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Hyperion Corialanus Algethii
Biographical Information
Current Residence

None (Once Nar Shaddaa)

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,665 BBY

Date of Death

3,638 BBY (Presumed)

Physical Description





5'9 (Initial). 5'11 (Prosthetics)


165 (Pure muscle)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Light Blue (Initial). Left: Blind White Orb, Right: Sith Yellow-Orange (After Clyde Rev)


None (Former Algethiius Prince)

Skin Color

Moderate White


Right arm & Both Legs

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic




Rogue Killer

Known Masters

Algethiius Captain & Shadow Wraiths

Known Apprentices

Seth al Ugolio (Informally & Briefly)

Family Information

Caius Coriolanus Algethii IV


Lucretia Caius Algethii



Younger Siblings

Dantius Octavian


Unknown child by Patricia


Christopher Algethii (Cousin)


Julius Crassus Algethii III (Grandfather)


Connor Talos(Through Dantius)

Relationship Information



Kublai the Hutt (Deceased)


Seth al Ugolio (Briefly)


Dantius Octavian


General Nobunaga (Briefly). Morgana, Karter, and Ashlynn Thorin (Until disappearance)

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles



Lightning, Rage


Basic & Huttese


Chasing down Dantius, Pillaging the Galaxy

Miscellaneous Information

Basic lightsaber design that accommodates his Juyo skills

Theme Song

Summary Edit

Born in the year 3,665 BBY, Hyperion Algethii was the older brother of Dantius Octavian and first grandson to King Crassus of Algethiius. Three years after his birth, his brother was born and while many will say that the rivalry between the brothers began there, it is actually more likely that it began when Dantius was three years old. The reason for this was because when Dantius was three, he began talking. When he began talking, it soon became clear that his intelligence quotient (IQ) was destined to surpass Hyperion's by a mile and a half.

In addition, it also became clear that despite having the advantage of age, Dantius (rather than Hyperion) would be appointed to succeed Crassus to the throne when he was of age. However, all that was about to change: two years after, their first and only cousin was born which led to the destruction of Algethiius and the monarchy's end. During these events, Crassus killed Hyperion's parents, healed Dantius' wounds only to the extent that he was comatose, then had Hyperion taken to a secret fortress on one of the minor moons orbiting Algethiius. Here, Hyperion would remain until he was about nineteen years old and would be trained by two Shadow Wraiths and the Algethiius Captain of the Guard in all the skills he knew.

Escaping at nineteen, after learning that the Wraiths had merely conjured illusions of their Master to deceive him into thinking he was being trained by Crassus, Hyperion made his way into Known Space and to Nar Shaddaa. From there, he took a transport to Coruscant where he received his GED and began his college education. Reuniting with his brother, the two started out as friends but soon became rivals over the matter of Patricia. For seven years (from age 20 to 27) Hyperion would remain in an insane asylum that he eventually escaped from.

Freeing the ancient threat of General Nobunaga, he and Hyperion managed to subdue the Hapes Cluster to their cause as Crassus did before them only to be defeated. However, Hyperion was captured while Nobunaga escaped as a result of treachery though Hyperion would escape even this imprisonment yet again. Helping his brother overcome the General despite the bounty and warrant newly established on his head, he escaped to Tatooine. It was here that he attempted to face down a Sith warrior he had met in months prior but was captured by Clyde Rev.

Escaping even him, Hyperion vowed vengeance aganist the brother who had attempted to destroy him during all this time and challenged him to a duel on the moon of their birth. However, after a prolonged exchange of martial arts and saber technique between them, Dantius eventually overcame Hyperion. But despite Dantius' certitude that he had killed Hyperion in that last duel, it is unknown whether or not he actually did.

Early LifeEdit

In 3,665 BBY, Hyperion was born to Caius Coriolanus Algethii IV and his wife Lucretia Caius Algethii, the oldest of their two children and the eldest grandson (of his generation) to King Crassus. As was expected, it was originally intended that since Hyperion was the eldest, he would be expected to obtain the throne after Crassus stepped down. However, three years later, his parents gave birth to his younger brother Dantius and it was soon discovered that he (rather than Hyperion) had superior potential to become King. As such, their parents began focusing more of their attention on Dantius than they did on Hyperion which eventually made him resentful of them.

