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General Nobunaga (Chiss name unknown)
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Algethiius (Former)

Place of Birth


Date of Death

3,738 BBY (First death). 3,638 BBY (Final)

Physical Description

Chiss (Initial), Shadow Wraith (After First Death)






Unknown (Initial), None (As Wraith)

Hair Color

Black (First Life). None (As Wraith)

Eye Color

Blood-red orbs


Former Algethiius General

Skin Color

Dark blue (birth), None (After first death)

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


Neutral, formerly Algethiius Empire


Former General

Known Masters

Julius Crassus Algethii III

Known Apprentices


Family Information

Unknown (former nobleman)



Relationship Information
Romantic Interests

Former girlfriend (first life)


Gavroche (first life)




Order of the Way


Dantius Octavian & Hyperion Algethii

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Niman (Lightsaber), Stava (Other)


Many Neutral, Light, & Dark Side powers


Basic (Mainly)

Other Skills

Piloting, Great Mind of Strategy

Miscellaneous Information

Plain lightsaber efficient for Niman


First born in 3,770 BBY to a long-forgotten Chiss family, Nobunaga (whose full Chiss name is unknown) was orphaned at seven years old when his impoverished parents were executed for thievery. He would live the next five years on his own though he didn't live alone: he had a friend in fellow orphan Gavroche who he often used as the distraction while he stole food for them both. At age twelve, Nobunaga witnessed the declaration of a military truce between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Algethiius Empire as well as all systems they controlled. During these transpirations, Nobunaga was found to be incredibly intelligent by Algethiius' King who took him in as part of the terms of their truce.

Nobunaga would be trained in war strategy and tactics on both Csilla and Algethiius, using the latter to also train in mastery of the Force when he was discovered to have an attunement to it. Along the way, Gavroche fell into trouble with a more prestigious fellow student and was forced to commit suicide to escape the authorities. Vowing vengeance, Nobunaga killed the student's friends one by one before then dealing with the student himself at graduation on Csilla. Finishing his studies on Algethiius', he was almost immediately bestowed the rank of General and had an illustrious career in service to the people of Algethiius. 

But during one of his later expeditions, he was shot down by enemy troops and taken back to Crassus. Instead of letting him remain dead, however, Crassus used his experimentations in alchemy to revive the General as a half-solid Shadow Wraith. Months after this was successfully performed, Nobunaga's trainers in the Order of the Way (an Algethiius society of elite Force-sensitive warriors) decreed him to be too dangerous to remain free. And so, he was baited to Irkalla where he would be placed under a seal that would last a century. 

Freed by Crasuss' eldest grandson Hyperion, the General soon learned of how Crassus was killed by Hyperion's cousin Chris and it was now up to him to fulfill the original design. Gathering resources, Nobunaga soon retook the Hapes Cluster in Crassus' name though he would soon lose it thanks to Hyperion's brother Dantius. Escaping despite leaving Hyperion to be captured, the General soon replaced him with another pawn who helped him fulfill his original vengeance against the Order of the Way. The Order's leader, the only survivor, escaped and brought back Dantius and his friend Arek though they would also have a vengeful Hyperion in their company.

While Nobunaga's servant Seth dealt with Arek, the General himsel engaged Hyperion and Dantius in battle. But because of a prophecy that foretold his death at the hands of two brothers, one born to the light and the other to dark, Nobunaga was killed in combat against the brothers and finally laid to rest for good. However, even with his death, he had begun things that would not be stopped unless Hyperion was also put down for good which Dantius would later do... things that promise a dark future for the galaxy.

Childhood & Meeting CrassusEdit

Born into his first life in 3,770 BBY, Nobunaga was the son of a minor noble family that was soon expelled from the Ascendancy circles for perceived crimes committed by his father. From an early age, Nobunaga had to learn how to survive the streets of Csilla not through brawn but through cunning. This would prove to be especially so when he met his friend Gavroche before he was ten years old. At age twelve, he and Gavroche were gathering food for the week when King Crassus was arriving from Algethiius to declare a truce with the Ascendancy.

