Helium Prime

(Deep Space)



  • Strata
  • Regul
  • Thrath
  • Agior
  • Lumis
  • Zust
  • Regla
  • Gamiir
  • Prothean
Rotation Period

23hrs 56min

Orbital Period

363 days





Native Species
  • Reclaimers
  • Amon (Sub-race)
Immigrated Species
  • Numerous
Primary Language(s)
  • Ancient Telepathy (Reclaimers)
  • Primitive Basic (Galactic Basic)

Prime Ascendancy & Council of Reclamation


200 billion (includes colonies)

  • 50 million (Prothean)
  • 31.8 million (Zust)
Major Cities

Helius (Capital)

Major Imports


Major Exports
  • Advanced Technology
  • Knowledge
  • Ancient Artifacts
  • Goods


Planet of AscendancyEdit

For as long as there has been breath drawn for the continual life of the galaxy, there too has also existed a planet whose history dates back for millennias in the making. Conceived in the darkest and most remote quadrants, Helium Prime would be the single most planet to grow alone, out in the void of space. So far would it be that no records in the known galaxy hold its exact location. No information exists as to how the planets early years came into being, or even of the race that was birthed upon its very soil. Its history and life have been just as mysterious-if not more so than the very life-forms that have come to call it mother. For just as old as she is, so too are the wounds that it has come to bare from the continual growth its children reap across the sectors. Their hunger and lust for dominance ever causing them to reap forth such weapons of war from her very being. Her beautiful gifts being manipulated and used to only further their galactic conquest and drive to become the superior children of the known galaxy. She watches on, silent as the void that surrounds her. Unable to stop the tides of destruction upon her neighbors. 

Planetary InformationEdit


War AssetsEdit


Soldier concepts by killmatthew33-d5ld6qq


Purifiers: (Left) Warrior, (Center) Knight, (Right) Consular; these make up the sword arm of the Reclaimer race. The first to be deployed onto a new world and the first to see the new blessings that the galaxy has to offer. To serve within the ranks of the Purifiers is a reward of its own. They are sent to every system that falls under the watchful eye of the Prime Ascendancy. To be watched by the Ascendancy is seen as a blessing upon that world, but the Purifiers know what will come of it. No planet is safe, for soon to follow will be purification, and only those who are worthy shall be left standing. Their weapons are usually comprised of charged Light Mass (primary weapon:Purist), though lesser technology was placed into effect to make up the bulk of weapons as Light Mass is a hard commodity to come by, as it usually must be harvested from the solar flares of a star. This process is highly dangerous and takes time to amass munitions. Thus, plasma is also incorporated in various weapons, such as: Thunder rifle.

Tumblr m6cnhe5y871ryzbu4o1 500

Jaeger (female)

Jaegers: The embodiment of what the Reclaimers try to achieve for themselves and all races that come under their watchful eye. These individuals (predominantly woman) are the elites of the Reclaimers sword arm. Their missions are numerous and often find Jaegers being dispatched to the most resilient and hostile of planets. When alien races resist being taken under the watchful care of the Ascendancy; the Jaegers are sent in to make them see things their way. Should matters not improve...alternative measures are taken. Most times an entire race would be annihilated as a result. Primary weapons of choice for the Jaegers are the Purge Cannon. They also possess highly versatile flight armor based on repulsor technology and equipped with shielding technology allowing for increased mobility in combat.

Profile picture by killmatthew33-d5mhp8e

Promethean Knight

Promethean Knight: After their first encounters with other alien races within the outer rim of the galaxy, the Reclaimers ran across a race that was most resilient. For what seemed to be years they continually battled the alien systems for control, attaining victory at great cost to himself. As a result, the Ascendancy called for a droid army to be forged in honor of their fallen brethren, and that for the continued prosperity of their people. An advanced series of droid was commissioned by the fires of purity. The Promethean Knights, as they came to be called were built using the Light Mass of stars however a denser alloy was needed to compensate for the extreme solar power that radiated within the machines. After the first few prototypes destroyed the facility where they were being housed, a scientists by the name of Jemini Octavian stepped forward, under penalty of death, to correct these failings. He updated the design to utilize metals already compressed by  the suns interior. Due to the dangerous nature of collecting these metals and the time entailed in refining and processing, the Promethean Droids would only make up a quarter of the Reclaimers overall offensive strength. Equipped with Light Mass shielding, A Mitigator Close combat rifle, and the a Light Mass-Blade Arm; these droids were a force to be reckoned with.

Heavy Attack Droid


Decimator: As much as the Reclaimers refuse to admit their intentions to be hostile, the following walker would prove otherwise. Made predominantly to ensure galactic dominance and hold over their gained worlds, the Reclaimers invested much into having these massive droids manufactured and deployed onto the various worlds under their control. The Decimators, as they were called, were typically armed with four main mass drive-plasma cannons at its forward position. These weapons were capable of firing heavy rounds that could pierce through even besker armor at close range. For distance engagements, the walker is typically configured into a large mobile mortar unit that, when grouped with more of its kin, can deliver catastrophic results. Further, these droids were equipped with a dual plamsa AA gun capable of rapid fire onto any starfighter or speeder that might attempt a strafing or bombing run. 


Mandryk 05

Seeker Craft and Sovereign Frigate

Seeker Craft:

Sovereign Frigate: 

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