During these lonely years in Hyperion's childhood, his grandfather served as the only means of comfort that he could hope for. Unbeknownst to him, however, Crassus was grooming Hyperion for the day when they both would destroy Hyperion's parents together and label them conspirators of treason. But this grooming would not last as long as Crassus would have liked: five years after Dantius was born, Hyperion's cousin Chris was born out of wedlock. Because of the prophecy concerning this circumstance of birth, Crassus ordered his forces to scour the planet for the family when Chris' parents escaped him.

But because of prior grudges that lasted even before Hyperion's birth, his parents decided to help Chris escape with his own throughout the course of the year it took for Algethiius to be destroyed. However, about a month in, Hyperion, Dantius, and his parents were forced to leave Algethiius as a result of Crassus and his forces being too strong for them. Shortly before, Crassus had promised Hyperion the wealthiest reward he could think of if he just carried a homing beacon on his parents' shuttle, guiding Crassus to where they were and where they intended to go. Desiring only vengeance against his parents and training as a warrior, he agreed.

During an attempted escape offworld, Crassus used his homing beacon to guide cannonfire in their direction and shut them down before they got very far. Dantius was hit with a piece of sharp metal and later brought to a coma, rather than death, but Hyperion and his parents escaped mostly unscathed. Nonetheless, Crassus arrived in person and Hyperion showed no remorse as he watched Crassus impale his mother then sever his father's arms before electrocuting him to death in a ferocious lightsaber battle. Once that was finished, Crassus only remained with Hyperion long enough to call another shuttle for his pickup and heal Dantius only enough to cheat death but not enough to escape a coma; where Hyperion was taken next proved quite gruesome indeed.

Mission To LorrdEdit

Sometime before he freed himself from the enslavement of those who were training him, Hyperion was asked by his grandfather (or so was his perception) to remove the influence of an organization only known as "The Hand" from the planet Lorrd. When asked what he should do when there, he was only asked to destroy the leader and help the Lorrdian chieftains most troubled by the organization's presence remove the rest, Crassus citing that the organization might be of use to him someday but needed to be immobilized for now. Upon arrival to Lorrd, Hyperion immediately asked Governor Deimos if it might be possible to be sent to The Hand for purposes of infiltration. His reasoning: better to start the efforts from within and finish it from without than vice versa.

Arriving to the other side, he immediately gained the trust of The Hand's leader Aeneas (nicknamed "His Royal Fatness" due to his weight) who gave him his first assignment: steal the Starlight-Stone from Lorrdian Governess Noami's treasury. Partnered with an expert knife-wielding assassin named Lara, a red-headed woman with a passion for her work, Hyperion arrived to her home (the Northern Oasis) and infiltrated the palace. Fighting off an overgrown snake, Hyperion made it through the treasury in one piece to obtain the Stone. However, the Governess revealed her association with Deimos which indicated movements of a political sort to Hyperion though he'd never look into it even after the mission.

Returning from his expedition, Aeneas accepted Hyperion as one of his finer warriors and even celebrated his success though Hyperion had no desire to be celebrated or revered in any way. When Lara (his colleague from his trip to the Governess' treasury) noticed this, they sat down and spoke for a while and found they had a lot in common. After their discussion, Hyperion persuaded Lara to join him in taking down The Hand's current leader in the hopes that a stronger one would take over with his death. Chatting with Deimos via hand-written letters, Hyperion and Lara formulated a plan that was infallible for dealing with their enemy.

This plan was simple: trick Aenas into launched his forces against one of the stronger adversaries he faced then leave him to be destroyed by three thousand more soldiers from Deimos. Once that was done (at which point, the elite guard of Aeneas' troop would be sent away), Aeneas himself would be easy to kill. It was a plan that they discussed over the course of several conversations that also saw them getting to know each other better. As they did the latter, feelings developed in both that neither had before felt, feelings of love that they knew were forbidden for the likes of them yet they felt it anyway.

