & TraitsEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

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