Shortly before the formal meeting, Crassus spied Nobunaga using Gavroche as a distraction for the guards in such a cunning matter that Crassus obtained the impression that he was a very cunning military mind. As such, he not only saw to allowing Nobunaga to join him in the meeting but also asked that Nobunaga represent the terms of the truce. In exchange for Nobunaga attending both the Ascendancy's military training academy and Crassus' training for the gifted on Algethiius, the Chiss and their allies would not have military engagements with the Algethiius Empire and their own allies. Nobunaga would prove to be a very gifted military mind indeed, finishing his work at the Academy within a matter of only a few years (he wasn't even sixteen when he saw the finish line).

However, shortly after he turned sixteen, things began to take a turn for the worst when Gavroche (who he had abandoned previously) returned into his life and was later forced to commit suicide. This happened because Gavroche had been called fat by one of the more prestigious students and was even poke fun of. Gavroche defended himself but due to the student's prestige, the police were soon after him and he was forced to kill himself. In reacting to this grievous error, Nobunaga vowed vengeance for his lifelong friend, starting with the most expendable of the student's group.

The First MurdersEdit

Shortly before he began morning exercises, Nobunaga was approached by his then-lifelong friend Gavroche who told him of some trouble he got into. He fought with a student named Apollo who called him fat and was being sought by the authorities who would more likely prove Apollo innocent than even listen to Gavroche's side. So when Gavroche needed to run off, Nobunaga not only helped him but also got him as far as the caves leading to the hangar. Accidentally making a wrong turn, Nobunaga attempted to find the way and Gavroche stopped him; he persuaded Nobunaga to let him accept suicide over making the gamble since they'd never find his body in the caves.

Agreeing, Nobunaga gave him his knife with which he could slit his wrist, making him bleed enough to die within a few minutes. Heading back, Nobunaga established his alibi by saying that he had attempted to persaude his friend not to try and escape but Gavroche had escaped him and disappeared. Because of his own prestige in the school, the authorities believed him and let him off the hook as far as the search was concerned. But Nobunaga would not forget what happened to his friend nor would he let it go unavenged.

Sometime later, Nobunaga actually began making his rounds and avenging his friend, starting with the most expendable member of Apollo's group (called Russell). Seeking him out when he was drunk about to have his way with a couple prostitutes, Nobunaga killed the women so they weren't witnesses then hanged Russell alive. Only Apollo and his group noticed Russell's absence and no investigation was called upon by them. It was like Russell had never existed as far as they and the rest of Csilla were concerned.

Continuing onward, Nobunaga then tracked down another student named Remus to whom he gave the gift of a poisoned knife in the eye. This time, he let the girls in Remus' company live because (despite Remus' talent as a martial artist, runner, and one of the best senses of sound in the Academy) he abused them regularly. While indeed, the girls did scream at the sight and run away, no authorities were called to see to the body until several hours later. Remus had been drunk which dulled his acute sense of hearing as well as his ability to run from danger which made his death one of the easier ones for Nobunaga when it might have been a challenge before.

The next, a Chiss known only as 'Tony' was perhaps the easiet kill of all: like his friends before him, he also liked to drink but he was immense in the way of girth and became easily distracted by watching sports. Nobunaga simply slit his throat and walked out of the house before he was even noticed by anyone, even his nextdoor neighbors and his pets. The next victim, was almost as challenging as Remus had been before but still fell with some ease: her name was Salina and she was infamous for getting into accidents. Using this to his advantage, Nobunaga melted a big enough portion of a nightlight pole to where the pole fell in from of her and she swirved, crashing into a fuel stop that exploded soon after her entrance.

Though Tony's death had warranted investigation, Salina was overlooked due to the accidental appearance of her violent and sudden death. Shortly before the former was killed, Nobunaga had begun dating a cheerleader he had met previously and was slowly coming into conflict between his feelings for her and his vengeance for Gavroche. However, he didn't let this conflict show when he dealt with the last two members of Apollo's group (who were twins) by first crashing their swoop bike and killing the survivor(s) with his martial arts techniques. Then graduation came, not more than a week after that, and Nobunaga was certain that he could no longer keep it a secret.