As time went rapidly by, Aeneas began gathering the full strength of his armies and prepared to launch an assault on Governo Tyrone, the nearest and mightiest of the Lorrdian trio he was hassling. However, Hyperion and Lara both made sure that Deimos was on his way to provide the coup de grace of blows. The plan worked like a textbook example of the same strategy in effect but the price would be most dear indeed. Though he had expended everything else, Aeneas left enough elite guards to give a decent fight to both assassins before he was to meet his demise.

Just before Hyperion finished off his portion of the elite guards, Lara had finished her own only to be met with a single blaster bolt in her chest. Hyperion engaged Force Rage for the very first time (after months of training in it beforehand) and took vengeance by cleaving Aeneas' head in two after disarming him. Governor Deimos arrived in time to see the damage and also accept Hyperion's request to have Lara cremated as he had begun carrying her out of Tyrone's office. He even vowed that Hyperion would have the right to command his army and any of his properties that the man should need whenever he came back to Lorrd.

Though he never knew it, Deimos was intending to begin a political coup that would exploit loopholes in Lorrd's democratic government and thus grant him powers more quickly. In the meantime though, Hyperion had solemnly vowed only to know how to hate until the day he died and trained for another year before the next big change in his life.

Sith TrainingEdit

Taken to Crassus' temple on Yavin 4, Hyperion was plunged into a universe of violence and pain whilst Crassus became stranded on Nathema (though he would be reslcued by Christopher, years later). Though he was initially trained in the basics of all the styles, it turned to a specialization of Juyo. Once that was determined, his training became less focused on seeking out a style and more on using ones he specialized in to counter the others as effectively as possible.

Dubbing it "The Eye of Niman" (in honor of Niman's design), the Captain of the guard who trained him in combat told him to first assess the basics of an opponent's fighting and determine what styles they drew on before continuing on. If an opponent formed their own unique style from Shien, Soresu, or any others, he would determine that and use their weaknesses to bring down the combatant in question. Meanwhile, two Shadow Wraiths (using the illusion of Crassus) trained him in Force Powers and Echani martial arts. Rewarding strength when it grew in him and punishing him when he was weak, the Wraiths hardened Hyperion's body to almost all pain.

They even went as far as to shatter his mind beyond the ability to feel remorse, fear, and taught him to only be happy when he had done something sadistic to someone else. This would eventually include his brother Dantius and unfortunately, Hyperion's PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) meant that Hyperion's sadism exceeded what they expected. In addition, they discovered that his desire for destruction accelerated his training even further than what had been happening when he started out. Hyperion's training process was simply two hours of meditation (in replacement of sleep), seven hours of weightlifting, six hours of lightsaber training, and another six for martial arts.

This meant that he would only have one hour of leisure time at the very most but during a day where he had that hour, Hyperion stumbled upon something that forever change his view of his life forever. From age eight to nineteen, he had assumed that Crassus had been aiding the Algethiius Captain of the Guard in training him. What he found out would change his assumptions and his views on how he should live his life forever. 

Escaping to A New LifeEdit

During his one leisure hour, at about age nineteen, Hyperion stumbled upon a conversation taking place between the Captain of the Guard and two Shadow Wraiths. Demanding to know what the Wraiths were doing in the temple, it was revealed to him that the Wraiths had been training Hyperion in his martial arts and his Force powers. Finding out that the image he had seen with Crassus training him had been just illusions conjured by the Wraiths, Hyperion went into a greater rage than he had ever known. Killing one Wraith almost immediately, Hyperion dueled with the remaining one in addition to the Captain of the Guard with a saberstaff he had on hand.

For three non-stop standard hours, Hyperion and the Captain dueled ferociously. A master of all seven forms, the Captain conducted a terrific fight against Hyperion's mastery of Juyo. But in the end, the fact that the Captain was not exactly in his prime anymore eventually played into his downfall.

