Felony Serano
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16 Years BBD

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Asya K'tani


Mathes Colunga


Sanguinar Serano


Thorn Serano (deceased)

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The Old Republic

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  • Republic of Free People
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"For following what was right? Quillan, the more time I spent with her, the more I realised she was just a scared kid, trying to find answers. She needed help, and I was there to catch her when she fell, something which the Jedi seemed to care nothing about. As far as they were concerned, she was a Sith, and a Sith she had to stay. They would much rather have killed her than tried to change her. I'm not going to argue with you about why I did what I did. I believed in her ability to change, something only I seemed to see."
―Callia Corday

Felony Serano, nicknamed Princess by her late master, was a human Jedi Padawan in the Old Republic era. She trained as a Sith until 0 BBD when she was captured by the Jedi and taken to Coruscant. After her master's death, she was taken to the Enclave on Vornu to futher her training as a Jedi.

Serano became a member of the Jedi Order upon her graduation. After a long-time struggle with the Dark Side, she murdered her former instructor, Slaine Drucker. She was expelled from the Order and handed over to Republic authorities when she was sentenced to death by fusillade. 

Serano was rescued from death  by Sith Lord Verrin just as she was about to face the firing squad. The two, along with Laroilee Te'Kaar, travelled to Nogatan, an Imperial world in the Tingel Arm of the galaxy. There she gained the alias of Danielle.


"She was strong in that sense, perhaps even stubborn, with her own sense of morality which unfortunately did not coincide with the Order's."
―Johl Drosur on Felony[[src]]
Serano never gave her respect lightly, and it was always well deserved if she did. She would always keep her promises, a family habit inherited from her father. She was a compulsive liar, and wouldn't think twice about hiding the truth from close loved ones, let alone enemies. She would give threats she could never follow through with, and usually made herself out to be stronger than she was. She often psychoanalised others to the detriment of her own personal development, not so much lacking the skills needed to change her own complicated mind, instead refusing to use them. 

She would avoid physical conflict if at all possible, but enjoyed verbal banter.

In her later years, Serano had post-traumatic stress disorder which affected her sociability. She also suffered from flashbacks and nightmares.


"Isabelle recognized immediately the ivory, pale skin that made her raven black hair appear to be darker. She had luscious, full lips below sharp, brilliantly bright emerald green eyes that Isabelle looked into."
―Isabelle Rieva on Felony[[src]]

Serano was slighty shorter than most 18-year-olds. Her strength and growth were most likely stunted by her lack of iron (she was a vegetarian) and vitamin D (she spent most of her time indoors). She had pale skin, and black hair to contrast, inherited from her mother. Her eyes were green, from her father.


Felony young ps

Felony as a young child.

Early Life


Felony Serano was born to Asya Serano and Sanguinar Serano in the Serano family home on Corellia. As soon as the girl turned three, Asya left without warning, handing Sanguinar the responsibility of raising her.

She, along with her step-brother, Thorn, were given private tutors from an early age. She began to take an interest in technology and programming, which had been her mother's specialty. 

Serano discovered her father's lightsaber, and showed interest in becoming a Sith from that point forward. She looked up to her father with great respect and pride - she saw him as a great warrior for the Empire, exactly what she herself wanted to be. 

Murder of Thorn

When time came for Sanguinar to take an apprentice, he chose Thorn over Felony. This was because he was male, older, and showed more strength and skill in battle than his sister. Felony, then fifteen, tried to prove herself to her father at every opportunity. 

Thorn slowly began to show signs of disapproval of their actions for the Empire, what his father saw as weakness. Sanguinar gave his daughter the ultimate chance to prove her loyaly and worthiness to him; kill Thorn and become his apprentice in his place. 

Knowing fully she didn't have the capabilities to take on her brother, she hacked into his ship's computer and diverted the fumes from the engines through the ventilation systems, choking him.

Sith Apprentice

"You have fought well, and a Serano always keeps his promises. You will be my next apprentice."
―Sanguinar to Felony

Sanguinar, believing she had taken his life through hand-to-hand combat, followed through with his promise and took her on as an apprentice. She recieved her first lightsaber, red in blade like her father's. 

She served her master for five months, and within that time Sanguinar realised her weakness in battle. He ordered her be killed, and she fled their home.

Jedi Order

Transportation to Coruscant

"If you want to get information out of me, at least speak to me as an adult, not as an ignorant child!"
―Felony to Mallicor Den'an

Serano was disarmed and captured by Jedi Knight Callia Corday in a surprise attack. Corday had been expecting her arrival, suggesting she had been tipped off to the girl's presence in the area. She took her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she was questioned about her alligance and her master, Sanguinar Serano.

