Jak Thalus
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3803 BBY

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Jak Thalus is a Shi'ido; throughout his long life, he's worn thousands of personalities and committed the crimes to match. Wanted on almost every Outer Rim system and on most Core systems, Thalus has murdered, raped, thieved, and pillaged his way around. The best part? Nobody knows what he actually looks like.

However, his crimes caught up to him once; at one point, when he was one hundred and twenty-eight years old, he was captured by bounty hunters; he had accumulated a rather large bounty on his head by slaughtering a Hutt and his bodyguard, and the hunters had tracked down the shape he had taken at the time, eventually discovering his secret. Frozen in carbonite, he was delivered to the Hutt's clan, and then to the Coruscant Security Force.

Needless to say, they punished him.

The Shi'ido ended up on a penal planet in the Outer Rim- a maximum-security gulag where only the most dangerous criminals were dumped. The only guards were in control of a single bastion on the planet; the only ships going to or from that penal planet landed at that bastion. It was so obscure it didn't even have a name. Just a number: MSC-162.

The prisoners were simply dumped out into the desert to fend for themselves.

Jak rotted on that planet for twenty-three years of his life sentence before finding a way out- building a rudimentary rocket with the help of a captive engineer, the Shi'ido shot himself into low orbit, where he was picked up by a patrol ship.

An hour later and a patrol ship richer, the criminal dumped the remains of the crew out of the airlock and made for Nar Shaddaa. For the next fifteen years he bounced around from planet to planet, idly doing whatever he felt like before leaving. And then, on the sixteenth year, he came to Nogatan's moon- Dagan, where the city of Horizon, more a shantytown, was being built after the Rakata invasion.

Deciding to settle there, the Shi'ido assumed the guise of Jak Thalus, tattoo artist and street medic- and spice dealer. His new personality was that of a huge human male, two and a quarter meters tall and rippling with muscle; building himself a place of business with scrap metal and parts, the Shi'ido sat back and enjoyed the lawlessness of Nogatan's moon.

Thalus enjoys sitting back in his parlor when nobody's there and making rather dangerous things. Killing people is a hobby for him- he likes to make things to do it in more interesting ways. 

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