Homra Azner
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Homra Azner

Biographical information
Current Residence


  • Echani (Born)
  • Chandrilla (Childhood)

8/Telona/3664 BBY

Physical description
  • Human
  • Echani



6'1" (185.5 cm)

Hair color

Black (with purplish hints)

Eye color


Skin color

Silvery Pale

Chronological and political information

The Old Republic

  • Republic of the Free People
  • The Order

Homra AznerEdit

Homra Azner is a half-human and half-Echani Jedi affiliated to the Republic of Free People, and the Jedi Order.


Homra was born to an Echani mother and a human father and had lived in peace for a great deal of his life in Chandrilla. His mother taught him everything she can about the art of fighting the Echani prided themselves with. When he turned eight, his parents gave him to the custody of the Jedi, with assistance from his mother's friend, a fellow Echani named Sora.

Homra lived most of his life in the Temples of Tython normally, and was later chosen by the very same Jedi that helped him transition from his home in Chandrilla to the temple. Homra had come to love Sora as his own father, viewed his opinions highly and followed his advice to the best of his heart. Sora also grew close to Homra, treating him as if he was his own son.

Sora usually took missions that exposed Homra to rich cultures of various backgrounds, piquing his interest in literature and playwrights at sixteen. Homra had taken to participating into various cultural programs outside the temple, and his Master would accompany him. This was where he had also learned the wonders of performing arts, by volunteering as an actor in various establishments in Corellia whenever the chance arose.

Homra's apprenticeship under Sora was smooth, and his transition to knight would have been easy. However, five years before his knighting, his master was killed in a mission in Nar Shadda that involved retrieving an ancient artifact by a Sith. The tattoos of the Sith's face was burned in Homra's mind, and the death of his master and father-figure haunted him for years. Golden eyes, red hair, and sinister tattoos the Sith had was a recurring theme in Homra's nightmares.

Homra and the Jedi that replaced his master kept a cool had been a recurring tand civil relationship, with Homra unable to reform the close bond he once shared with Sora. He later grew cynical and jaded with the lack of action taken to attempt to finish the last mission he had with Sora, that he grew more and more distant with the Order.

Two years later, Unable to continue not attempting to bring a closure to Sora's failed mission, Homra gathered various texts that taught the ways of the Sith, every spare credit given to him by every performing group he volunteered in, and then stowed away from Tython in search for his Master's murderer.

Homra first started his search where his Master died, in Nar Shadda. To avoid suspicion, Homra had taken it upon himself to learn how to mask his presence in the Force, knowing that his signature was burning brightly in one of the darkest places in the galaxy.

Homra stayed within the planet for a month until his first problem arose, the lack of credits needed to sustain him. In order to support himself, Homra had to work as a bodyguard to various gangs in Nar Shadda. However, Homra had always found these type of jobs to be disdainful, as it helped the industry of slavery and illegal trading. Homra would free slaves whenever he would be assigned as a guard to a few gangs, making sure that the loss were not noticeable by setting them free one by one, and then taking them to a place where they could stow away from Nar Shadda safely.

The first lead to his Master's murderer came to Homra when he encountered an informant with information about the artifact his master was tasked to retrieve, and found out that the very same informant sold the intel to Vitiate's Empire. With a renewed sense of purpose, Homra gathered as much credits as he can and had to convince his Hutt employer to give him an assignment of transporting slaves to Korriban. However, once the transport full of slaves left Nar Shadda space, Homra hijacked the transport and intimidated the crew to take the slaves to Republic-controlled space, before making the crew take him to Korriban. To stall the slavers from informing Homra's employer about his betrayal, Homra had to give almost all of his credits to the crew, also knowing that it would be a matter of time before someone would be sent after him.

Homra knew that his presence in Korriban would have alerted many sith, therefore he had taken into iproving his abilities in stealth until he was fully able to make sure his signature as a user of the Light side of the Force was hidden. Homra did not enlist in the Empire's academy, and simply made use of the planet's public libraries in his search. He also had taken to hopping in bars in search for information.

Homra had a very difficult time in attempting to blend in, even if he had experience in acting. It took him months to perfect the persona of a Jedi seduced by the Dark side of the Force, and it frustrated Homra to no end. More problems came into light when it once again became apparent that Homra needed money once more, which then forced him to seek employment until the next lead to his Master's murder.

Two months during his stay, Homra found another lead in his investigation, after bumping into a disgraced archaeologist that once worked for the Imperial Archives while working in a bar. The scholar had accidentally mentioned a strange artifact in Nar Shadda, a Master-Padawan pair, and a Sith that managed to kill the Master and retrieve the artifact. Ecstatic, Homra hoped to acquire the information from the scholar, but all of his advances were deflected. The Jedi tried every trick in his arsenal, ranging from getting the scholar drunk in the hopes that the man may accidentally reveal information, to giving the scholar various texts Homra came across in the black market in hopes of the scholar confiding in Homra, all of which ended in failure. With no other choice, Homra drugged the scholar and kept the man in his home for two days, hoping to coax the information out of the man in his lethargic state.

This attempt had been successful, and Homra found out that the Sith defected from Vitae's Empire and was now working as a bounty hunter in Nogatan, bringing the artifact his Sora was tasked to retrieve with him.

However, during a short stop in Dromund Kaas, Homra was sighted by the men of one of his previous employers, which prompted him to flee immediately. Homra was lacking credits at the time, and had no choice but to temporarily take refuge in Dagan, hiding among the refugees from the Rakata invasion.

Sighted once more by his previous employers, Homra fled once more, hoping to throw off his pursuers and had taken refuge in Ord Mantell, biding his time for another chance to begin the chase for Sora's killer.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Due to his interest and experience in performing arts and stage plays, Homra learned how to make good use of his natural charm. Despite that, he prefers to speak his mind, no matter how insulting he can be. Homra is also very vain in regards to his appearance, and he always took pride in his aesthetic features and habits in maintaining his looks.  

Because of the lack of action from the Order, Homra had grown wary of the various bureaucracies that exists among the Jedi. His experience in Nar Shadda, Korriban, Dromund Kaas, and Dagan deepened his cynical and mostly pessimistic view of the world and himself. 

His closeness to Sora also fuels his need to attain closure over Sora's death and finish the mission his master left him upon his death.

Sora had been a nurturing and patient Master, one who would listen to Homra complain all day patiently. Homra's habit of complaining never ceased long after his master's death, and the first few years served as a rather painful reminder. Homra simply got used to no one replying to his sarcastic quips or woes about his misfortune.


Homra's knighting was postponed due to his master's murder and disappearance from Tython. However, he was skilled enough to survive on his own and work in various jobs, and escape from angered employers.

He learned Echani arts from his mother and lightsaber forms from his master.

Due to his need to pretend as a Sith while investigating his master's death, Homra forced himself to conceal his presence in the Force.

Interrogation was learned reluctantly when he needed to gather information in regards to his master's death.


  • Homra has his own lightsaber and Sora's lightsaber in his possession, but he rarely uses them, preferring to use vibroblades in combat or falling back into using Echani martial arts.
  • Homra's appearance is based on Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Homra usually uses up most of his funds on skincare and haircare products, and alcohol.

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