However, even he would prove no match as he was eventually horizontally and diagonally bisected the Captain, killing him instantly. Along his way out during the duel, he killed three more Wraiths and dozens of guards that stood in his way with his saber skills, Force powers, and occasional releases of martial arts. Strength prevailing, Hyperion stole a starfighter that allowed him to take off from the planet, Hyperion went as far as Nar Shaddaa. There, he decided it was time to begin finding work to fund his ability to find food and drink (even the occasional prostitute) while he was there.

Nonetheless, he also made efforts to get his GED and eventually succeeded after a year of struggle. Going on to college, he would find that as he closed one door in life, college would open another that he not seen coming. 

Meeting a Long-Lost BrotherEdit

During his studies in college, Hyperion stumbled upon a young woman who took a liking to him almost immediately. Her name was Patricia and not two weeks after she and Hyperion met, Patricia introduced him to her boyfriend: Dantius. In their spare time, Dantius revealed details of his past that struck Hyperion as peculiar and even sparked his own memories of his early childhood. Later, he came to realize and accept that Dantius Octavian was indeed Hyperion's long-lost brother who he had presumed dead in the shuttle crash that also saw their parents murdered.

The reason this was so was because shortly after Crassus killed Hyperion's parents, Crassus had gone into the shuttle to finish off Dantius or so Hyperion had thought. The fact that Patricia was introducing them proved that Hyperion had yet again been deceived by the one man that he had trusted, something he had thought he left behind when he killed his first teachers. A month after the two met, Dantius and Patricia had gone to a dance party, come back and separated just in time for Hyperion to finish his studies. In a fit of aggressive rage, Hyperion beat and raped Patricia in her dorm and killed her roommate when she tried to intervene.

Finding Dantius in his own dorm, Patricia related everything that had happened to him and Dantius knew that there was only one way to safely stop his brother. That way was to subdue him and take him to a maximum-security facility himself. 

Another Prison & Another EscapeEdit

Nine months after the rape of Patricia, she gave birth to his daughter who she then surrendered rights for to her parents. A month later, she committed suicide which drove Dantius to confront his brother about what he did to her and vowing to make him pay. Ambushing him after he managed to get drunk with other women, Dantius nearly beat him to death but held back because of something "in his blood" stopping him. So instead of killing his brother outright, he vowed to break his arrogance by sending him to a high-security prison on Teth.

It dealt with Force-sensitives rather effectively by regularly doping them with strong depressants and disorienting their ability to concentrate long enough to use any of their powers. However, as dosages continued to be regular and even increased when he grew resistant to current amounts, Hyperion found the power to escape again. Breaking the chains that held him from his long-withheld freedom, he escaped the prison and even killed a Dark Jedi on the way out. However, this newfound freedom would not remain without a price for long: Dantius had sensed his escape brewing and though too late to stop it, he pursued Hyperion across the stars without any hesitation.

Though it would be some time before Dantius actually caught up with him, Hyperion decided to place himself back into working under the Hutts, specifically Kublai the Hutt who had employed his abilities before. Working as a security guard for one of his shipments, it was here that Dantius and his friend Arek finally caught onto him. This time, Hyperion fought his brother briefly and employed the guards to distract his friend in the meantime. However, Hyperion soon realized he was outmatched and retreated once again, this time to the one place he knew he'd get help.

Taking the first ship out of Nar Shaddaa, where he had stopped to work for Kublai before Dantius' arrival, Hyperion made for Irkalla. There, he would find the one man who would not only force Dantius and Arek on the retreat but would also help him come back with a vengeance.

Unleashing the GeneralEdit

Arriving to Irkalla, Hyperion was quick about racing for the tomb of the one man who would eventually be considered a survivor of Algethiius' destruction since he had been entombed before it happened. General Nobunaga was the only name that he knew this man by but it was the only name he really would have to care about. Nobunaga went by nothing else and it wasn't long before Hyperion arrived at the tomb once he landed his ship near it. He also had an army entombed with him as well that would have been unleashed were it not for Dantius tricking him into burying them.

