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Drak Abomination
Draco "Drak" Tethla
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"One is truly lost when the only ones they trust, are the voices in their head."

Draco Tethla, now nicknamed Drak, was once a deadly bounty hunter who wished to one day win the Great hunt. On a hunt he was severely injured and left to die by his partner at the time Clyde, a smuggler who he had worked with before. Darth Cideon along with other members of Pravus Axiom found his body and took him in, Cideon experimenting on him, distorting him as well as saving him. Drak since then has graduated the Academy and has been experimented on a second time by Darth Cideon, turning him into an Abomination. Now he serves as the Academy Commanders' protege/weapon and is a member of the Legion. He is still on the hunt for Clyde...


Bounty Hunting DaysEdit

"I hunt, therefore I am Trandoshan!"
―Drak to a fellow bounty hunter

Drak fallowed behind the footsteps of many a Trandoshan before him, becoming a bounty hunter and preparing for the Great Hunt. During this time he worked with many a bounty hunter, and did many jobs as well. Two honorable mentions were Je'ka Cuyot, who he worked with on an assassination mission where the two were able to kill a diplomat without anyone knowing. During this mission Drak met a lethan twi'lek by the name of Talia Tek, he quickly fell in love with her, and this was one of the reasons she wasn't killed that night. Another job Drak teamed up with future Jedi, Tali Kuti. This was one of his more memorable jobs because the two of them worked very well together.

Unfortunately these glory days in the hunting business couldn't last. Drak, early on in his career, partnered up with a smuggler who most only knew as Clyde. Their partnership was quite fruitful though Drak did have a feeling something was up with Clyde, though could never figure what it was so left it be. This eventually led to the detruction of his clan by his own hands, and Clyde then severely injured him and left him to die in his burning home.


―Drak trying to explain what he is.

Several members of Pravus Axiom (Darth Cideon among them) discovered his dying form and decided it was a perfect specimen for creating a Trandoshan Sith. During testing Drak went through excrutiation pain as genetic splicing and other methods of mutation were practiced on him. Miraculously he survived the endeavor, but his mind and body were changed forever. He gained enhanced senses and physical abilities. His physical appearance looked more like his evolutionary ancestors than a Trandoshan warrior. He also lost the ability to speak Galactic Basic, at least well, his Trandoshan is perfect however. Although he now hates the Sith for what they did to him, he is also grateful, for they saved his life and so owes them a life debt.


―Drak yelling at Darth Cideon

The BeginningEdit


Drak Pre-Abomination

When Drak first arrived many of his fellow Recruits found him to be odd, one even attacking him, believing him to be a Sith pretender (Roy Mald). As Drak went through his first few days he awaited for his first Instructor, during this time he trained, and sparred with his fellow recruits to guage their strength to see if they would be helpful when he finally went out to get revenge on the smuggler who betrayed him.

Muriel YarEdit

He was eventually called by his first Instructor for his first real assignment. In this assignment he met some new faces, Miki Soveldra'Toth and Caleb Hunt were two fellow recruits, Corey Black was an officer of the Legion who went along as back up. Roy Mald also was involved. During this assignment, the group was able to steal a new war ship right under the Republics nose.

I was also during this time that Drak learned he could not get drunk due to his enhanced healing abilities.

Lucian EidolonEdit

His next instructor sent him on a supposed mission to kill a rival Sith's apprentice. Instead he discovered that Lucian had set him up to go toe to toe with a former Instructor now Temple officer named Jesck Ke'sann. During this fight Drak discovered how truly outmatched he was going against such a high ranking member. Eventually Drak got the man to show him his true strength, quickly leading to Drak's crushing defeat.

When Drak returned he awoke from a nightmare in the MedLab. Once he regained his senses ,thanks to fellow recruit Caxkj, he went to go and kill Lucian with his real lightsabers. Lucian easily disarmed the enraged Trandoshan but explained to Drak that his lesson was not to be so trusting of others. Drak holds this lesson to his heart to this day.

Around the same time Drak went through several simulations with fellow recruits, befriending Je'ka, Laikyn, and Markos, and Voska through these very real exercises, two of which the participants thought they had died.

Trase ScardenEdit

Drak teamed up with another recruit by the name of T'lanna. Their assignment was to survive a zombie appocalypse in the simulation that could only be accessed with the passcode "Scar69". During this experience T'lanna and Drak had to rely on each other's abilities to survive the undead onslaught that could very really kill them or drive them insane. During this simulation Drak again was hit psychologically with an undead version of himself and an undead version of Miki Soveldra'Toth. He still doesn't know what happened there.