He had to tell someone what he had done and he decided that it would be best to see Apollo and talk to him about it since he wouldn't have had long to live anyway. Apollo was not without physical ailments of his own: he was adamant about smoking "for his health" and was a Chiss chimney. It proved disadvantageous since not only did Nobunaga think of a scenario where he exploited that in a round of martial arts round but he also succeeded in it. Apollo was sent flying over the balcony that they were standing by after four minutes of confrontation that Nobunaga ended in that time due to repeatedly hitting Apollo's lungs whenever he could. 

Finally, Gavroche had been avenged and his time at the Chiss Ascendancy's academy was over but victory was not without its price. A year after graduation, his cheerleading girlfriend Sheryl finally forced him to confess his killings (as the Soul Ripper, which he was called by police). Opting out of snitching on him since it was too late not, she sliced her jugular before him and he lost the only love he ever had in his life that day. All that was left for the young and easily swayed Nobunaga was the path that King Crassus set at his feet.

Military CareerEdit

Shortly after completing his training in Crassus' military academy and obtaining mastery of the Force under the watchful eye of the Order of the Way, Nobunaga was given his first task shortly after graduation. The subject of this campaign was to exterminate a nearby culture called the Moor-Gauls who had previously defeated Crassus before. Realizing the mistakes that the King's previous General had made when he led the first campaign and improved accordingly. It was a campaign that many thought was slated to fail especially considering that Nobunaga was eighteen years old.

However, Nobunaga not only defeated the forces of the Moor-Gaul enemy he had been sent to destroy but he also vaporized all life on their capital world before then destroying the rest of the system. Coming back, Nobunaga was given a month of relief and then sent across many campaigns that had stumped previous Generals to failure. However, not only did Nobunaga succeed in these campaigns but he continued to do so for the next twelve years. It only began to go downhill when the King ordered the execution of the General who had failed him against the Moor-Gauls. 

This act was intended to enforce the standard that Nobunaga was setting, it instead convinced Nobunaga's two remaining competitors to rebel and challenge the might of the Empire. Though they had nearly half of the entire military under their belt, Nobunaga beat them through superior tactics and calling on the alliance with the Chiss. However, with their demises came the end of any internal challenges to the military, Nobunaga being dubbed Supreme General of the Algethiius Empire and recruitment fast enough to readily replace what was lost. Unfortunately, even with peace having been internally restored in Algethiius, there were still enemies to be slain on the outside and it was Nobunaga's intent to do just that before the end of his life.

About a month after the showdown with the defected Generals, the Chiss decided to end their alliance with the Empire, unaware that quick recruitment had almost completely restored the numbers lost in the defection. For the next two years, Nobunaga would campaign to remove their influence from Algethiius Space for good. But this final campaign for the General would not come without its price, paid about three months after the campaign began.

First Death & ResurrectionEdit

Towards the end of his campaigns against the people who had created him, Nobunaga faced down legions of Chiss troops trapped on a planetary base himself. Leading in the calvary, he was victorious within a matter of days, only stopping to make sure that all his soldiers were up to speed on their ability to kill. However, victory did not come without its price: before they were destroyed, one of the Chiss troops managed to fire a lucky shot that kill Nobunaga. Launching a grenade at him, the soldier was soon brought down though Nobunaga would be killed by a combination of the shockwave of the explosion and his being sent flying right into the path of a sharp piece of durasteel.

Bleeding and impaled, Nobunaga did his best to hold out until he returned to Algethiius where Crassus could heal him but he did just before the King could get to him. But instead of accepting Nobunaga as dead and gone, Crassus took the young man's corpse and decided to subject it to the experiments of Nobunaga's alchemy. Successfully, Crassus was able to rejuvenate and revive Nobunaga's mind, allowing him to continue on as the leader of his Army. But because of how unnatural Nobunaga's resurrection had been, the Order of the Way decided to take matters concerning him into their own hands. 