However, not long after Arek and Dantius were both forced to be a hasty retreat, the General assured him that there would be those in this time that would compensate for the lack of an actual army. As such, when they arrived to Nar Shaddaa, Nobunaga decided it was best that they split up: he would gather resources, Hyperion would obtain credits. Working as a hired hand, it would be Hyperion's responsibility to give as much of his earning as he safely could to fund the growing army until they could find more reliable sources of income. And thus began Hyperion's time as a rogue mercenary, his journeys even taking him as far as Nogatan where a real test would be issued to him.

Mercenary of NogatanEdit

After splitting up with Nobunaga, Hyperion decided to head on several rogue missions be they assassinations, thieveries, and other such things. But his travels eventually brought him to the attention of Lord Eratos who hired his services for an important mission. Alongside Draco Tethla a.k.a. Drak and Gane Norvak, Hyperion was assigned by Lord Eratos to capture the former slave girl known as Alia. The team members opposing him were Sith-defect Markos Vassinni and Jedi Master Lorn Kenau with Commander Cassis accompanying them-all of whom also wanted to meet the slave girl as a result of her valuable information.

During the mission, Hyperion and Drak tracked down Alia first to a location that proved to be false and then found her at the correct location in time to confront the Jedi. At the height of the skirmish, Drak was wounded and Hyperion issued a retreat though not before supposedly finishing off Drak though sometime later, he would find out Drak survived what Hyperion had considered the finishing blow to him. The mission was eventually classified as a failure but Hyperion reported Drak dead, despite Gane's likely suspicions of Hyperion's treachery, and was paid according to what little success he had made during the mission. However, his actions during the mission made Cassis wary for future encounters with him and this would come in handy sometime later as the will of the Force would reveal to them.

Nobunaga's TreacheryEdit

Not long after the completion of his mission for the True Empire, Hyperion was informed by Nobunaga that the Hapes Cluster had been taken. Arriving there, Hyperion only got a few moments of peace before he became involved in warfare declared by his brother upon Nobunaga himself. After that, he was involved with both the planetary forces and the security around the prison that held the Queen of the Hapes people hostage. However, all these were stalls as Dantius had infiltrated Nobunaga's defenses with the aid of another Jedi named Korra Quinn.

While Korra engaged Hyperion, Dantius fought Nobunaga head on and even forced him into a retreat. However, Hyperion was subdued with ease by Korra and soon, he was cuffed and arrested by both him and Dantius. When he called to Nobunaga for help, all the burned and ruined Wraith could do was leave him to his fate. He was taken in without a trial and Commander Cassis agreed to supervise Hyperion's prison arrangements. But Hyperion's rage and vengeful vow to destroy Dantius, a vow that would drive him on first to survive and then to freedom.

Nobunaga's DemiseEdit

Soon after being captured, Hyperion was notified of a distress signal sent by a man calling himself Rama and dubbing himself the leader of the Order of the Way, a society of Algethiius warriors designed to control the monarchy. When asked if Rama was sincere, Hyperion not only confirmed it but also let Dantius in on the purpose of the Order as well as why Nobunaga would destroy it (provoking the distress signal). He was also asked if Nobunaga used it as a trap and answered by saying that Rama was acting independently but Nobunaga would be expecting the distress signal to be sent and for Dantius to respond. Sometime after, Hyperion managed to release himself from his cuffs via a pick he had formed from some pieces of metal dropped by the guards (from pens, flimiplast clips, etc.) then tricking a nurse to help out the door.

After conducting a mass release of everyone in the prison and using Force Trance to fool Commander Cassis into letting him go just far enough to make it the rest of the way, Hyperion left Vornu to find Nobunaga. Having last sensed his presence on Felucia, Hyperion decided to go there and arrived just in time to save Dantius, Arek, and Rama from Nobunaga's use of Plant Surge. After that, he combined his power with Dantius' to fight against Nobunaga while Arek fought Seth al Ugolio and Rama dealt with any other minions there. Though the General put up a terrific fight, he proved to be no match for the collaboration of the brothers against him.

