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Desideria scalera imperial pilot by mandogirl22-d6g8q31
Desideria Scalera is a pilot in service of the True Empire


She is an attractive young woman with a slender and fairly muscular build. Her long red was pulled back in a braid. Ria wears the typical uniform of an Imperial starfighter pilot.


Ria is very brilliant, able to think of plans while in the middle of a fight. She is a lighthearted wiseacre, and could often be counted on to crack a joke or poke fun at the situations that she encounters. Ria possessed an inflated sense of irony that some mistook as fatalism.


Desideria “Ria” Scalera was born and raised on Coruscant; she was born into a long line of pilots. She is the youngest female pilot from her family to graduate of the Imperial Navy Academy, Ria wanted to prove herself to her family that she was just as good as any man.

Equipement Edit

She has two code cylinders and a small blaster pistol that she kept in her right boot. Ria pilots a Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighter that is slightly modified

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