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Shandre Bex

Giran Antur was a Kiffar Jedi in the Old Republic. 


Early Life

Giran Antur was born on Kiffu, the son of Barak Antur and his wife Jornis. At an early age, it became apparent that he was one of the minority of Kiffar with psychometric talent; soon, it became even more apparent that his talent far surpassed that of most psychometrically-able Kiffar. With the arrival of a group of Jedi recruiters, the reason was brought to light- Giran was Force-sensitive. Taken as an apprentice by the Arkanian Master T'raahkc at the age of eight, Giran left Kiffu barely a year before its forced annexation by the Sith Empire, during which both of his parents were killed.

Apprenticeship and KnighthoodEdit

Giran did not show much aptitude for many traditional Force disciplines- he struggled at telekinesis, and almost everything that was remotely aggressive. Master T'raahkc was patient, however, and instead of focusing on training his Padawan in the conventional manner, focused on strengthening Giran's connection to the Living Force.

Unfortunately, Giran found himself plagued by visions- fleeting glimpses of what the galaxy could have been, possible future events, visions of the past, skewed versions of the past, and all sorts of things. Whenever he touched things with his bare hands, he suffered visions of what had happened to those objects- which was sometimes debilitating, depending on what the object had been used for. Master T'raahkc helped him learn to cope with these visions and unsettling dreams; Giran took up the habit of wearing gloves at all times. Upon learning how to deal with what the Force told him, he began to make quicker inroads with other areas.

At age twenty-one, Giran was finally made a Jedi Knight, and he became a Jedi Consular. Five years later, he took Shandre Bex, a young Zeltron girl, as his first Padawan learner.

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