Treachery by the Order of the WayEdit

With his resurrection completed and his emotional weaknesses burned from memory by the circumstances of his resurrection, Nobunaga came back with a vengeance against the Chiss who had killed him. Not only did he make sure to drive them out of Algethiius Space once more but he even broke their hold on half their worlds. He was on the verge of completing his cnoquest on the other half when, from within his own inner circle, treachery came to rear its ugly head at him. Fearing the threat he posed to the King's own power as well as their own, members of the Order of the Way (who had originally trained him) united to take him down.

They ambushed him in his palace on Irkalla and after a fearsome duel that saw the Council members of that present era combining powers into the body of Rama, their leader. Defeating Nobunaga, Rama imprisoned him in a tomb that was cursed to never be opened unless the Light and Dark Side of the Force were imbalanced on Irkalla. He also collaborated with other Order members to imprison his personal bodyguard of five thousand men and destroyed the Palace. It would be another century before Nobunaga would be freed from the tomb but he vowed that when he was finally free, he would seek vengeance upon the Order for their crime against him.

Meeting HyperionEdit

A hundred years had passed since Nobunaga was originally entombed but near the end, a young grandson of Crassus named Hyperion Algethii fled to Irkalla, purused by his brother Dantius and Dantius' ally Arek. Shortly after his arrival, Hyperion successfully freed Nobunaga from his seal and together, the two of them repelled Dantius and Arek with relative ease.

Soon after their victory, however, Nobunaga decided it best to gather allies to attack Dantius and Arek on a galactic level while Hyperion gathered the credits to pay them. Sending Hyperion to serve as a mercenary to the highest bidder, Nobunaga managed to persuade such organizations as Black Sun and the Pykes to join. Once he had gathered their strength and Hyperion had gathered some credits, Nobunaga decided, it would be time to infiltrate the Hapes Cluster via cargo ships destined to provide supplies. When asked why this was so, Nobunaga found out that the Cluster had been attacked before by his fallen master Crassus.

Arriving inside the cargo ships, Nobunaga and Hyperion overwhelmed the Hapan guards protecting the Queen with relative ease. Afterwards, they took the Queen to her own dungeon and secured guards there in the form of rebellious Hapan males. After that, it was simply a matter of sitting back and waiting for Dantius and his allies to arrive.

The Hapes ClusterEdit

As Nobunaga anticipated, Dantius would arrive with a team that also included Commander CassisArek, Lizzie Craig, Kallybyyk, Korra Quinn, Karter, and Brison Yi. The latter two were assigned to shut down the power generators that allowed Nobunaga to oversee both the prison holding the Queen and his fleet in the sky. Lizzie and Kally themselves would be sent to rescue the Queen as one of the next objectives. Meanwhile, Cassis and Arek would keep Nobunaga in the skies while Dantius and Korra met the General and Hyperion head-on.

The plan worked like a dream despite Nobunaga nearly succeeding in repelling the fleet (initially) and the other two teams coming close to failing their objectives though they did win. Dantius and Korra respectively challenged Nobunaga and Hyperion with the latter being captured when the former had to abandon him. Accepting that the Hapes Cluster was lost, Nobunaga escaped albeit being nearly burned to ash though in truth he lost just his robes which exposed his suit of armor underneath. Regenerating from any internal damage via draining the life out of a young Hapan girl, Nobunaga escaped by concealing his presence from the Jedi.

Meanwhile, Hyperion would be taken into custody and the forces that Nobunaga commanded were routed in both the skies and the land. The Queen was restored to her throne and more essential supplies were sent her way under Dantius' payment. Even so, Nobunaga decided that the Hapes Cluster wasn't a big loss: he could move on and rebuild again if he needed to but first, he also needed to take revenge from the Order of the Way.

