Davli Saar
Davli Saar
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

148 ABY

Physical Description







120 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Legacy Era

Family Information

Van Saar (deceased)


Myn Saar


Lanik Maru (deceased)


Myn Saar, Van Saar (deceased)

Relationship Information

Lanik Maru (deceased)

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles



Galactic Basic, Manda'o, Bocce, Arkanian

Other Skills

Sniper Proficiency, Throwing Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency, Slicing Proficiency, Counterfeiting Proficiency

Miscellaneous Information

Double bladed sword, Mandalorian ripper, Sith Assassin Pistol, Stun Knives

"True heartbreak is watching those you love slowly die and being completely helpless to save them. "
―Davli Saar

Davli Saar was a Mandalorian assassin born to Van and Myn Saar. Both of her parents worked as mercenaries, but when she was born, he mother halted her line of work to raise her daughter and train her in the Mandalorian ways. Myn was a talented hacker and slicer, and taught all of her secrets to her daughter. When Davli was old enough to travel with her father, Van began teaching her his fighting tactics. Though he was a traditional Mandalorian and believed she should learn to fight as a woman does, Myn and Davli pushed against his rules until he final conceded and taught his daughter.

By the time Davli was nineteen, she was as reknown a mercenary as her father, and even began doing select missions as an assassin. Both of her parents worried about the path of life she began walking down when she took marks like that. But neither of them could deny that she was a skilled warrior, and capable of such things.

Once, when the Saar family was working together to retrieve a stolen prototype, Davli and her family realized they were set up by their employer, a man who had had many things stolen from him by the Saar family. Davli and Myn managed to make it out alive, but Van sacrificed himself for the lives of his wife and daughter. Upon exiting the complex, though, Myn was hit with flying shrapnel from the thermal detonator Van had set off. When she finally came to, she could not see or hear anything.

With neither of her parents able to guide her in her life anymore, Davli took Myn and returned to Mandalore. Myn lived there with many other Mandalorian women she had known throughout her life, while Davli left, too heartbroken by the shell of what used to be her mother, and continued working as an assassin. Occasionally, she would return to Mandalore to see her mother, but the sight of her broken mother was more than she could handle, and would shortly leave after returning.


Birth and Early LifeEdit

"Though she is young, she is already learning quickly. I have no doubt she will be better than both of us when she is of age."
―Van Saar

Davli's mother and father were both freelance mercenaries; taking jobs whenever the money was good enough. When she was born, Van continued working as a mercenary, traveling back to Mandalore to see his wife and daughter often. Myn, however, stayed home to raise their daughter.

When Davli was three years old, her mother began teaching her the Mandalorian ways of fighting for women. She was surprised at her daughters endurance and ability to learn so quickly, even at such a young age.

Myn was known as a very talented slicer and hacker in the mercenary world. Though she knew she had to teach her daughter how to fight, she also began teaching her daughter some trade secrets in the hacking business. At first, it was difficult for her to pick up, but as she grew older and began understanding technology more, the skills came as easily to her as they did to her mother.

As she became more aware of her fathers job, Davli begged him to take her with him on a few of his missions. Van refused, knowing his daughter was too young and too inexperienced to go with him without him worrying about her safety.

Becoming a Mercenary Edit

"You mercenaries are only a step above the bounty hunting scum of the galaxy."
―A mark of Davli's, speaking to her before his death

When Davli was sixteen, she finally convinced her father to let her travel with him on one of his marks. Since he was never home enough to see how well his daughter performed, he was impressed with she joined him. Her hacking skills were still rusty, but with more practice, they would get to be as good as her mother's. Her abilities in combat, however, were as good as any Mandalorian's.

The Saar family became a renown name throughout the galaxy. They finished all of their missions with excellence and speed, and to every detail their employer asked. As Davli grew older, however, she became bored with the regular mercenary work. The money in contract killing began appealing to her more and more as she became more skilled at fighting and hacking. Though her parents both voiced their concerns in her taking her own marks, they knew that their daughter was more than capable of taking on such feats.

