"There always must be a Darth Traya".


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Darth l
Axiom Information
Biographical information



3653 BBY

Physical description






Hair color

ink black

Eye color

flaring red

Skin color

mid blue



Chronological and political information

Old Republic

  • Cult of Darth Traya
  • True Empire
Known masters
  • Darth Traya reborn (self-proclaimed)
Known apprentices


Earliest memories

Fea'ris'saareth, or Ariss, as she prefers to call herself, cannot call any planet home. And that is for good reason. As a descendant of a rogue Sith lord, a self-proclaimed Darth Traya no less, she was born on board the "Freedom Ghost" in hyperspace.

Ariss tends to think she never had any parents. Her father Lord Malarr was killed on some forgotten world when she was just a little girl. She has no particular memories of him, even cannot remember father's Chiss name. Ariss has little to remember about her mother as well. The fierce warrior Kaa'ryy'nethar challenged the reborn Darth Traya and lost. The only one relative Ariss remembers well is her grandmother Fea'tris'saareth, who was known also as that reborn Darth Traya.

That was the first Master Ariss ever had. Only the final defeat prevented Ariss from completing her studies and claiming the Darth Traya title for herself.

Locked within the Hutt's vault

As it always happens when one wages war to all world the Cult of Darth Traya was finally defeated. It's leader disappeared (no one ever seen the old Sith dead, but no one saw her alive either).

Ariss tried to restore order in the Cult and claimed the title and power. But who would ever take a fourteen year old girl seriously? To cut the long story short, she was captured by Lethryl, once a first apprentice to Traya then bitterest rival to Ariss and then sold to Zergo the Hutt to cover war expences.

As all know, a Hutt palace is no good place for a teenage girl. Still, little Ariss spent her first year there with Zergo's dancers. When she was fifteen, she could perform no worse then her more experienced colleagues. Still, she was a bit disappointed by the fact she was unable to dance like a twi'lek, no matter how hard she tried. Yet, many of the Hutt's guests appreciated one of the most rare slaves on Nar Shaddaa - a Chiss dancer.

The older Ariss grew, the more suspicious people displayed interest to her. And in less and less decent ways.

Once there was a kind of some celebration in the Hutt palace. Ariss knew little  of it's reason. Maybe Zergo wanted to praise one of his hunters who was extremely successful in dealing with the Hutt's enemies. So, when a big armed and armored human tried to grab her Ariss got really angry. Although she had never used the Force when was a slave, that was a different thing. Little Chiss girl punched the offender helping herself with the Force.

Of course, slaves who attack master's guests should be punished.

Ariss was given as a test subject to the scientist working part-time for the Hutt. Although that's one of the most painful memories to her, eventually this totally mad individual brought Ariss to freedom.

The True Empire.

In the long run Ariss found herself on Nogatan as a Sith student. Free of the past and open to further actions.

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Physical appearanceEdit

Fea'ris'saareth, like the most of her race is tall and slim. She bears traditional Sith tattoos since early childhood.

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Ariss was taught not to divide the Force into Dark and Light sides, but to benefit from them both. She always seems to be calm and serene as a Jedi when interracting with others. Still, she feels free to use her passions when needed. As a possible successor to an ancient Darth Traya Ariss sees nothing bad in betrayal if that would benefit her. At the same time she may be extermely loyal if that is what brings final victory.

Ariss is very determined in achieving her final goal, trying to turn all events to it. 

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