Settling an Old ScoreEdit

Shortly after escaping from the Hapes Cluster, Nobunaga decided it was time to take revenge against the Order and he knew where they were presently hiding. Deep within the jungles of Felucia, lied there last base of operations and inside was the only survivor of the original ceremony that imprisoned the General: Rama. However, he knew that he couldn't exact his vengeance alone despite the Order's fears of his powers growing to great for even their combined strength. So instead of giving them any hope, he played along with their fear and found help in the manner of a rogue warrior known as Seth al Ugolio.

Like Nobunaga, the young Weequay had survived an encounter with Dantius though Nobunaga rightly suspected that he didn't know of Dantius' brother Hyperion. Persuading him to ally with him at the irrefusable price of food that Nobunaga could never eat and credits to buy more, Nobunaga soon saw Seth joining him. Together, they journeyed to Felucia under the guise of a cargo ship delivering supplies to the local colonies of the Republic. However, when they arrived, they dropped the pretence and immediately headed for the base where Nobunaga had sensed his old enemies.

But before going in, Nobunaga sent Seth to find out the full strength of the Order as well as whether or not Rama was already taking precautions against the impending arrival of the General. When he returned, Nobunaga wasn't surprised when Seth told him about what Rama thought Nobunaga's might to be. He was also not surprised that Rama had asked the Initiates to abandon their ties with the Order should he come. Vowing to not even leave the Initiates alive, Nobunaga and Seth made their way to what turned out to be an easy slaughter.

It was only when Nobunaga once again engaged Rama that he found any remote signs of a challenge but even then, the General had the luxury of killing Rama right there if he didn't have other uses for him. Knowing the Jedi's philanthropic ways and that Dantius was probably still looking for him, Nobunaga decided to use Rama as the bait to bring Dantius and his allies to fight on his terms. However, despite the surprising effectiveness of the plan, Nobunaga would not have been prepared for the final results.

Final DemiseEdit

When Dantius arrived with his allies, Nobunaga was glad to see that he had only come back with Rama and Arek at his side. So the General wasted no time in having Seth hold down the fort while he levitated his way towards them. He also wasted no time bidding them farewell before putting them under the strangle of Plant Surge though Arek was the most difficult to do this to. Victory, it seemed, would have been his were it not for one loose end that he had failed to take care of.

From out of the forest, Hyperion charged out and freed his brother, Arek, and Rama before then forcing Nobunaga on the retreat with spurts of Force Lightning and Force Leaps that accommodated for the height. Retreating immediately, Nobunaga knew that the only chance he had were to use the natives he had already rallied in addition to Seth al Ugolio against his enemies. Rama handled the natives (though Nobunaga never did find out if his old enemy had fallen to them) while Arek dueled with Seth. Dantius and Hyperion ferociously battled with the General for a long time after finding him but they triumphed and fulfilled the prophecy.

But even this death proved not to be the end for Nobunaga as he had learned the ability to transcend dimensions as a spirit of the Force. Returning to Seth's side after his fall, Nobunaga spurred Seth onto become a rogue hand-for-hire and even encouraged him to take on his two bounties: a Zabrak Dark Jedi and a Weequay on Naboo known as "the Defiler". However, Seth fought against him on the matter of taking on more bounties for a time and Nobunaga conducted Tear Knowledge to pull out every bit of information he could get.

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A couple days or so later, Seth confronted him about it and Nobunaga's words about needing to control Seth so that he didn't hurt himself spurred on a duel. Using what he knew of Seth, he attempted to break him into place by using Memory Walk and Illusions as well as the actual damage he caused when both these failed. However, Seth proved more stubborn than that and after a brief exchange of Seth's lightsaber and Nobunaga's improvised durasteel pole (protected by Force Weapon), he won. But before allowing himself to accept the hands of death, Nobunaga told Seth to find Hyperion and collaborate with him to kill Dantius.

After Seth used Force Lightning to train Nobunaga of his remaining power, the General finally allowed himself to permanently fall to death's clutches. A hundred and thirty-two years of existence were ended in a single explosive confrontation with a man driven by his anger, an irony on how Nobunaga's life began.

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Personality TraitsEdit

Nobunaga's Armor

His first suit of armor, Nobunaga would eventually trade this suit for the one that Dantius would recall and observe in later encounters. This was the suit that had seen his training days and the first campaigns in his Algethiius career.