The Fall of Myn SaarEdit

"She is Mandalorian. She is a warrior. What kind of life is it to be unable to fight and feel the smooth metal of a weapon between your fingers ever again? "
―Davli to Syal Kur

When Davli was nineteen, her and her family were searching for a stolen weapons prototype. Their employer, who had kept their identity secret, was famous in the black market for powerful and dangerous weapons. The prototype had been stolen by a rival weapons dealer, and he wanted it back. Having heard about the capable Saar family, he hired their abilities.

At first, the mission seemed easy; unusually easy. After retrieving the prototype and beginning their exit of the building, their secret employer revealed his identity as one who had been wronged by the Saar family. They had stolen a weapon of his, hired by a rival. Now he wanted his revenge.

Davli and her family were overwhelmed with the amount of mercenaries charging them. Van forced his wife and daughter to evacuate the building and escape. As Myn and Davli ran from the building, they had figured Van had been behind them, but as they got outside, they turned and found that he was not there. The truth suddenly hit Davli and Myn, realizing that van had sacrificed himself for their lives.

Davli held her mother back, but she could not keep Myn from running back into the building to find her husband. When she had finally wriggled free of her daughters grasp, a thermal detonator shook the grounds and threw the two women back. When Davli came to and saw the wreckage of the complex, she began looking for her mother and found her only slightly alive.

Dragging her mother's body back to the ship, she flew for the nearest planet, and sought medical assistance. When her mother came to, she could not hear or see anything. During the explosion, she had been hit in the head with a large piece of debris, rendering her unconscious and permanently damaging her brain. She was now merely a shell of her former self. Davli returned to Mandalore with her mother, and left her with an old friend; Syal Kur. Syal was an older woman whose son had been a Mandalorian warrior the age of her father. Growing up, Davli had spent many of her days in Syal's house.

Seeing the woman who used to be Myn, Syal agreed to watch after her while Davli continued on her career. Both of her parents were dead to her, and the only thing she had left in life was the next mission. Occasionally she would return to Mandalore to see her mother, but she only saw the vacant unknowing expression of a woman who resembled her mother. To resist the heartbreak, Davli left Mandalore usually shortly after returning.


"Your name is known to many, and now, those who wish you dead, have an easier time finding you."
―A rival contract killer addressing Davli before she killed him

Being the daughter of two previously famous mercenaries, Davli's name was popular throughout the galaxy in both high and low circles. Her work, however, had shifted from what her parents had done to more of a contract killer. Now that she had no mother and no father to hold her back from her desires, she quickly aspired to one of the best contract killers in the galaxy. 

With fame and money, though, came more enemies. Knowing that more people would hear of her and want her dead, Davli became heavily paranoid. From the outside, she looked composed and on alert 24/7. But on the inside, Davli was a ticking timebomb, waiting for anything to set her off. 

The Son of a LordEdit

"It is a silly thing, love. I do not wish to ever experience it myself. It seems to only bring more pain and suffering into ones life when the other dies."
―Davli Saar to Lanik Maru

When Davli was twenty-four, she was contacted by a wealthy lord on the planet of Csilla. At the time, she knew nothing about the planet or it's native people, the Chiss. But after heavily researching the people, she responded to the lord's message. He had requested her to kill the man who had killed his wife ten years ago. Since her death, he had been hiring contract killer after killer, but none were able to finish the job. After hearing so much about her and her capabilities, he decided to contact her and believed her able to do the job. 

After arriving on Nar Shaddaa, the agreed rendezvous point, Davli met with the lord - Lord Maru - and accepted his contract. Her mark, however, was a member of the Council on Coruscant. His rank would make it difficult to complete the mission, but Davli was confident in her abilities. To ensure to completed the mission successfully and did not inform anyone of Lord Maru's plotting to murder a council member, Lord Maru sent his son, Lanik. Lanik was not only his son, but also his personal body guard. Davli would also be required to take Lanik's ship. Another security measure. 