Serano took the alias of her mother's maiden name, K'tani, for the interrogation. The most experienced Jedi in the room, Mallicor Den'an, took control of the session and cut it short, as the apprentice was being very uncooperative and stubborn. 

The next day, it was revealed that the night previous, Serano had tried to commit suicide with a seemingly harmless knife she had been given with her food, but stopped by the guard at her cell door. Corday was taken aback by this, as was the rest of the assembly, and Serano conveyed more hatred than ever before towards the Jedi for not giving her the decision for her life.

Apprenticeship to Callia Corday

"Do you think I can do it?"
―Felony on her second attempt
Serano was assigned to Corday by Den'an as what was later revealed as a joke, and a way to brush the problem girl out of sight. Corday took this to heart and vowed to do everything she could for her new padawan. Upon hearing this news, Serano once again attempted suicide by nearly jumping off a balcony. Corday managed to convince the girl that it wasn't the solution. She coaxed her from the edge and into her room, where she was held under house arrest for the majority of the first few months of the apprenticeship.

Slowly, Serano's master broke through her prison of self-doubt and hatred to form a fierce friendship. She tried many tactics including giving her a training lightsaber, introducing her to other Jedi and accomanying her to the cantina.

Kieran N'dour and Elris Quillan

"You're not saying these things because you know I like him. You have every knowlege that I think he's the most dull being on the planet."
―Felony to Callia

Corday acquainted her her padawan with childhood friend, Elris Quillan, and his padawan, Kieran N'dour. Corday and Quillan concocted a plan to force Serano and N'dour into a relationship, although against the Jedi Code, convinced of the positive effects it would have on Serano's emotions.

This didn't work out, however, as Serano proved her perceptiveness by seeing through their plan, labelling N'dour as 'dull' and 'uninteresting'. She later openly accused the older Jedi of doing this only to satisfy their own desires towards each other, and Corday left, enraged at her padawan for revealing her secret affections for Quillan.

Pledge to the Republic

"You are my master. I will serve you until I die."
―Felony to Callia

Serano admitted her plans to Callia to carry out her suicide, explaining ways she could do it, but eventually confessed that she didn't have the courage. She instead promised to make use of her life by serving Corday in any way that she could, defending the Republic by her master's side.

Soon after this, Corday was given permission to let Serano have her own lightsaber, replacing the training one. It was blue in blade colour.


"Useless? I'll show them."

On the premise that everyone doubted her talents and Corday's skill as a teacher, Serano hacked the security system of the Temple, determined to prove otherwise. Although she showed dexterity in this act, she was discovered early. Corday was alerted immediately by Den'an, and both master and apprentice learned of the trial ahead. 

As they entered the room on the day of the trial, the assembly noticed a distinct change - rather than hatred, she held pride in her eyes, and she no longer hung her head in shame. Den'an and Serano engaged in a battle of wits during the trial, Serano losing her composure and Den'an came out on top. Corday dragged her padawan out of the assembly room, convinced the girl's outbirst would get her into more trouble than it was worth.

Serano, determined to give the Jedi a piece of her mind, attempted to re-enter the room, but Corday stopped her and took her to the hangar bay. She stole a ship, comitting another crime to escape the one her apprentice created.

Refuge on Tatooine

Defence of Freedom

"Not used to? You're all just fucking prejudice - a girl who was a Sith, but turned to the Light. She isn't a Sith - not anymore. And if you can't see that, then you might as well just shift off somewhere else and leave. Us. Alone."

For the months following their escape, Corday and Serano ran, scavenged and fought for thier lives. They lived in the ship they had stolen, buying and stealing food. 

They were soon discovered and Corday was offered a way out and back to the Order. She rejected the offer, accusing the Jedi of giving her a second chance, but not her padawan.

The two were then engaged in battle, Serano led out further into the open and Corday forced futher into their ship.

Death of Corday

"The only thing in the world was her master's death, hanging over her head like a cloud of darkness."

Corday was murdered by an unknown Jedi with a blue lightsaber through the stomach. Serano reached her master just as she passed away, and she mourned her loss greatly. Deciding that there was no longer anything left to fight for, she gave up. She was taken to the holding cells on Coruscant.


First Steps

"Don't expect me to give you my respect or anything. As far as I'm concerned, you have to earn it."
―Felony to Slaine Drucker[[src]]

After spending a month and her seventeenth birthday in prison, Serano was admitted to the Enclave on Vornu. Once on-planet, she met her soon-to-be instructor, Slaine Drucker. She was instantly resentful towards the man for no other reason than he was a Jedi who wasn't Corday. Much to her shock, he observed things about her that she herself had ignored and tried to shove away in her mind. This made her wary of him, and became even more guarded. She soon grew to trust him, however, and began to think that he was certainly no ordinary Jedi. 