However, Hyperion sensed Arek endangered and even revealed as much to Dantius who replied by taking off to save him in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, Hyperion escaped though not before the revelation of Dantius putting up a five million credit bounty on his head was made clear to him. Heading for Tatooine, Hyperion decided to mediate on what to do next now that Dantius had done this to him.

Another Life BeginsEdit

"HYPERION! Why are you here, Hyperion? Come to finish the job while I can't fight back?"

"If I wanted to end your life, Drak, I wouldn't have even bothered removing the electric receptors on your back. No, I need your help getting out of this hellhole and you need my help to do the same. My brain combined with your strength is the only way to overcome this smuggler's mindfuck of a prison and I'm even willing to offer you a very special deal as a reward for your collaboration: work with me and you will be allowed dibs on the smuggler himself if he's on this ship. I might not like you but let me ask you this, when were you going to hatch up a plan of escape and how far do you think you would have gotten if you had succeeded?" 

-Hyperion persuading Drak to work with him in order to escape Clyde Rev's shuttle-prison. 

Hyperion's life on the run would begin soon enough when he arrived to Tatooine. Meditating and drinking on what had happened, he sensed the familiar presence of Drak, his former comrade from his mercenary days under the True Empire. After revealing himself to the Trandoshan, who'd vowed vengeance against him for the attempt on his life, the two scuffled for several minutes until they came to the attention of Drak's older nemesis, Clyde Rev. Subdued by the smuggler who had heard of the price on Hyperion's head, they were taken to a secret prison facility that was also a shuttle where they experienced horrors impossible to imagine.

While Drak was taken in for torture, Hyperion was assigned to a cell where fumes would constantly find their way in and numb his senses. However, he managed to escape this and find his way up the floating prison until he came across a Rodian man named Hannibal. Wielding a black-bladed lightsaber, this man attempted to kill Hyperion in exchange for his freedom but was defeated and decapitated with relative ease. But not before Hyperion forced Drak's location out of him, knowing he would need the Trandoshan to escape and vice versa.

Shortly thereafter, Clyde Rev released about thirty or so more prisoners to fight against Hyperion. Bravely fighting for their freedom, he managed to cut a swath of blood through them and force some on the retreat. Soon as the survivors did retreat, he cut his way through the door where he had been told that Drak would be found. What he would behold next was indeed a gruesome sight with Drak being wired and set to be electrocuted whenever Clyde wished it. Freeing him from his confines, Hyperion was briefly held by the neck in the Trandoshan's clutches but Drak was too weak to hold on for long (let alone break Hyperion's spine) and this allowed Hyperion to persuade him into forming a team between them with one purpose: escape from Rev's clutches.

Alliance With SethEdit

"Have you come for the price on my head?" "No, I've come to help you be rid of it. We have an enemy in common: Dantius, your brother." "Then tell me, just how do you propose to help me beat him when at least half the galaxy has been sent after me because of him?" "Using what he wouldn't expect to ambush and capture him, rather than allow him to continue harassing you."

-Hyperion and Seth, after meeting, on how the latter intended to help the former destroy Dantius.

After escaping the clutches of the reviled Clyde Rev, Hyperion noticed that the bounty on his head still applied. Knowing he would be hunted throughout the galaxy for it, he also was aware that he could not keep running forever and would need to make a stand at some time. The answer to the question of how to begin was answered in the form of a Weequay warrior named Seth al Ugolio. This man had sought Hyperion out under pretence of seeking the bounty but instead, came with the actual intent of allying himself with Hyperion.

Forging the pact with the Weequay warrior, Hyperion decided to feign capture at Seth's hand as part of an elaborate plot to ensnare Dantius and hopefully kill him at last. The ruse worked and soon, Dantius was in their clutches. But the victory would not last very long as Dantius had been accompanied by his former Hapes Cluster colleague, Brison Yi. Despite Seth knocking her unconscious during the duel, she was back on her feet soon enough to stow away on the ship and be of assistance to Dantius.