Upon the beginning of the mission, Davli and Lanik disagreed on many occassions. Both thought the other was rude, condescending, and irritating. Many times a snide remark would turn into a fist fight between the two. But slowly, as the mission progressed and they could both see a clear path to the council member's death, the two began to agree and understand one another. 

After carrying out the contract and killing the council member without any mention of Lord Maru's name, Davli recieved her money and began preparations to leave Nar Shaddaa. Already she had more contract requests and was planning on following up on many of them. As davli was leaving, however, she was approached by Lanik Maru. He requested to work with her. After their time together, he admitted to having grown fond of the rough Mandalorian woman. To her own surprise, Davli accepted Lanik's offer and the two grew to be more than business partners.

Years after their partnership began, Davli and Lanik returned to Mandalore. Her mother had grown older and much more frail in her years, as she was unable to maintain her physical abilities from her loss of hearing and sight. Syal was growing older, as well, but she did not look it, as she was able to continue mainting her physical abilities. 

To Syal's surprise, and many of Davli's extended family members, Davli and Lanik had returned to Mandalore for a brief wedding. Neither wished for the traditional festivities and celebrations afterwards. At first, her family held much opposition to her choice of partner and her decision on no festivities, but she was able to make them see her side. In only a few months after they had returned, Davli and Lanik were married, and quickly left Mandalore after their wedding to return to their work.

A Lost LoveEdit

"The heart will never heal after the loss of so many loved ones."
―A Jedi Davli met in her journeys

Years later, Davli and lanik were on a chase through an asteroid field. The two were chasing a mark who had managed to escape from Tattooine. His ship disappeared into the field and ambushed Davli and Lanik with the element of surprise. The ship was badly damaged and their mark escaped them yet again. Half of the hull had been destroyed. The two managed to crash landed in the Dune Sea of the Outer Rim planet. Upon the jolting crash land, Lanik was thrown from the ship and Davli was tossed about the ship. 

Hours later, after she awoke, Davli found her arm locked under a heavy piece of debris. She was unable to feel it after pulling it free from the debris, and decided many of the nerves had been damaged. She stumbled out of the crashed ship and began frantically searching for her husband. When she found him, his body was trapped and broken under a piece of the hull with a sharp edge of his through his chest. He was near death when she found him, and as she was unable to move him or the debris, he died hours later. 

A family of farmers in the Dune Sea had seen the smoke trail of the ship and follwed it to the crash site. When they arrived, they found Davli lying unconscious, holding the hand of her deceased husband. She was immediately taken to the nearby city of Anchorage and brought to a med-center. Her arm was replaced with cybernetics, as many of its nerves had been destroyed and damaged in the crash. 

After fully healing and gaining her strength, Davli stayed on Tattooine to repair her crashed ship. It took many months, and after it was fully repaired, she contacted the Lord Maru and met with him on Nar Shaddaa. With her, she had the ashes of her beloved husband and his son. The two shared an emotional connection that Davli believed she would never share with anyone ever again. She insisted that he take his son's ashes, but Lord Maru told her that they should remain with her.

Now, with the death of her father, her husband, and her lost mother, Davli painted her armor a dark grey, symbolizing the loss of many loved ones.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Many who knew her said Davli was a walking replica of her mother. She had her mothers height, eyes, and specifically her flowing blonde hair. Growing up with both of her parents being Mandalorian, she kept herself in shape and physically able. She was not only tall, then, but tall and muscular.

Though she looked exactly like her mother in most aspects, she had the hardened features of her father as well. Her jaw line was hard and angular, and her cheek bones were sharp. Her face was one of harsh beauty.

After the death of her father, the fall of her mother, Davli changed the color of her armor to a deep grey. In Mandalorian tradition, such colors meant the mourning of a dead loved one. After the death of her husband, however, Davli never took off her armor. Her armor was her skin and showed the rest of the world what she had lived through.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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Van SaarEdit

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Myn SaarEdit

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Lanik MaruEdit

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Syal KurEdit

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