Before his first death, Nobunaga was an intelligent young man with charisma and wisdom beyond his years as well as an near-insatiable ambition to be all that he could be. When Crassus plucked him from the streets of Csilla and placed him positions of power, Nobunaga proved himself worthy of every last compliment. His intelligence was such to a degree that he was even able to literally calculate the most likely pattern that was to be made during a fight and adapt accordingly. But because he was a being of flesh and blood, he was not without the emotional drawbacks that came at the price of his incredible intelligence.

He was often lonely and clung to any attachments that he made (be it friends or significant others) rather tightly. As such, he fell into vengeance when his friend Gavroche was forced to kill himself because of his hate of another student. He also fell into a state of sexual withdrawal that would last for years after his first girlfriend found out about the murders he committed in Gavroche's name and killed herself rather than revealing him. But after his first death, he was no longer bound to such emotional weaknesses and only feared being destroyed again.

He proved particularly fond of finishing a job given to him to the end and would demonstrate this passion when the Order of the Way failed to kill him after placing him in his tomb. In fact, aside from his vengeance, a desire to demonstrate why they should've just kill him was the only reason he went after them after his freedom. Manipulation and using blind trust were some of his favorite methods of warfare as he proved with both Hyperion and Seth al Ugolio. Nonetheless, even so, he feared death too much to want to keep Hyperion or Dantius alive for longer than he needed to which would turn out to be his undoing.

After he became a spirit and continued to work with Seth al Ugolio, however, Nobunaga relied solely on manipluation and driving Seth to insanity until he was no longer within control. It was then that Nobunaga was finally laid to rest when Seth's insanity meant him turning on the spirit of Nobunaga and vaporizing it. Once that had been finished, the General was finally laid to rest for good and would never again arise to threaten an Algethii despite what he had already created.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Nobunaga's Lightsaber

Amongst the many things unique about Nobunaga, his lightsaber wasn't one of them. Preferring simple efficiency over granduous design, Nobunaga found this lightsaber suiting of his mastery of Niman

Nobunaga was proficient in several abilities that were Neutral, Light, and Dark Side in association. Though he relied more on his mastery of Teräs Käsi when he could, Nobunaga was not one to hesitate when he needed his powers. He displayed extraordinary talent in the power of Pyrokinesis and loved to levitate toward his opponents as they'd never suspect him coming from above. However, when he was a Wraith, he also relied on the powers of Plant Surge, occasionally used Stasis, but favored the combination of Deadly Sight and Drain Life.

As was demonstrated in his appearance to Seth al Ugolio after the skirmish at Felucia, Nobunaga was also proficient in becoming a Force Spirit and even acquired a whole new set of abilities from there such as Teleporation, Force Weapon, and held onto his Pyrokinesis amongst others. Though he didn't prefer the lightsaber, he was a Master of Niman and Jar'Kai and used either one when he absolutely needed to. He would demonstrate his talents for the blade to Dantius and Hyperion on Felucia as well as to his fellow officers in the Algethiius army in later years.

After he became a spirit, the ability of Force Weapon helped him cling to his skills with Niman though he would eventually (like anyone using this ability) grow wearied by it though it just took longer for that to occur. And though he never used the Force before his death to this end, he did display extraordinary ability to persuade.


General Nobunaga was named in honor of the Japanese Warlord who would become one of the three 'Unifiers' of Japan in the last part of the 1500's and in 1600. Nobunaga's first victory in his campaign to unite the country was on the plains of Okehazama, near Owari, where he fought and defeated Yoshimoto Imagawa's army of 16,000 with an eighth of that number. The General's tactical genius is also likened to the ruthless yet effective techniques that his name sake exercised until his death in Honno-jii Temple in Kyoto in the year 1582.

His armor is also likened to the samurai soldier of medieval Japan as is the nature of his golden mask and the color of his armored plating when Dantius burned off his black robes which were supposed to be a nod towards the Nazgul of Lord of The Rings.

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