Breaking Barriers

"Make friends. Show this guy you mean no harm."
―Felony to herself[[src]]

The first person Serano met after her instructor was Ellina Hart Kast. She was as uncociable with her as with anyone, but Kast's persistant joyful nature got through to her eventually. 

She was then surprised to meet a person more anti-social than her, in the form of Varen Ydyel. She found herself having to coax him out of his shell, made easier by their shared love of technology.

The girl then met Tislovik Sivarr, an emotionally unstable soldier. She vowed to help him after feeling a mixture of pity and horror at his story about going shopping with Isabelle Rieva, the Enclave Battlemaster. She approached the woman post meeting Sivarr, warning her of the responsibility of the Jedi reputation, revealing her awareness better trained on others than herself. 

During the early stages of her initiateship, Serano also met Xaja Taerich, Yvain Allende, Ryln Gra, Zh'an Zero and Delilah Evain.

Serano pendant il fullxfull 386212570 ilhl ps sml

The Serano pendant, only given to the women of the family

Family Connections

A man approached Serano one afternoon, revealing himself to be Mathes Colunga. After telling him her own name, and recognising they both had the same colour eyes, Colunga became certain that she was his long-lost daughter, born to Asya and step-fathered by Sanguinar. Serano flatly rejected this theory and accused him of making fun of her. He gave her a necklace that had belonged to her mother, but only on later inspection did she realise that it bore the Serano pendant.

Colunga convinced her to reveal her past to him, and in turn he did the same. Dispite eventually beleiving him to be her father, Serano reached the conclusion that he was dillusional, as he spoke of immense riches, friendships to queens and an age of over three centuries.

Even though Colunga, from that point on, seemingly dedicated his love and adoration for his long-lost child, Serano continually pushed him away, uncomfortable in his presence.

Drawing5-10-12 20002 would you like to keep that hand coloured shadows signed2

Kenshin Takeda threatens to cut Felony's hand off

Kenshin Takeda

"Felony brought her hand behind her and then slapped it across Kenshin's cheek. "That's for almost cutting my hand off," she stood on her toes and kissed him on the other cheek. "And that's my payment.""

Following a rather unproductive lightsaber combat lesson with Drucker, Serano retreated into the archives to catch up on some coding. A quick battle of speed and wits brought her to meet Kenshin Takeda, from whom she attempted to steal AI administrator rights. A threat to cut limbs off and a quick peck on the cheek was all that was needed for her to give them back, and also to agree to help him design and create the AI to be more expressive and sociable. They later called the AI 'Karen'.

A session with him in the sparring chambers with his droid, Jeeter, hinted at her growing affection for the man, but it wasn't until Takeda invited her to his apartment that they shared their feelings for one another. They vowed to keep their relationship a secret, for fear of others finding out about this breach of the Code.

Drucker soon worked out that she was seeing someone - but not knowing who. He conducted a talk with Serano, and cautioned her to take care. This started a chain of thoughts in her mind that led her to her lies to Takeda, telling him that she didn't love him and that they could no longer continue. He smiled at her and told her that he wasn't surprised, and that they had been a 'recipe for a bad love story', breaking her heart.


"Here end the lessons. And perhaps begins something else."

As a reward for her efforts to train and study, Drucker took Serano on a trip into the city, giving her enough credits to buy the components for a lightsaber. After she had constructed the hilt, they travelled to Ilum, where she collected the last and most vital piece for her new saber, the crystal. After rejecting a beautiful blue crystal that seemed to be calling out to her, she reached out and chose a green one instead, effectively denying her 'destiny'.

Back on Vornu, he told her that her formal training with him was over, and she offered him the respect he deserved. By this point, they had grown quite fond of each other, even though they didn't vocalise such.



"Crassus can corrupt a person without even taking dominion over their minds if there's enough Dark Side power surrounding their auras. This especially would go for Felony, who Arecio had the pleasure of proving very corruptable."
―Claudia on Felony[[src]]

Serano was asked by Colunga to help him and his new "Sith ally" to take back control of the planet of Onderon from his former friend turned Sith Lord, Arecio Antipas. She became head hacker for the team, and went on to ragain control of the Onderon defence station, allowing the takeover to recommence.

Colunga and Antipas arrived at the station, ready for the final confrontation. Serano tried to interfere to help her father, but he denied her assistance, leading her to let her frustration at him overflow. Antipas took advantage of this, and coerced her to serve the her own darkness, and ordered her to kill her father. 

