Far-Shan Nadiito
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3655 BBY

Physical Description







80 lbs.

Hair Color

Orange and White

Eye Color


Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic




Estranged Padawan

Family Information




Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles
  • Form I:Shii-Cho
  • Telekinesis
  • Movement
  • Elevation

Galactic Basic

Other Skills
  • Two Handed Proficiency
  • Lightsaber Proficiency
  • Beastlore Master
Miscellaneous Information

Twin Green Bladed Lightsabers

Theme Song

The Power Of Will- Ivan Torrent


Far-Shan like to dress simply. He has a brown Jedi tunic that has been cut to expose his midriff, allowing for better movement and versatility. He has brown Jedi pants and no footwear. On occasion he will wear his brown Jedi Cloak, preferred over the robe which offers less freedom of movement.


Far-Shan is extremely compassionate, and wise beyond his age. He is very intune with nature and can communicate with many animals through his extensive knowledge of beastlore. Growing up he was learning how to tame wild animals, and although taken early from his clan, he continued to grow in his knowledge of beasts. Although rarely heard, due to being somewhat socially awkward, when he speaks, it is often advice.


The Amaran WayEdit

Growing up on Amar was relatively peaceful. For Far-Shan and his clan, life was simple. He grew up learning how to communicate with the animals on his planet, and was able to tame them. Not necessarily exceptional in his skill compared to other Amarans, Far-Shan by outsider standards was amazing. His skill was noticed around the time he was 7 when a ship full of traders landed on the planet. They had come looking for natural resources or goods they could sell, and Far-Shan being the curious type, joined them on their scouring and acted as a guide.

While guiding the band of traders, Far-Shan had some across a wild animal that was almost killed by a blaster bolt from one of the crew. Far-Shan had stayed the mans hand and calmed the wild animal down quite impressively, the animal then tamely leaving the group alone. Now seeing the potential in little Far-Shan, the captain of the ship brought Far-Shan along with his grew when they left the planet. Excited to explore new worlds, Far-Shan left his family behind and began to chart a new course in his life.

Disturbing Realizations and A Newfound HomeEdit

Shortly after leaving Amar, Far-Shan uncovered a very unpleasant truth. The group of nice traders he had left his home to join, were in fact space pirates. Upon realizing this, Far-Shan escaped into the city on the first planet they landed on, just so happened to be Vornu. Fleeing into the city, leaving the pirates behind, Far-Shan eventually came to the doors of the Jedi Enclave. Not knowing anything about the Force or it's ways, he was brought inside by a caring Jedi who had noticed the poor Amaran out of breath and looking terrified.

After calming down and catching his breath, Far-Shan introduced himself to the Jedi who brought him inside. Not having met an Amaran before, the Jedi was curious to see if they had Force-Sensitivity. Without forcing young Far-Shan to be tested, the Jedi asked him if he would be willing to try. Not seeing any harm in this, Far-Shan went along to be tested, and being found to be Force-Sensitive. Having found the compassionate Jedi to be his style, the young Amaran decided to make the Enclave his home.



Studying the Way of the Jedi, Far-Shan was found to be a quick learner, and always level-headed. Always caring for others and putting them before himself, Far-Shan would be quick to help where needed, and always eager to assist. Although he believed saber skill was important, it did not interest him nearly as much as the ability to tame wild animals. Spending much time in the Encalve Archives, he would study new perspectives and techniques for skills he already had and knew.

An Orphaned CubEdit

Eventually accompanying the occasional Master on missions, Far-Shan got his fair share of travel. One particular mission that brought them to Cholganna, left a bitter taste in his mouth. While searching for clues on an elusive enemy of the Republic in the the forests of Cholganna, the Jedi Master Far-Shan was accompanying stumbled across a very territorial mother Nexu. Far-Shan tried to tell the Jedi Master that he could tame it, or at the least have it leave them alone, but the Master was not willing to put either of them at risk and killed the beast. As they continued to wander the forest, not to far off, Far-Shan found a little Nexu cub, that was obviously now an orphan at the Master's hand.


Far-Shan and Kias

Deciding that the taking of one life should not result in causing the death of another, Far-Shan took the cub and decided to care for it himself. Naming it Kias, Far-Shan raised the cub and never left its side. When Kias became full grown, and obviously was a problem in the Enclave, Far-Shan decided to move her into the jungles of Vornu, where he visited her frequently.

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