Before this though, Hyperion went on a verbal and physical rampage, accusing his parents of favoring Dantius to the kingship over Hyperion and simultaneously beating his brother rather violently. With Seth's help, it was enough to draw blood from out of Dantius' throat but he kept him alive with intent to do worse. However, at that moment, Dantius' colleague returned and drew both Hyperion and Seth away from Dantius long enough for her to reach around and save him. Upon full recover, Dantius and her shared her blades and fought the duo bravely with Brison relentlessly conducting Pyrokinesis on them.

As the duel continued, Hyperion lost Dantius' own lightsaber and Dantius himself was able to save Brison from being killed by Seth in the process. However, Hyperion soon gained the upper hand and prepared to execute Dantius in a cold-blooded style. But Dantius had one last bit of fight, one great enough to where he managed to sever Hyperion's arm from above the elbow. Even so, this was not enough to cause Dantius to kill him but instead, he and Brison called retreat in the belief they had done enough damage.

Later, Seth took them back to Manaan and snuck him into a hospital that quickly saw to an artificial limb being attached to Hyperion's amputed arm. After this was done, Hyperion made sure that the doctors kept their mouths shut about having seen him and disappeared into the depths of Manaan until he had another plan. Unfortunately, Seth would bring up the problem of decreased funds and the need to obtain more credits if they were going to be able to keep on the run. Since he had identified a shipyard filled with credits and calculated its most vulnerable period of time, Hyperion decided to wait until that time was but a breath away to begin storming the shipyard and obtain the credits.

Returning To LorrdEdit

"I am almost tempted to let you survive your family's destruction if only to see you suffer in self-blame. Watch your guilt destroy you, watch your grief corrupt your heart, and drive you mad! But I think not, I think I'd much rather use your death and your family's destruction to shatter Dantius and doom him to fall before me. So tell me, Ms. Thorin: how do you choose to die?"

-Hyperion upon meeting Ashlynn during his return to Lorrd

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Morgana's WrathEdit

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Yet Another LifeEdit

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Path of Blood Edit

"I am almost tempted to let you survive your family's destruction if only to see you suffer in self-blame. Watch your guilt destroy you, watch your grief corrupt your heart, and drive you mad! But I think not, I think I'd much rather use your death and your family's destruction to shatter Dantius and doom him to fall before me. So tell me, Ms. Thorin: how do you choose to die?"

-Hyperion to Ashlynn during their first encounter on Ashlynn's homeworld of Lorrd

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Final StandEdit

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Personality TraitsEdit

Whether or not Hyperion was ever truly a normal child (for Algethiius) is unknown but it is very well-known that he had a long lasting envy of Dantius after his birth. Feeling estranged and even abandoned by his parents after it became clear that Dantius would be a better King, Hyperion turned to his grandfather (the then-current King Crassus) for help. Crassus had appeared to care, to sympathize even, but in truth was just laying down the seeds for using Hyperion as his pawn. When Chris was born and Algethiius was being destroyed, Hyperion was naive to the truth of his grandfather's ways and even helped place a homing beacon on his parents' personal shuttle.

During his time as a trainee of the Dark Side, he endured countless torture sessions, hours of training that were beyond measure, and was even assigned tests that forced him to kill or be killed. As such, he grew to have a hardened exterior and (as some would call it) a stone-cold heart. He developed an appetite for pain and suffering that was only ignored when it was best that it was but sated when it appeared to grow out of control. Despite his ability to interact with normal people, his past came into play many times via relationships that seldom lasted.

He also developed a pride in doing anything that would hurt someone he knew at the very least as was the case when he raped Dantius' girlfriend Patricia. His time in the insane asylum, despite Dantius' intentions, made him even more angry and vengeful, inciting him to mutiny seven years after Patricia's suicide. Escaping into Known Space once more, Hyperion proved very intelligent but also proved reckless and filled to the very core with hubris for his evil deeds. He only began to regret anything he had done during his final confrontation with Dantius (as well as Morgana) but until then had only a heart of revenge as was demonstrated both by Dantius' actions toward him and Nobunaga's treachery in the Hapes Cluster.