After airing her final grievances, Serano let herself return to normal, pleading with Colunga to accept her as she was and not try to change that. Claudia Elesion, the fiancée of Christopher Algethii, Colunga's Sith ally, brought her into a Stava-induced sleep, believing her still to be a threat. Antipas rekindled his friendship with Colunga, who forgave him for what he had done. 

After Serano awakening, Asya K'tani, her biological mother, found her lost lover, Colunga. She revealed she had been tracking him with the help of the Serano family necklace she had given him, in which she had placed a tracker, but had not been able to come in range of the device since their separation.

Slaine Drucker

Slaine Drucker.

Outside the Order

Murder of Drucker

"If you kill me I'm afraid all [our] progress will be undone."
―Slaine to Felony[[src]]

After a sucession of haunting nightmares and dreams surrounding her former master, she decided to enact the long overdue vengance she felt the Jedi deserved. She vowed to kill the first Jedi she set eyes on, and this came to be her instructor, whom she murdered in his bedroom.

Kast discovered the girl hours later, still curled up next to her instructor. Serano hinted to the woman that she killed him herself, but it wasn't a clear confession. Clinging to this doubt, Kast took her to Rieva's spire, to whom they reported the crime without revealing the truth behind his death.

Serano took Rieva back to Drucker's cavern, where she had a chilling recollection of what had truly happened to him, in the form of a shared Force illusion, a power Serano had no idea she had. Rieva, now knowing the truth, turned on her, and only through Kast's determination and strength was Serano saved from the Battlemaster's blade.

Arrest and Banishment

"It is the will of this Council, that you, Felony Serano, Padawan of the Order, be relieved of said rank and handed over to Republic officials for further trial."
―Johl Drosur[[src]]
Felony jail

Felony in jail.

Rieva arrested Serano on scene. She took her to a holding cell where she stayed before she stood trial before the Jedi Council. She was found guilty and banished from the Order, having to hand over her lightsaber and rank, before being handed to the officials of the Republic.

Before her trial, Serano was visited by Jedi padawan Yilaou Aari, who attempted to kill the girl in revenge for the murder of Drucker. He had been Instructor to both of them, and Aari had formed an emotional attachment to him as much as Serano had. Rieva sensed something was wrong and came to the cell just in time to stop Aari from strangling Serano to death. The Battlemaster warned Aari of treading a similar dark path that Serano had taken.

Trial at the Court of Galactic Law

"Therefore, by witness, by confession, and by evidence, we will prove that this young woman, who cornered and killed the deceased in the bedroom of his own home; that the defendant intended to kill him, and therefore, did kill him. For that, she is guilty of murder."
―Ms Sharva, prosecution[[src]]

She was represented by defence attorney, Hadley Russo, and medically assessed by Dr Allen Mareel. They found her to have post-traumatic stress disorder and used this as their main argument.

The defence lost and she was sentenced to the capital punishment. Before she faced the firing squad, she wrote one last diary entry regarding her emotions and feelings towards people in her life and towards her actions leading up to her fall.

Her father, Colunga, also paid her a visit. She had, just hours previous, notified officials that her biological father was in fact Colunga, and they contacted him as soon as they could as she knew they would. He tried to get her to open up to him about her reasoning behind the death, but she told him she just wanted to talk to him for once without it turning into an argument. They did so and he telepathically told her of his intentions to rescue her from her fate.


Just as Serano was taken in front of the firing squad, Lord Xarrik, a Sith, rescued her inadvertently while trying to help Embion Kast escape from prison. The two became unlikely allies and escaped only by the girl's newfound illusion abilities and the man's space-folding talent. They had a deep discussion about politics, religion and philosophy after the escape, finding out the two had much in common. When they arrived at his ship, his companion, Laroilee Te'Kaar, revealed that she had not been able to escape with Kast.

Refuge on Nogatan

The trio then travelled to Nogatan, an Imperial-occupied planet in the Tingel Arm of the galaxy. There Xarrik offered her a job at the Institute. She adopted the alias Danielle, borrowed from a book of her childhood.

Training and Abilities

Battle Skills

"This time she wasn't facing an opponent to win; she was calculating Felony's every move to see where the girl could improve."

Serano began her informal training with her brother as he returned from missions with their father. He specialised in Shien, which suited him for his strength, but not her as she had a smaller, weaker frame. When her training was taken up formally with her first master, Sanguinar, he also attempted to teach her Shien, beieving it was the strongest form for any warrior ro learn.