Drak also had an encounter with two full members of Pravus Axiom, Trinity Nightwalker and Matt Rand. He met them both while training. When he met Trinity he nearly killed her thinking she was an enemy, but soon they became fast aquintances if not friends. During this Drak had an abrupt flashback of the smuggler who betrayed him. The flashback was so real that he nearly killed Trinity again, and when he realized what happened he broke down sobbing, not wanting to become a monster. Matt Rand saw the part where Trinity had almost been killed and so tried to start a fight with the Trandoshan. Eventually Matt's attempts were futile and Trinity helped solve the situation. Trinity swore to meet Drak again some day.

Darth CideonEdit

Instead of a regular assignment like the rest of his Instructors Drak had to attend a congratulator feast for the Graduates achievement of surviving the Academy.During his graduation feast for surviving the Sith Academy he finally discovered who was responsible for his curretn mutated state. Darth Cideon. Wishing for revenge he threw out all logic and attacked the Dark Lord. Even though Drak's power in the Force grew exponentially tanks to his rage at Cideon, the Academy Commander easily defeated the abomination and took him to his lab for further experimentation.

Manufacturing LoyaltyEdit

After six days of horrendous tests and Dark Side feeding, Drak is now a true abomination, few things remain that are of his Trandoshan past, one of the few being his Ceremonial sword. One of the major changes was that he was incapable of attacking Darth Cideon, becoming another weapon in the Darth's arsenal. The Darth wasted no time, first telling Drak to get a new weapon and then clear the way for Rae Nolvi's assension as Temple Lord.

The Legion/Protege of Darth CideonEdit

"I gradually get on one knee before the Darth, what...the...frak am I doing? 'Master Cideon...what do you wish of me?' as I say this I bow my head slightly, awaiting his response."
―Draco Tethla to Darth Cideon after waking up from the second experimentation.
Drak Sig (official)

Weapon Testing: S.M.A.S.H.Edit

Drak was ordered by his new master to get a new weapon to replace his lost twin sabers. When Drak went to see a Zabrak name Markai Norvak, he was given his new hammer called the S.M.A.S.H. and then was forced to go through five waves of increasingly difficult odds in order to test the new weapon. The weapon's own design functions along with Drak's new found ability to channel the Force into it allowed the new weapon to become part of Drak quite quickly.

Spring CleaningEdit

Drak's first major mission given to him by Darth Cideon, he was told to kill the Handmaidens that used to work for Darth Abraxas, and if possible, kill her apprentice.


When Drak finally appeared after being made Cideon's "weapon" in the Sith world again, very few could recognize him, even some of his close friends like Je'ka and T'lanna. Though they eventually figured it out thanks to his voice, the mood it set was not the best. After orientation Drak met with Matt Rand in his bunk. They figured out they were roommates and bonded quite quickly.

Apparel Edit

Black durasteel greeves and shin guards, owns a full body suit for toxic environments, his lower body is covered by a tunic like clothing. He also has a durasteel colar with chain arround his neck that had been used as a precaution when Cideon turned him into an Abominaiton.


Twin red lightsabers that can be combined to form a dual blade saber (pre-Abomination), A Force Hammer, his ceremonial Trandoshan sword.


Drak's main power is his phenomanal healing ability, though it only affects himself, it allows him to take a lot of hits and keep on swinging. Thanks to Darth Cideon, Drak is also blessed with a suprasteel exoskeleton and muscle structure, again allowing him to take a lot of hits and keep fighting. This advantage though also makes him highly vunerable to electrical attacks (such as Sith lightning) and repeated blows from a lightsaber can cut through the muscle and bone.

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Drak's Force powers are quite basic, he can lift things, hold things in mid-air, Force Push, Force Jump. He also has the ability of channeling the Force through his weapons, though he can't control it, so whenever he uses a big attack it drains him due to the extensive use of the Force. This is most prevelent in his Force Hammer (also known as S.M.A.S.H.), where whenever he hits something with the hammer's head it produces a Force Shockwave, this drains him quickly, especially after repeated uses or a large attack.

Drak's Force signature however is usually quite repressed when not in battle, reflecting his submission to Darth Cideon. However in battle it usually is very large and dark, often describe as "Burning". This is due to his violent tendencies and his strong sense of vengeance, weaker Force Users often are overwhelmed and can even be mentally scarred by too much expossure to his Force Signature, due to its "Burning" nature.

His greatest power though is his battle sense. This he developed during his years as a Bounty Hunter, it often allows him to predict the moves of his enemies to a degree, and guides most of his tactical decisions on the battlefield.

A "Secret" power of his is that when he eats the flesh of his victims (something he developed as an Abomination), he actually get's stronger, especially if the victim is Force Sensitive. This is due to him gaining remnants of the being's own power through digestion.

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