In his life, one could argue that he suffered from an extreme case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of his experiences but since he never stayed long enough for the tests, medics never found out. And as Dantius would sometimes reflect to either Arek or Ashlynn, he sometimes wondered if that was for the better.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Hyperion's Lightsaber

Though not the first design Hyperion has made, this one proved the most effective for him especially after he took to wielding Juyo. However, this one would be lost during a scuffle with Dantius but replaced with the one he would take to disappearance with him.

Though Hyperion had a good understanding of all seven forms which allowed him an ability to put up a fight against even seasoned duelists, he specialized in Juyo  more than anything. When unarmed or cornered, Hyperion was a fierce hand-to-hand fighter with the aggression of an animal.

And though he didn't like using the Force nearly as much as he liked winning a duel through sheer physical prowess, he was gifted in such abilities as Force Rage and Lightning. He has also applied Force Destruction every now and then, as well as using the Trance when he had to escape Vornu prison. Though some say he was also an excellent marksman with a pistol, this has yet to be proven for certain. Nonetheless, his abilities made him the prophesied Dark-half of the Balance meant to undo Nobunaga deep in Felucia.

With all his abilities, Dantius often reflected on his behavior during a duel and had to admit that though not the most powerful Force-sensitive in the galaxy, he was still no one to be trifled with. In fact, he was one of the few people that he wanted Ashlynn to stay away from with Seth being another. Though the lightsaber he would carry for many years was probably not the first he had, it would prove his most effective design until his last. The last one, once borne by his grandfather, would prove to be the best for him though it would be destroyed in his final battle.

Timeline (Threads)Edit

Note: "Grandfathered= Thread created before January 2014"

Note: Depending on date of creation, threads marked "In-Progress" may or may not be tagged "Grandfathered" upon completion

Greater Galaxy

1. Paradise Is A Weakling's Delusion (Flashback to the past, beginning in the present)

2. Chains And Guards of Hell (Hyperion's first escape from the Teth insane asylum) Grandfathered

3. Starting A New Life (Arrival to Nar Shaddaa) Grandfathered

4. The Favor For A Scumbag (Reunion with Hyperion & first arrival of Dantius) Grandfathered

5. Freedom At Last! (Releasing The General) Grandfathered

6. A Tough Call (Nobunaga and Hyperion begin plotting) Grandfathered

7. Finding A Fresh Start (Divide and Conquer) Grandfathered

8. Slave Hunt (Mercenary of Nogatan) Incomplete

9. The Final Compliment (Reunion & Start of Campaign) 

10. Knowing The Unknown, Defeating The Undefeated (Briefing) (Mentioned only) Incomplete

10.1 The Eviction And The Capture (Dantius arrests Hyperion and evicts Nobunaga) Incomplete

14. The Calvary Has Arrived! (Vengeance against Nobunaga) Grandfathered

15. A Test of Strength... And Wits? (Reunion with Drak) Grandfathered

16. How Strong is Your Mind? (Defeating Clyde Rev with Drak's help) In-Progress

17. Finding A New Life (Meeting Seth) Grandfathered

18. The Tables Turn (Losing an arm to Dantius) Grandfathered

19. Patching Up (Planning The Next Move) Grandfathered

20. The Next Battle (Executing The Plan) Grandfathered


11. Imprisonment is not Defeat (Mocking Dantius in jail) Grandfathered

12. A Sketchy Trust (Second Interrogation) Grandfathered

13. The Great Escape (Second Prison Break) Grandfathered


Hyperion's first name is derived from the Titan of Light in Greco-Roman mythology. The Hyperion of mythology was the father of Helios the sun god, Selene the moon goddess, and Eos the goddes of dawn.

His middle name, Coriolanus, serves as a nod to the titular character of Shakespeare's Coriolanus with Dantius' middle name also being a nod to the play.

His question to Ashlynn of how she chose to die (when they met) and all that he said prior serves as a nod towards the Dragon Smaug's speech to Bilbo Baggins about the Arkenstone and what it'd do to Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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