Corday didn't specialise in any form; her strategy was a hybrid of Shii Cho, Shien and Soresu. She didn't try to fit a specific style to Serano.

Whilst on Vornu, Drucker noted Serano's tight movements and agility, and so recommended her to try Soresu as her form. She has used this ever since as merely a self-defence technique, as she herself vary rarely takes the offensive.


"Whatever skills I have will be no use in combat. I'm not a fighter, even though a Jedi should be."

Serano's first lightsaber lightsaber was ornate and elaborate, red in blade. Both the hilt and blade were far to big for her.

Ls vectorworks customangle withpsbladegreen2 trim

Felony's third lightsaber.

Her second lightsaber had a traditional blue blade, and was more suited to her, but still wasn't exactly right.

The only lightsaber she built herself, her third lightsaber, suited her very well. It had a short hilt for her small frame and a green blade. It had silver, sleek, simple hilt with no aditional styling.

Force Skills

"There was a feeling underlying all this. She didn't like it one little bit, and it came to smother her, take her in its clutches and use her as a slave to do its bidding... I obey none! I bow to none! I am not a puppet of the Force!"

Serano was reliatively connected with the Force, and could perform simple tasks such as levitation of small objects with minimal concentration. 

Her relationship with the Force was complicated. She admitted the Force was powerful and strong, but she felt uncomfortable under its power. This was just an aspect of her striving to become free from all things, even though in the Sith code it is stated, "The Force will set me free".

Force Illusion

"She may have not been able to use Force illusion like Trase Scarden, but her novelty was what gave her away."

Her Force illusion abilities were stumbled across by accident. The first time it became apparent was when she killed Drucker; she unwittingly created a brief illusion of him breathing even though this was impossible. Later, the secret of his death was revealed to Rieva through a strong illusion showing what had truly happened that morning. 

This skill stems from her talent for lying. 

Programming Skills

"I could give the security around here a boost if... if someone only asked."

Serano was a highly accomplished programmer and hacker. She could create just about any programme that was needed, and infiltrate almost all systems. 

Her tutor first introduced her to the idea of technology as a hobby at the early age of seven, after her mother had left, as Asya was a programmer as well and the tutor had been very fond of the woman.


(current as of 24-9-13)



Outside the Order


"You really aren't as tough as Master Corday makes out, are you? Soon as someone starts talking about love or feelings, you just crawl back inside your shell."
―Kieran to Felony
"She didn't want our pity. She's a strong-willed girl who didn't want to be seen as some sort of charity case, weak and easily swayed."
"And I don't believe in destiny!"
"You see? She is a good kid. Just you wait, she'll show you."
"Respect is given where respect is earned, recieved with grace, and returned."
"He followed behind the commander and stayed next to Claudia the entire way, being next to her was a bit comforting. Sure, his daughter was there but sometimes her negative vibe was just too much and right now, he didn't need that pessimism."
"Teaching you anything is a constant struggle of first proving somehow that I'm in a position to teach you in the first place. You have a sharp, challenging mind about you, Felony, and that's a good thing, but sometimes the challenge is a teensy bit over the top."
―Slaine to Felony[[src]]
"Sith don't deserve to be helped. She killed Slaine, Ellina. She deceived him, and now she's deceiving you! She's a cold blooded killer, and I'd be damned if I let her walk away free from this!"
―Isabelle on Felony[[src]]
"That's a very enlightened and worldly view for someone so young. If you ever decide to run for the Senate, I may just vote for you."
―Lord Verrin[[src]]
"This girl... This Danielle... Truly confused her more than her own brother. This girl with calculated eyes, brilliant emerald eyes that so easily drifted into a dark haze of memories and horrors, without Danielle's knowledge it seemed. As if she had just come to accept she would forever let her mind drift to her past and leave this husk of a girl to wander about the institute with little care. To Laroilee, there was simply no reason to it. The eyes too old for such a young face told a story that Laroilee could not piece together, and it drove her nearly mad. What was this girl?"
―Laroilee on Felony[[src]]


  • Felony has Sith blood in her, because her biological father, Mathes Colunga, is decended from a Pureblood.
  • Felony was named with inspriration from the name 'Melanie', after the Days of Our Lives character, Melanie Kiriakis.
  • Felony started out as a character in the roleplay A Spark of Life which was incorporated into her backstory.
  • Felony didn't have a last name until five months after her creation, and was originally planned to be 'Swift'.
  • Family member name meanings: Sanguinar, bloody in Latin; Asya, time of grief in Swahili; Callia, beautiful voice in Greek.
  • The name Felony chose upon arrival on Nogatan, Danielle, is from a book that she read as a child.
  • Felony is a vegetarian.