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Solix "Dullahan" Ka'ra
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Independant Contractor

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3663 BBY



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6' 2"

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Old Republic


True Empire

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Early LifeEdit

Solix Ka'ra, as called by his birth name, was one of two proud products in the Ka'ra family. He and his twin sister, Lunex Ka'ra, were born as the result of a drunken affair by two mercenaries who had met at the Oyu'baat, the oldest cantina on Mandalore. Given that their parents were not married and that the father was nowhere to be found, it was decided that the children bear the mother's name.

The twin siblings were inseparable by any means, standing by each other even if both received punishment. Lunex, being the firstborn, was always looking out for her younger brother as his reckless personality and insatiable curiosity tended to land him in trouble quite often. Her attempts to keep him from their mother's wrath was not taken for granted.

Both being trained in the warrior ways of the Mandalorians meant they would have to learn a trade in addition to combat proficiency. Solix was being trained to become an extremely efficient warrior, a bounty hunter like his mother. He had a marvelous level of talent with blaster pistols, being able not only to draw with lightning relfexes, but able to track targets separately. It would not be enough though and expecting her children to eventually face an adversary with access to the Force also taught them the basics of Teräs Käsi, to strengthen their minds against mental invasion in addition to being an excellent form of hand to hand combat. She also taught them both the technique in use of vibroweapons should the need arise where blasters were not an option and neither was hand to hand combat. With all her knowledge given to them on the Mandalorian way and in survival, they would be ready for their verd'goten, or rite of passage when they came of age.

Upon the age of thirteen, both Lunex and Solix completed their trials with cunning, skill, and perseverance. As a gift and show of immense gratitude for always watching over him, Solix custom engraved images symbolizing the siblings' personal history with each other on her most favored carbine. No matter where she was in the galaxy, he wanted her to remember him. As a show of thanks she gifted him with an identical blaster pistol to his own so that he too may remember. Ever since then Solix has believed that 'twins' meant good luck.

For many years after, Solix kept in contact with his sister and often they would regale each other with tales of recent bounties and their success. It was true, Solix was very good at what he did and it brought him great wealth as it did many Mandalorians before him. Eventually the contact seemed to begin to die off. Solix did not understand why his sister suddenly began to distance herself from him less and less. The last he heard from his sister was only to inform him that their mother had passed due to a rocket pack malfunction. He couldn't bring himself to forgive her for her seemingly callous and cold persona. Coupled with both the loss of his sister and his mother he sought out a means to escape from his stresses and took up tobacco smoking, something that after long abuse cost him his sense of smell and gave him a hard addiction.

Now seeking to move on with his life, Solix travels alone and carries out everything he does with all the ruthlessness he was taught to have and now feels is the only way he can shield himself from another loss. Because of the pain he refers to himself with the new identity, 'Dullahan'. He believes now the only identity he requires is what everyone else sees, his armor. Beneath that there is nothing else. With an Imperial contract in mind he head out for Nogatan, the seat of the True Empire.

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