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Axiom Information


Biographical information
Current Residence

Nogatan/Nar Shaddaa




3,665 BBY


3,636 BBY

Physical description





6' 0"

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Light Tan


Left Arm, With Various Weapons Systems Housed Inside

Chronological and political information

The Old Republic Era


Currently Employed by The True Empire

Known apprentices

Je'ka Cuyot


Life on IridoniaEdit

Gane was born in 3,665 BBY on Iridonia under the name Markai, to an intelligent father and mother. He was the oldest of four children, as well as the oldest of twins. His life was pleasant, until he was five years old. His mother died giving birth to his youngest sister. His brother Zarkai went slightly mad at the death of their mother, and ran away from their clan's encampment. Gane's father, having dabbled in a bit of Droidtech, decided to take his family to Nar Shaddaa, to 'start a new life' as he would say.

Life on Nar ShaddaaEdit

Gane's life grew a little harder, for as the older sibling, he had to watch over his two younger sisters while his father was away working. His father occasionally brought his work home, scattering droid parts everywhere. As Gane watched his father build, repair, and program droids, he picked a few things up. When he was nine years old, he had constructed a working droid, complete with basic programming. It was nothing special, as it's only purpose served to keep an eye on Gane's sisters while he was doing other things. When Gane turned ten, his father, wanting to keep to the Zabrak tradition of training younglings in the art of hand-to-hand combat, sent Gane back to Iridonia. After returning to Nar Shaddaa, Gane returned to building and programming droids. His first few attempts ended in failure, as the droids he built would not function properly, some causing minor explosions. After about twenty attempts at constructing a full-fledged droid, he succedded. A working protocol droid was now in the Norvak home, assisting his sisters with their problems, as Gane went to work with his father in his shop. His father, overjoyed that his son wanted to continue in the family business, presented his son with a brand new datapad. Gane promptly tore the datapad apart and incorporated it into a gauntlet he wore on his left forearm. His older sister, apparently tired of what she considered to be her father playing favorites, ran away from home.

A Death and The FiresEdit

When Gane turned eighteen, his father took him to a cantina to celebrate. A few drinks and some insults later, a brawl broke out, with Gane's father at the center of it all. When the dust cleared, Gane's father had been fatally shot. With his dying breath, he told Gane about a hidden compartment on his ship, housing the deeds to the house and the shop. He requested that Gane look after his sister and keep the business running. Gane tearfully nodded and said he would. As his father died in his arms, he brought him out of the cantina. Gane dragged his father's body to the nearest secluded area, and constructed a funeral pyre in an alley. He regretted not being able to give his father a proper funeral, but it was the closest he could get. Tearfully turning away, Gane headed back home. Upon returning to the apartment, Gane was met with flames barricading the door. He tried to get inside to save his sister, but he could not get through the smoke and fire. He ran to his father's shop, only to find it in flames as well. Gane returned to his father's ship, going inside to open the compartment his father had told him about. He moved a panel aside like his father had instructed, revealing a large switch. Upon flipping it, a panel opened up in the cargo bay, inside of which was a full suit of armor, two blaster pistols and two vibroblades. Gane donned the suit and left the ship parked in the bay until he needed it next. It was then that Markai became known as Gane and fell in with a slicer gang on Nar Shaddaa. His new friends helped to erase any records of his existance, and Gane had virtually fallen from the face of the planet.

The AxiomEdit

The AcademyEdit

Gane resurfaced on Nogatan not long after the previous events, having heard of an Empire in need of new recruits. He was taken into the Academy of Pravus Axiom, and given assignments by Saikosis and Trihilus before graduating.


Upon graduating, Gane was sent to The Army of Pravus Axiom, where he served under Ondaatje, a Nikto holding the position of Second Seargent.

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